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Pitch for a next-generation learning platform

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  • ProfessionalsBillions are spent annually on PDBoeing alone spends $450 million on education globally, mostly in engineering and business
  • Under PressureLegally, ethically, and professionally culpable for their actions. This allows us to bracket-in paraprofessions like social work as well as full professions like nursing and law.
  • Lifelong, Lifewide Learning40% of professional learning occurs informally over the decades following graduate education
  • Biggest PlayersBlackboardClumsy and unpleasant to use; embodies classroom management, not learningMoodleOpen-source and free, but unstable; widely used in school districtCanvasCost-effective and flexible features; has some features that promote student engagement in learningPHP/MySQL CMS systems (e.g. Drupal)Flexible and powerful; requires substantial investment
  • Making thinking publicSociétédesArtistesIndépendants
  • FLiPD Technologies

    1. 1. Flexible Learning in Professional Development
    2. 2. A next-generation flexible learning platform that augments professional practice.
    3. 3.  Professionals
    4. 4.  Under Pressure
    5. 5.  Lifelong, Lifewide Learning
    6. 6.  It’s personal.
    7. 7.  Biggest Players • Blackboard • Moodle • Canvas • PHP/MySQL CMS systems (e.g. Drupal)
    8. 8.  Mobile and ubiquitous technology Sustainableprofessional development that draws from the context of practice Predictive, intelligent learning construction for working professionals Generational changes in workforce
    9. 9. A Learning Sciences Perspective
    10. 10.  How can we harness what we know about technology and Learning Sciences to grow into these markets? How can we realize these market opportunities while providing real value to our professional clients?
    11. 11. A well-understood problem.
    12. 12.  Participants must see three kinds of benefits in order to stick with the system: • Tangible: Speed, quality, and process benefits in practice • Intangible: Confidence, novelty, progress, community recognition • Products: Self-created portfolios, PLC ‘publications’ on online network
    13. 13. Product Logic
    14. 14. Level 1: Data Level 2: Level 3: Information Knowledge•Documents •Multimedia resource sites •Resources + Process•Video and audio •Edited videos •Learning Platforminterviews •Reports •Research-based design•Career maps •‘Pulled’ •5 ‘ables’ of Web 2.0•Subject-generated •‘Engaged’materials•‘Pushed’
    15. 15.  Two Components • Flexible Learning Platform (FLP)  Next-generation Performance Support Studio  Supports adult learning in the context of practice  Physical, Intellectual, Social, and Emotional Learning  Advanced Research Engine • Consulting Services  Instrument development (FLP guts)  Educational products (workshops, books, media)  Localized Cognitive Systems Design Solutions
    16. 16. ~~
    17. 17. ~Interior MetacognitionSelf-Reflection ~ Self-Monitoring Metamemory Strategy Selection Imagination Exterior Metacognition Theory of Mind Role-Taking Persuasion Historiography Creativity
    18. 18. Challenge Outline Initial Thoughts Perspectives and Resources Revisit and Sharing The Legacy Cycle Learning ActivitiesSelf-Reflection Teacher Behavior Student Behavior Student Thinking Suggestions for Improvement Video-based Reflection
    19. 19.  Allows organizations to strategically plan skill development cycles in practice
    20. 20.  Design Thinking in Society Professional Learning Community Critical Friends Critical Friends Groups Groups Studio Spaces Studio Spaces
    21. 21.  Monthly subscriptions/hosting Localized installations Configuration management Workshops/consulting for optimization Coaching support software Corporate-sponsored tool development Advertising revenues
    22. 22.  Limitations: • Market is massive, but populated with heavy- hitters and seasoned veterans  Potential solution: Co-opetition and cross-marketing  Plug-ins for existing CMS tools (e.g. Instructure), B2B sales • Requires corporate-level buy-in  Potential solution: Listening to clients, thin-software • Localization challenges  Potential solution: Process and data analysis, contextual research, literature reviews, SME interviews