Weather Solutions: Integrating Weather Content into your GIS


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Presentation by Alain Frémaux of Telvent on Esri European User Conference 2011.

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Weather Solutions: Integrating Weather Content into your GIS

  1. 1. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Weather Solutions:Integrating Weather Content Services Into Your GIS Alain Frémaux ESRI European User Conference Madrid – October 2011
  2. 2. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Agenda Who is Telvent? What is the value of weather data? Why is weather data challenging? Demonstrate content and application examples
  3. 3. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Telvent Environment Leading Provider of Business Weather Solutions Largest commercial weather company in USA, Representative Customers gone global in past 3 years Independently rated “most accurate” weather forecasts Advanced weather decision support systems with delivery via online, mobile, text/email alert, web services & GIS French- Now part of Schneider Electric, French-based 20 billion Euro energy company Energy Transportation Aviation Load Forecasting and Pavement Aviation Forecasting services for Forecasting and for commercial, electric/gas utilities alerting services for corporate, and and renewables state and local specialized flight Transmission and government operations Distribution Crew Weather for Helicopter Decision Management Intelligent Support Systems Wind Farm Safety Transportation Systems (e.g. 511)
  4. 4. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Weather Impacts Almost Everything Energy: demand, supply (renewables), outages Aviation Transportation Public and commercial safety Insurance (floods, lightning, wind damage, etc.) Defense Agriculture Trading & finance
  5. 5. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Weather Information Value Chain Value Decision Instruments Network Added Support & Network Operations Services Systems AWS IP Data QC AWOS Energy UDP Forecasting RWIS Aviation Wireless Distribution Climate Transport Wireline Customize Air Quality Gov’t Maintenance Integrate Radar Agriculture Operations DSS Satellite ... ... ... ... Value increases with integration
  6. 6. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Enabling Customer Efficiencies Weather data has no value until a decision is made from it The role of a weather information service is to enable decisions that engender efficiencies and optimization based on the integration of weather and weather related information Examples: Electricity demand forecasts based on weather forecast input Wind Farm maintenance crew evacuation based on lightning alerts Roadway treatment recommendations based on weather and pavement forecasts Professional sports games cancelled based on real-time weather and expert forecasts Enabling weather based efficiencies at businesses and governments Requires a comprehensive solution based on data, display, and analytics Web-based Mobile GIS/Shapefile 3rd Party Systems Customized Systems
  7. 7. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Examples of GIS Weather Data Integration Electric utility outage management Wind power operations and maintenance Helicopter flight tracking systems Insurance response team planning and claims validation Intelligent transportation systems – road conditions and traffic control Agricultural commodities trading
  8. 8. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Weather is Challenging to Deliver Obviously geo-spatial, often high resolution Highly dynamic (5 or 10 minute radar, up to the minute lightning, etc.) Temporal: current, past and future (forecast) Visualization challenges (animation) All this globally Many type of data: Current observations, Radar, satellite, warnings and bulletins, specialized aviation weather, forecasts, historical and climatological data, hurricanes/cyclones Many sources of dynamic data: National meteorological agencies WMO (World Meteorological Organization) Commercial sources Proprietary methods
  9. 9. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Data, Information & Analysis Delivery Satellite Radar Surface Model Data Lightning Prop. DataContent Observations Decision SupportSources Pvmt Fcst/MDSS Alerting Decision Support Analytics Internet-based Forecasts Human Delivery Consulting Web-based Mobile Web Services 3rd Party Systems Customized Systems Delivery Technologies
  10. 10. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Telvent GIS Weather We’ve been delivering GIS weather data for over 10 years Use GIS weather data in our own sophisticated weather applications, including alerting Highest-quality weather data, for integration GIS data for mapping and analysis Both SOAP and REST XML services for forecasts and observations Global in coverage
  11. 11. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Available Global Content Includes… Weather radar 0-2 day local forecast Europe conditions Canada 0-9 day local forecast Australia conditions US Forecast thunderstorm Global satellite coverage Current observed surface Historical weather conditions Yesterday’s observed surface Temperature conditions Precipitation Yesterday’s observed Wind speed precipitation totals Direction Tropical Storm (Hurricane) Humidity Package – current and Pressure forecast Weather condition
  12. 12. Smart Information for a Sustainable World Telvent Example of GIS Weather Application (“WeatherSentry”) Goal is to make all content available via GIS web services as well
  13. 13. Smart Information for a Sustainable WorldESRI France Example Using Telvent’s Content
  14. 14. Questions?Thank you