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Mensing ejta2014

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Mensing ejta2014

  1. 1. Strategic Directions in Journalism Education Donica Mensing @donica Reynolds School of Journalism University of Nevada, Reno
  2. 2. Should we change?
  3. 3. Time to choose
  4. 4. Teaching Hospital Model
  5. 5.  “To make up for the loss of the reporting that economically devastated news organizations can no longer afford” (Nicholas Lemann, 2009)  So that “universities [will] become forceful partners in revitalizing an industry at the very core of democracy” (Open Letter to America's University Presidents, 2012)  Because pedagogically the best way to learn journalism is to do it (Newton, 2013) “becoming significant producers of original news reporting”
  6. 6.  Students doing the journalism  Professionals mentoring them to improve the quality and impact of the journalism  Professors bringing in topic knowledge and raising issues  Innovators pioneering new tools and techniques  Academics doing major research projects  Everyone working together with an emphasis of not just informing a community but engaging it. The sixth element is not a type of person, it’s a way of doing things: working with each other and a community.
  7. 7. Entrepreneurial Model
  8. 8.  From supply side to demand side  From institutional networks to social networks  From routines to reflexivity
  9. 9. Community Innovation Model
  10. 10. Types of journalism (data, visual, investigative), types of technology (mobile, video), subject areas (politics, arts, science, culture), functions (service, craft) & etc. Many possibilities
  11. 11.  Skills and interests of faculty  Amount and type of existing resources  Potential for additional funding  Other units at the university interested in collaboration  Skills and resources of alumni  Size of community  Needs of local communities  Media opportunities in the region  Competition from other regional programs How to choose
  12. 12. Why choose?