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MA can provide a wide range of solutions. So it’s
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Infographic: Marketing Automation, Fact VS Fiction


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Marketing Automation allows you to deliver your marketing campaigns at scale. But is that all to it? Get your facts and fictions about Marketing Automation sorted out in this infographic.

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Infographic: Marketing Automation, Fact VS Fiction

  1. 1. | Define objectives MA can provide a wide range of solutions. So it’s essential to first define the business objectives and implement the MA solutions that best tackle those. Be prepared to change for the better MA has a broad reach. It can yield wide-spread benefits in the organisation and so it requires everyone’s collaborative mindset to make it happen. Prepare the human resources It’s easy to install a MA program, but it’s much harder to use it to its full advantage. Getting people with the right skills and expertise who know well how to make the best use of MA is vital to your success. Don’t stop with what today offers Technology changes rapidly and so you need to make sure you stay in the game and well updated. Because to stand still means to go backwards, and the only person who’s glad is your competitor. 1 2 3 4 HELLO! Positive customer interactions are a major success indicator of your marketing campaigns. Since the days of “one size fits all” have long gone, marketers are in need to not only devise personalised marketing, but also deliver it at scale. And that’s where Marketing Automation comes into play. Every marketer knows about Marketing Automation (MA) but not all realise the full potential of it. Make sure you’ve got the facts and fiction sorted! if you’re ready to enhance your marketing with MA, There are 4 simple steps: FACT VS FICTION Through the use of the customer insight obtained from data analytics, MA gives you the ability to send out the communications at scale with personalised offers suitable for each customer. It’s communications blasting MA has been proven a key driver of marketing campaign success for both mid and large corporations. There are various scales of MA involvement when it comes to the implementation. You can choose to start with what best serves your current business objectives. It’s for giants only It’s about understanding the customer insight and offering them the right thing. Through this, it also serves the purpose of lead and client nurturing. It’s about selling MA is not about installing the software and waiting for it to do wonders. You also need to use it to explore the customer insight and apply it to your marketing campaign. It’s not easy to do it right Through proper data analytics, you’ll be able to understand the consumer’s needs and respond to those in real time. By offering the right offers, it’s more likely the customer will take them, resulting in improved marketing ROI. It helps to improve marketing ROI There are numerous ways MA can help other departments apart from marketing, including lead tracking and scoring for the sales department, revenue prediction for the executives, analytics and reporting for the service department, and less demand on IT support. Its benefits expand to various departments It does via proper customer analytics. The best bit? It’s down to the customer level, giving you the ability to understand each individual customer even better. It’s executional level and doesn’t do the thinking MA is a fully integrated program covering various areas including email marketing, landing page, campaign management, lead generation and management, social marketing, and marketing analytics. It’s email marketing MA isn’t just about managing the marketing campaign, but also providing the marketing metrics to determine which campaign is or isn’t working. Perks? If it’s not working, you can easily adjust or change. It can prove the value of marketing effort $ FICTION FICTION FACT FACT FACT FACT FICTION FICTION FICTION N w MARKETING AUTOMATION