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Industrial Networking - Profibus

  1. 1. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 1PROFIBUS BasicssActive StationsPassive Stations (Field Devices)PLCPCPROFIBUS
  2. 2. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 2PROFIBUS BasicssAll PROFIBUS servicesHigh Speed Data ExchangePeer to PeerHazardous Areacan be used together in one networkTherefore Communication is Transparent forthe UserSame Cable and Components for High SpeedData Exchange and Peer to Peer
  3. 3. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 3PROFIBUS BasicssHigh-Speed Data Exchange FeaturesSame priority for all field devicesCommunication is permanent & cyclicAmount of data specified during configurationOnly one master can write to outputs (safetyaspect)Acyclic communication to field devices possible byusing extended functions (DP Extended/DPV1)Alarm acknowledgmentUp to 244 bytes input AND 244 bytes output dataper field deviceFastest fieldbus system (up to 12Mbaud)
  4. 4. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 4PROFIBUS BasicssSystem ConfigurationPLCPROFIBUSGSD GSD GSD GSD GSD GSDPlug & Play With Electronic Device Data SheetsPROFIBUSConfiguration ToolElectronic Device Data Sheets (GSD, GSE, GSF, GSG, GSI, GSP, GSS Files)
  5. 5. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 5PROFIBUS BasicssHigh-Speed Data Exchange - Startup SequencePower ON/ResetPower ON/Reset of Master or SlaveParameterizationDownload of Parameters into the FieldDevice (selected during Configurationby the User)I/O ConfigurationDownload of I/O Configuration into theField Device (selected duringConfiguration by the User)Data ExchangeCyclic Data Exchange (I/O Data)and Field Device reports Diagnostics
  6. 6. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 6PROFIBUS BasicssHigh-Speed Data Exchange - ParameterizationMaster SlaveFeatures Implemented in DeviceDescribed in GSD FileProcessed by Configuration ToolSelected at ConfigurationExamples:Enable Channel DiagnosticOperation Range for Analog Channels(e.g. ±10V or 0..10V)Fail Safe Behavior (e.g. Hold LastValue)Parameter Download (up to 244 bytes)= Parameterization Data = Confirmation (Data Received)
  7. 7. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 7PROFIBUS BasicssParameterization (continued)Parameter selection with Configuration Tooljsdfehrgihw[orijth]ewj]ypokjekygadfgsadfhsfghjjsffghsfghfdhsdldajhtviertivetvert34524575687356nj8467knggnhngjtrby5yik57859mnnbvt456hn,g76nkbvijyuftisdt0iewryt9eiuoriyrywkrowrgowrtohworthorthwrthrthwrthrwthtryjtyjyukytyjy7u79jtyu568566utrtjhyuiuikujkhyjiyuiyuiithjyukiuio7ujtyujytuoiukytyjyukuikyukuiluiliuioliuiluiil6buhyijtiu8o67m8m747567n8567n75567nm78m78,om87o,56nu78m,,9o,0p.90.p;0;.;’-;/jsdfehrgihw[orijth]ewj]ypokjekygadfgsadfhsfghjjsffghsfghfdhsdldajhtviertivetvert34524575687356nj8467knggnhngjtrby5yik57859mnnbvt456hn,g76nkbvijyuftisdt0iewryt9eiuoriyrywkrowrgowrtohworthorthwrthrthwrthrwthtryjtyjyukytyjy7u79jtyu568566utrtjhyuiuikujkhyjiyuiyuiithjyukiuio7ujtyujytuoiukytyjyukuikyukuiluiliuioliuiluiil6buhyijtiu8o67m8m747567n8567n75567nm78m78,om87o,56nu78m,,9o,0p.90.p;0;.;’-;/Fewer DIP Switches - NO Handheld - NO Extensive Additional DocumentationUser defines every Function in ONE Tool.
  8. 8. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 8PROFIBUS BasicssHigh-Speed Data Exchange - ConfigurationMasterConfiguration Download (up to 244 bytes)= Configuration Data = Confirmation (Data Received)Possible I/O Selections described in GSD FileProcessed by Configuration ToolSelected at ConfigurationExamples8DI (1 Byte), 8DO (1 Byte)2AI (2 Words), 2AO (2 Words)RS232 Interface, Counter ModuleSlave
  9. 9. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 9PROFIBUS BasicssConfiguration Tool (continued)I/O selection with Configuration Tool
  10. 10. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 10PROFIBUS BasicssPROFIBUS DemoParameter &I/OSelectionParameter &I/OSelection
  11. 11. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 11PROFIBUS BasicssHigh-Speed I/O - Data Exchange & DiagnosticsMaster Slave= Output Data = Input DataMaster SlaveSlave indicates diagnostics to reportData Exchange (up to 244 bytes)= Diagnostic Indicator
  12. 12. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 12PROFIBUS BasicssData Exchange & Diagnostics (continued)Master Slave= Diagnostic Request = Diagnostic ResponseMaster SlaveData Exchange (up to 244 bytes)Diagnostic Request and Response (up to 244 bytes)
  13. 13. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 13PROFIBUS BasicssDiagnostic Response (continued)6 BytesMandatoryHeader Header HeaderDeviceRelated(Optional)IdentifierRelated(Optional)ChannelRelated(Optional)Up to 244 Bytese.g. wrongconfiguratione.g. no loadpowere.g. module #4has diagnostice.g. wire break orshort circuit
  14. 14. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 14PROFIBUS BasicssHigh-Speed Data Exchange - Fail SafeWhat happens if my bus fails:valve open, valve closed,valve 1/2 open…???Optional feature Fail Safe specifies behavior ofOutputs in case of Communication LossOptional feature Fail Safe specifies behavior ofOutputs in case of Communication Loss
  15. 15. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 15PROFIBUS BasicssFail Safe (continued)Optional Feature for Field DevicesDefined in Electronic Device Data SheetManufacturer has the capability to allow the EndUser to specify the action on loss of communicationHold outputs at the last value received (e.g. valve 1/2 open)Set outputs to a specified value (e.g. open or close valvecompletely)User defines action during Parameterization
  16. 16. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 16PROFIBUS BasicssFail Safe (continued)
  17. 17. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 17PROFIBUS BasicssPROFIBUS DemoDiagnostics &Fail SafeDiagnostics &Fail Safe
  18. 18. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 18PROFIBUS BasicssHigh-Speed Data Exchange Timing10 Stations With 2 Byte I/O (160 In/Output Signals)Bus Cycle Time 0.8ms
  19. 19. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 19PROFIBUS BasicssHigh-Speed Data Exchange Timing10 Stations With 128 byte I/O (10,240 In/ Output Signals)Bus Cycle Time 2.0ms
  20. 20. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 20PROFIBUS BasicssHigh-Speed Data Exchange TimingTypical Cycle Time - Each Station With 2 Byte I/O0.3 5 10 20 30 [Number ofSlaves][ms]12MBaud1.5MBaud500kBaud
  21. 21. PROFIBUS BasicsDate 09/06/00, Page 21PROFIBUS BasicssPROFIBUS SummaryExtensive Parameterization FeaturesExtensive Diagnostic FeaturesFail-Safe BehaviorDeterministicFast (Up to 12 MBaud)Safe and ReliableEasy ConfigurationCapabilities for Complete Plant Solution fromCell to Bit Level