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Jim Woodhill Incentives for Private Sector Engagement


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Jim Woodhill Incentives for Private Sector Engagement

  1. 1. Partnering with the Private Sector Scaling Inclusive Business Jim Woodhill Principal Sector Specialist Food Security and Rural Development DFAT
  2. 2. Overview • Why partner with the private sector • What is inclusive business • How to drive change at scale
  3. 3. Abaca Paper Enterprise Philippines SC AL E? Cagayan de Oro Handmade Paper
  4. 4. PPP Coffee – ECOM, Hivos, NL SC AL E?
  5. 5. Why Bother with Business? • • • • • livelihoods pro-poor investment responsible business practices service delivery policy reform
  6. 6. Aid in Comparison
  7. 7. What is Inclusive Business? “An inclusive business seeks to contribute towards poverty alleviation by including lower-income communities within its value chain while not losing sight of the ultimate goal of business, which is to generate profits.” The World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  8. 8. Inclusive Agri-Food Markets Profit Sustainability People Planet Financial Institutions Food and Nutrition Security for 9 Billion Global Business Commercial Relations Small-scale Farmers Government National Business SMEs NGOs Research Enabling Environment Fair Economic Opportunity at Scale
  9. 9. What is in it for Business ? Business Interests Securing a stable supply base New market opportunities Responsible reputation Common Interests Feeding the world Tackling hunger and poverty Peace and security
  10. 10. Public Funding as Catalyst? Enabling Environment Direct Investment
  11. 11. No Lack of Innovation
  12. 12. Scaling Up for Transformation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mindset Public and private goods Entrepreneurial funding New capabilities Platforms for collaboration Transparency and accountability Civil society voice
  13. 13. An Approach to Scaling Producers Lead Corporations Consumers
  14. 14. Partnerships - Diamonds for Development Business Research Government Civil Society