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Social enterprise


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Social enterprise

  1. 1. Social Enterprise in the PhilippinesAteneo Graduate School of BusinessAteneo-Standard MBAENTREP26 February 2013Prof. Jorge SaguinsinKevin M. Toledo
  2. 2. Social Entrepreneurship is the art of creating a sociallyresponsible business that aims to generate profit, while solving socialand environmental problems.Social entrepreneurs start and run social enterprises – commercialbusinesses that often come with a “triple bottom line” (TBL)mandate.The triple bottom line refers to:PeopleProfitsPlanetTBL implies that businesses can and ought to be run in a financially,socially, and environmentally responsible manner.
  3. 3. Origins of Social Entrepreneurship•Social entrepreneurship started gaining recognition duringthe 1980s and 1990s.•Despite its recent use, social entrepreneurship has been inexistence throughout history. According to Dees (2001, p.1),the “language of social entrepreneurship may be new, but thephenomenon is not.”•The 19th century witnessed social entrepreneurship in anti-slavery leagues.•Modern social entrepreneur in Florence, Nightingale, a nursedevoted her life to service (Drayton, 2006).
  4. 4. Social Enterprises•Managed by Social entrepreneurs•Social enterprises are organizations whose mission is to bridge socialopportunity into sustainable reality innovatively, effectively and efficiently.• They shift the future for the better by innovating social solutions to solvehuman development problems whether in poverty, hunger, environment,human rights, education, political freedom and other important issues. (Shrestha and Appanah, 2007)
  5. 5. Difference betweenSocial Enterprises & NGOsThe main difference between a nonprofit and social enterprise is therevenue model.Nonprofits: rely primarily on charitable contributions, public fundingand foundation grants to support their programs and cover theiradministrative overhead.Social enterprise: is designed to operate like a for profit business.Sustainable.
  6. 6. Social Entrepreneurship in the Philippines  Social entrepreneurship in the Philippines is getting popular and is gaining recognition both in profit and non-profit sectors.  Many have shown interest and appreciation in the idea as there is now an increasing number of social enterprises developing in the business and social development sector.  Managed by individuals or groups of young people as well as those with an established record who have seen opportunities in problems and have realized that the old systems do not offer something new to improve the human condition in the country.
  7. 7. Bote Central, Inc.  Family owned corporation and established in March 22, 2002  Currently focused in the joint production and consumption program of Philippine Coffee, rationalizing the supply chain and embedding Fair Trade Principles to promote the Philippine coffee industry’s sustainability.  Focused in deploying community roasting business units (CRBUs) all over the country, most especially in the countryside, propelling local economies by having different business models of retailing Philippine brewed coffee.  Vision: Working to Clean & Save the Environment by using agro-forest products for livelihood
  8. 8. Bote Central, Inc. Vision: Working to Clean and Save the Environment Mission: Provide sustainable Livelihood using Forest and Agro-forest Products Bring back respect to animals in the forests Maintain the forests clean and alive Assist with technological intervention for Agro-forest products
  9. 9. Bote Central, Inc.How Bote Central, Inc. WorksPassion both for business and nurturing natureFair Trade – deals directly with farmers to avoid traders and middlemenTechnology to promote efficiency at community levels to improve andsustain businessDesign/build small and big scratch machines for their own use whilesharing it as well with partner producer communities.Innovation & reinventionCulture drivenPeople center
  10. 10. Bote Central, Inc. Products Coffee Alamid Coffee Alamid supports the protection of the civets, preserves the civets’ habitat & the environment and provides livelihood for the forest dwellers.
  11. 11. Bote Central, Inc. Products 18 Days Coffee  18 Days is a promise of quality that the  coffee you will get from us is the best of  Philippine Coffees. We inform you where  the coffee beans specifically comes from  and we invite you to visit the particular site  and proudly experience the origins of  Philippine coffee.  
  12. 12. Bote Central, Inc. Products • Digital hot air 1-kg roaster custom built for Filipino coffee farmer • Fully automatic, fully computerized, very user-friendly • Convection roasting produces even roasting temperature • Consistent international standing roasting quality • Roasts all coffee varieties up to 18% moisture content • Can roast coffee, peanuts, soya • Spare parts locally available • Runs on regular convenience outlet
  13. 13. Bote Central, Inc. ProductsKAPE’T BUHAY is a multi-partite synergetic production & consumption program for Philippine Coffee, initiated by Bote Central – anchored on sustainable & inclusive development entrepreneurship framework – wherein farmers shall be transformed, educated, trained, mentored and coached to become farmer entrepreneurs, going into the agribusiness of coffee, serving their own produced coffee to the local communities and, likewise, transforming the Urban / Rural Poor market into dealers & retailers or ‘nano’ coffee entrepreneurs of Philippine produced coffee, to at least augment family income
  14. 14. Bote Central, Inc. Community Roasting Facilities General Santos, South Cotabato Tublay, Benguet Sagada, Mt. Province Angeles, Pampanga Mactan, Cebu Bacolod, Negros Occidental Peace & Equity Foundation Office, Loyola  Height , Q.C. South Supermarket, Alabang Bote Central Head Office, Las Pinas – Alabang Tanjay, Negros Oriental Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao Impasugong, Bukidnon
  15. 15. Bote Central, Inc.CHAIN OF HAPPINESS BUSINESS PLAN“Bote Central, Inc. – Revolutionizing the Philippine Coffee Landscape"
  16. 16. Prominent and Successful Social Enterprises in the PhilippinesGawad Kalinga (GK) - has not only transformed the communities it serves throughcommunity programs and house-building projects, but has also facilitated thecreation of a Filipino society that rekindles the deteriorating values of service andlove for the country and fellow Filipinos.My Shelter Foundation, Inc. - is a social enterprise that looks for sustainable housing Incsolutions for homeless and the lack of infrastructure in developing countries, like thePhilippines.Hapinoy - is managed by MicroVentures Incorporated (MVI). MVI aspires to be theleading partners of micro entrepreneurs in the Philippines. In so doing, MVI leveragesmicro financing as a powerful tool to empower socially and economically challengedfamilies.ECHOstore - They represent products from small marginalized cultural communities,creative industries, women groups and foundations. The products in their retail storerepresent their ideals of health, fair trade and care for the environment.Gandang Kalikasan - through its brand Human Nature, is the fastest-growing socialenterprise in the Philippines. They produce natural and organic personal careproducts which are 100% made in the Philippines and free from harmful chemicals.
  17. 17. How will you help change the world?
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