Burnett JHS Band Fall Fundraiser


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Student Presentation for Burnett Junior High Band Fundraiser

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  • This slide should show as the kids come into the room
  • Good Morning, my name is Tommy Guilbert and I am here because today is Fundraising Day
  • I am very happy to be here at Burnet and I don’t want to give you a little bitty thank you, I want to give you a
  • Great BIG THANK YOU for allowing me to be here today.
  • Music, supplies, percussion equipment. And do take notice of some of the new percussion equipment and the NEW CHAIRS that do not pinch your legs. These were purchased with fundraising money.
  • The name of our brochure is Festival and I features 50 different food items. We have cheeses, sausages, chocolates and assorted gift boxes.
  • The inside cover features a table of contents so if one of your customers is in a hurry, you will be able to help them find their favorites very quickly.
  • This tower of chocolates and goodies is patterned after those seen in Gourment catalogues like Harry and David.
  • Meet and cheese gift packs make wonderful gifts for people at Mom or Dad’s work, or can be an entire party in a box for football watching on a Sunday afternoon.
  • None of the food has to be refrigerated until it is opened….we have queso, summer sausages, salsa and beef sticks.
  • On the right hand side of the screen we have trail mix, fruit snaceks, pistacios and honey roasted peanuts.
  • If you cannot see the container that the candy comes in, you will know that it comes shrink wrapped in a gift box. The page on the left shows that some of our products come in decorator tins.
  • The pecan log is filled with a creamy divinity center that you can slice and eat very daintily bite by bite. Or, if you are like my brother, he just starts gnawing on one end, eats to the other end, burps really loud and says “Hey, that was GOOD”
  • These 2 pages feature cookie mixes. Notice we did not say, Cookie DOUGH but cookie mixes. Once again, nothing needs to be refrigerated unti mixed with the wet ingredients.
  • I have to admit, the green frogs make me a little nervous, Green belongs on grass, lettuce and MONEY BUT. Almost everyone knows SOMEBODY that collects frogs or likes mint.
  • Our back cover features our final gift box. Will we sell a ton of gift boxes? Probably not. But just in case we run in to the rich people, you know, the ones with the Mercedes out front, the Swimming pool out back and the Mansions in the middle?, well, rich people spend $40 or $50 like you and I spend 40 or 50 cents and if they have $40 we need for our band, we want to have something they like. Our prices range from only $6.00 all they way up to $49.00 so hopefully we will find something for everyone’s taste and eveyone’s wallet.
  • Today you will receive a product brochure, two-part NCR order form and a collection envelope. Everyone will begin taking orders and collecting the money from people that we know.
  • On _________________________ [date order forms and money is due], the program is over so you must turn in your money envelope along with both copies of your order form. Please make sure that your name is on the collection envelope when you turn it in. Note: Remind the students to be careful and safe when bringing their money back to school.
  • In about 4 to 5 weeks you will receive your merchandise already prepackaged for your convenience. Simply check to be sure your order is complete, sign for it and take the appropriate items to the customers who have already paid you for their merchandise. At this point the program is over, then all that’s left is the fun but I’ll tell you about that in a minute.
  • As you begin talking to people this evening you need to remember your P’s and Your S’s The P’s Be PREPARED Have you brochure, order form and a PEN Be POSITIVE expect people to buy Be POLITE.
  • Once you hand them the brochure you need to remember the 3 S’s Smile Step back And SHUT UP!
  • Who to sell to? Well first….help yourself
  • Talk to your BFF (Best Friend Forever)
  • (this picutre is from the new TV show GLEE.
  • Send everybody a Tweet on Twitter
  • This Simpsons TV Show
  • From the movie “Up”
  • Your granny would buy a box of rocks from you. Medea’s Family Reunion
  • Don’t interrupt them when they are playing Rock Band but get to your Mom’s best friend, Your best friends Mom, your Dad’s best friend. Your best friend’s dad.
  • Wednesday night or Sunday morning, DO NOT lay your brochure in the collection plate.
  • G Force Movie
  • Mom and Dad take it work… (The Office TV show)
  • Movie Ice Age 3 Only talk to the people you know….you never know who live’s in a stranger’s house. (Next slide is the punch line)
  • Success Express Student Presentation Script Prepay 5.07
  • I know that paperwork is necessary but BORING
  • Top left hand corner student last name,…that’s you, one letter per box First Name…..that’s the name you go by here in class Phone number….where would we call if you are not at school the day the candy comes sin Class/teacher/team YOUR band class period Organization or League…. Top right, date to return My sales goal Prizes……choose your prize from the prize brochure….
  • How do people order? Adults understand this process but there are a few helpful tips. For your convenience, ask everyone to print. If a mistake is made, draw a line through it and start over on the next line. The customer will order a product or multiple products using the product code next to the item. Be sure that they use numbers not slashes in the quantity box. Two slashes look like eleven – three slashes look like one hundred eleven, etc. If and when you fill up this order form, turn it in and get another form from _________. I know, some of you see that there is room for 19 names and I’ve asked you for a minimum of ____ [number of items per day x number of selling days] items. Many customers will order more than one item. Remember, it’s items sold, not people signed. Students, you will receive your product brochure when I have finished so just hold the order form. Speaking of the product brochure, I want you to be careful with it during this sale. Today, it looks good and appealing to your customers. Please don’t fold it and put it in your pocket (trumpet case, sports bag with your dirty socks, etc.). Keep your brochure neat, clean and odor free .
  • [Pass out collection envelope] Students, the Date to Return Envelope with Order form and Money is ___________________ [turn in date]; Write your name in space for Seller’s Name; Group Name is __________________________ [name of organization/group]. [If taking checks] Checks need to be made out to ____________________________________ [school name or group name]. Do not have checks made to Express Industries or You personally. Do not carry cash around school. Bring it directly to me.
  • [Review Team Charts and make sure they are posted in room]
  • Success Express Student Presentation Script Prepay 5.07 It’s Time to talk about the FUN!!!!
  • Success Express Student Presentation Script Prepay 5.07
  • Success Express Student Presentation Script Prepay 5.07 In the upper left hand corner please find the small boxes that read student last name. Please print your last name, one letter per box. The next line, print your first name. It’s not required to put your phone number but you can if you want as it could be helpful during the delivery. Now, the next section – class/ team/ teacher – is important. In the first box, write your period, i.e., 2nd period, enter a 2, etc. Skip a box and then print your teacher’s last name [this could be teacher, group name, organized team, etc.]. In the last set of boxes, print the name of the school. [If you are using a prize brochure, to the right of what we have just filled in there is a place for you to order the prize and prizes that you have earned. Be sure to read how to order your prizes on the prize brochure that I will give you at the end, and then do it before you turn in your order form on _____________.] Check out the sales hints – tells you who to sell to! And in the upper right hand corner there is a box that states that date to return the order form. Please print the day so that we will all remember when this program ends. And now the “My Sales Goal” in the upper right hand corner. There is one thing that I have discovered about goal setting. If you don’t write it down, it’s just a wish, hope or dream. This needs to be firm so I am asking that the smallest number that you put in that box is the number [number of items per day x number of selling days].
  • Success Express Student Presentation Script Prepay 5.07 I need to be serious for just a minute. Successful groups with have three things in common: #1 – They know how to get off to a FAST START. We’re going to begin today just like I outlined at the beginning of this presentation. If you don’t start, you can’t finish. #2 – Successful people work STEADY. I’ve outlined a plan for you. Work _________ minutes a day and sell _____ items a day – we will raise $_________. #3 – All successful people FINISH what they start. Anyone can start fast and you may work steadily, but you must WORK ALL THE WAY TO THE END, so that each and every student in this group can be successful. So turn in your order form and money on _____________[turn in date] with at least ______ [number of items per day x number of selling days] Once the products arrive all you have to do is deliver the items to your customers. Have some Fun! Note: If you use a bonus, i.e., Pie in the face, Kissing a Pig, or drawing – use this in your close.
  • Burnett JHS Band Fall Fundraiser

    1. 1. Writing Utensil Have a seat , please AND
    2. 2. Fundraising Day Whoot!
    3. 3. Thank You
    4. 4. Thank You
    5. 5. We need money for… Music, Travel, (we got our new chairs!)
    6. 18. We begin our sale …. ASAP!!
    7. 19.           <ul><li>Orders and Money are due …. </li></ul>September 18th
    8. 20.           <ul><li>Delivery in …. </li></ul>About 4 to 5 weeks.
    9. 21. Prepared Positive Polite
    10. 22. How to sell <ul><li>Smile </li></ul><ul><li>Step back </li></ul><ul><li>Shut up </li></ul>
    11. 23. Help Yourself…
    12. 24. BFF
    13. 25. Friends and Teachers at School Show me the MONEY!
    14. 28. Everybody at Your House
    15. 29. Neighbors
    16. 30. Family Parties
    17. 31. Family Friends
    18. 32. Your Place 0f Worship
    19. 33. Have others help
    20. 34. Parent’s Work
    21. 35. Be Safe…
    22. 36. Mr. Conaway is My Brother
    23. 37. Please get a pen Or a Pencil Thanks
    24. 38. ZZZ
    25. 39. R o m o 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Your band period Burnett Band Sept. 18th 15 or more! Express Product Order Form T o n y
    26. 40. Sample Order
    27. 41. Money Collection Envelope Sept 18th Bart Simpson Burnett Band
    28. 43. New Best Friend Date: Sept. 23, 2009 222 Quest lane Garland, TX 75080 To: Wylie East Band Boosters one thousand dollars For/memo: student id # new best friend $ 1,000 If they want to write a check…
    29. 44. Express Industries Corporation 2006 FUN part! Now for the
    30. 45. Sell 5 items
    31. 46. Express Industries Corporation 2006 Express Industries Corporation 2006 5 items sold
    32. 47. Sell 10 items… <ul><li>Prize Table </li></ul>
    33. 48. 20 items sold
    34. 49. AWARDS Your Choice Your Choice
    35. 50. Level 1 Sell $25.00
    36. 51. Level 2 Sell $50.00
    37. 52. Level 3 Sell $75.00
    38. 53. Level 4 Sell $100.00
    39. 54. Level 5 Sell $200.00
    40. 55. Level 6 Sell $325.00
    41. 56. Level 7 Sell $450.00
    42. 57. Level 8 Sell $600.00
    43. 58. Level 9 Sell $750.00
    44. 59. Level 10 Sell $900.00
    45. 60. Express Industries Corporation 2006 Express Industries Corporation 2009 C h a n J a c k i e Burnett Band Sept 18th 15 items Express Product Order Form 9 7 2 5 5 5 1 2 1 2 44 Your class period
    46. 61. Express Industries Corporation 2006 And in summary..... <ul><li>Today </li></ul><ul><li>Turn in Sept. 18th </li></ul>
    47. 62. Help our Band!