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Prize slides Fall 09 Your Choice

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  • Success Express Student Presentation Script Prepay 5.07 In the upper left hand corner please find the small boxes that read student last name. Please print your last name, one letter per box. The next line, print your first name. It’s not required to put your phone number but you can if you want as it could be helpful during the delivery. Now, the next section – class/ team/ teacher – is important. In the first box, write your period, i.e., 2nd period, enter a 2, etc. Skip a box and then print your teacher’s last name [this could be teacher, group name, organized team, etc.]. In the last set of boxes, print the name of the school. [If you are using a prize brochure, to the right of what we have just filled in there is a place for you to order the prize and prizes that you have earned. Be sure to read how to order your prizes on the prize brochure that I will give you at the end, and then do it before you turn in your order form on _____________.] Check out the sales hints – tells you who to sell to! And in the upper right hand corner there is a box that states that date to return the order form. Please print the day so that we will all remember when this program ends. And now the “My Sales Goal” in the upper right hand corner. There is one thing that I have discovered about goal setting. If you don’t write it down, it’s just a wish, hope or dream. This needs to be firm so I am asking that the smallest number that you put in that box is the number [number of items per day x number of selling days].
  • Your Choice Awards09

    1. 1. AWARDS Your Choice Your Choice
    2. 2. Level 1 Sell $25.00
    3. 3. Level 2 Sell $50.00
    4. 4. Level 3 Sell $75.00
    5. 5. Level 4 Sell $100.00
    6. 6. Level 5 Sell $200.00
    7. 7. Level 6 Sell $325.00
    8. 8. Level 7 Sell $450.00
    9. 9. Level 8 Sell $600.00
    10. 10. Level 9 Sell $750.00
    11. 11. Level 10 Sell $900.00
    12. 12. Express Industries Corporation 2006 Express Industries Corporation 2009 C h a n J a c k i e H W L a n g C h o I r April 8 15 items Express Product Order Form 9 7 2 5 5 5 1 2 1 2 44 Your class period