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DSD-SEA 2018 Perspectives of Deltares and its work in Indonesia - Letitre


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Presentation by Peter Letitre (Deltares) at the Seminar Cutting Edge Hydro Software for South-East Asia, during the Deltares Software Days South-East Asia 2018. Thursday, 6 September 2018, Yogyakarta.

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DSD-SEA 2018 Perspectives of Deltares and its work in Indonesia - Letitre

  1. 1. Perspectives of Deltares and its work in Indonesia September 6 2018
  2. 2. Our mission
  3. 3. Societal themes
  4. 4. Living in deltas, coastal areas and river basins
  5. 5. Through serious gaming, (open source) software, publications, data and models, doctorate supervision, Deltares Academy, workshops, congresses and projects/research projects Sharing knowledge
  6. 6. • Deltares software used in more than 100 countries • Open software establishes sharing community Open software System informatics
  7. 7. Extension of Rotterdam harbour • Research and advice on port design • Testing coastal defences using scale models • Tidal flow predictions for ships during the construction phase • Environmental impact assessments and cooling water discharges Hydro- and morphodynamics/ Environmental sciences & eco-engineering / Hydraulics and geotechnical engineering
  8. 8. • Marina Bay: from estuary to freshwater reservoir • Objective: an operational water quality management system • Collaboration with the Singapore Public Utilities Board Singapore Marina Bay Hydrological sciences / Environmental sciences & eco-engineering
  9. 9. Palm Island, Dubai Hydraulic engineering / Geo-engineering / Eco-engineering • Man-made peninsula measuring 4 x 4 km • Advice about coastal defence and erosion, water circulation, water quality, site preparation, compression and earthquake precautions
  10. 10. Korean rivers • Reconstruction of Nakdong Han, Geum & Yeongsan rivers • Safe, clean rivers, adequate water and nature conservation • Collaboration with Korea Water Resources Corporation and National Institute of Environmental Research Environmental sciences & eco-engineering / Hydrological sciences
  11. 11. • Learning more about failure mechanisms • Field validation of new measurement techniques • New knowledge saves millions of euros Large-scale practical testing System informatics / Applied geosciences & soil mechanics
  12. 12. Delft-FEWS in more than 40 countries
  13. 13. Jakarta floods Advising theThai Prime Minister and crisis team on flood control measures
  14. 14. NCICD Knowledge management-Jakarta
  15. 15. Demak (peri-urban) : Nature based vs. hard structures
  16. 16. Swiss Confederation Towards Innovative Flood Risk Management in Indonesia Stakeholder Consultation Workshop 5 Cities Overview Presentation Bogor, Indonesia 27 and 28 August 2018
  17. 17. • Through our projects in Indonesia we strengthen our knowledge base for complex international issues in the field of water and sub-surface. • We organize and facilitate knowledge debates between Indonesian scientists and policy makers with international experts and coordinate our work with Indonesian knowledge institutes Indonesia, • We realize this by research projects in five main themes that cover our work: • Flood risk: urban flooding, coastal flood defence • Ecosystems and Environmental Quality: nature based flood defences, water (quality) and health, ecological flows • Water and Subsoil resources: (ground)water resources management, catchment hydrology, hydrology tropical peat lands, multi-resolution modelling, water-food-energy-nexus • Delta infrastructure: coastal infrastructure, water tube • Adaptive delta planning: sinking cities, adaptation pathways, water governance Ambition of Deltares in Indonesia
  18. 18. Why is our cooperation with Pusair so important? • Pusair is the national knowledge institute on water resources in Indonesia, the natural partner for Deltares and instrumental in implementing its strategy in Indonesia; • The ambitions of Pusair overlap with those of Deltares where it concerns the desire to pursuing scientific and technical cooperation related to water resources, hydraulics, river and coastal morphology, water quality, hydrogeology, geotechnics, lowlands, climate change, climate adaptation, land subsidence, flood and drought early warning, mitigation and disaster risk reduction, integrated environmental analysis, preparation of master plan for natural resources management as well as feasibility studies and overall Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Indonesia and the South Asian East region and beyond; • Pusair is the partner of Deltares in working with Government institutions, and we can jointly benefit by increasing our knowledge and expertise:
  19. 19. Examples of activities of our cooperation • NCICD-KM, assisting Pusair in: • data and information management; • development of a knowledge management strategy, M&E system, coastal zone database; • Joint Cooperation Program-3 and the design and establishment of a Centre of Excellence of Hydro-informatics • Supporting the role of Pusair in the mitigation of Land Subsidence; • Supporting capacity in the field of water quality modeling; • Exchange of experience and software in field of integrated water resources management, water management datasets for river basins, peat- lowlands, and drought and flood forecasting through; • Training courses presented by Deltares staff in Indonesia • Study tours • Undertaking pilot projects • Development and operationalization of (prototype) databases, and drought and flood early warning and forecasting systems • Jointly organizing national/regional software days –
  20. 20. Questions?