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Measurecamp 2017 - Yandex Metrica


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Why I love Yandex Metrica and why you need to install it, even if you don't do any SEO (basic or technical) activities in Russia, Ukraine, or other Yandex countries.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Measurecamp 2017 - Yandex Metrica

  1. 1. Dan Taylor Why You Need To Install Yandex.Metrica
  2. 2. About Me Dan Taylor Account Manager @ Write for Search Engine Journal, SEMRush, OnCrawl…
  3. 3. About Metrica Yandex.Metrica is a web analytics service for websites and ecommerce. You can use it to analyze: • The site's audience and user behavior. • Site conversion and revenue. • Effectiveness of internet and offline advertising. • Traffic sources. • Site availability and response time. All Yandex.Metrica features are free of charge, except Target Call (which is available for calls to landlines in Russia and Ukraine).
  4. 4. Dashboard
  5. 5. Session Data
  6. 6. External Link Clicks
  7. 7. Robot Traffic
  8. 8. Click Maps
  9. 9. Link Maps
  10. 10. Session Replays
  11. 11. Counter Configuration
  12. 12. Setting Up Your Counter Out of the box counters allow click maps, link maps They need configuration to track scroll maps, session replays, retargeting for Yandex Direct, goals…
  13. 13. New Counter Configuration
  14. 14. Setting Up Session Replays
  15. 15. Setting Up Session Replays
  16. 16. Setting Up Goals
  17. 17. Goal: Page View
  18. 18. Goal: Forms, Event Clicks
  19. 19. Thank you. @danny_taywitter GTM Config File Yandex Support