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LAC 2019: Voice Search Opportunities In iGaming


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Dan Taylor's presentation from #LAC2019, looking at how voice search can be used by betting and gambling brands, and how they can plan content and efforts around user touch-points.

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LAC 2019: Voice Search Opportunities In iGaming

  1. 1. Speak Up! SEO Strategies for Voice Search How voice search and virtual assistants can be an integral part of your customer acquisition and retention strategies.
  2. 2. Dan Taylor. • Senior Consultant & Account Director @ • Winner TechSEO Boost 2018 Call for Research • Search Engine Journal Top 140 (2018 & 2019) • Blogger Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, OnCrawl… Projects Hreflang Checker – Sloth – Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency
  3. 3. We’re living in the age of assistance. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency
  4. 4. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Google first introduced a form of voice search in 2010, but it was cumbersome and not a practical alternative. This did however lay the foundations for future updates and technologies, one of these key updates (and likely one of the most important early updates for voice search) was the 2013 Hummingbird update.
  5. 5. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source:
  6. 6. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source: Also used by Aleya Solis in her talks.
  7. 7. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source: Freakonomics Radio ep. 357 – Can an Industrial Giant Become a Tech Darling
  8. 8. “The world hasn’t completely shifted to voice, nor do we expect it to. Screens bring a completely new canvas for conversational AI, where we can bring together voice and touch in an intelligent way.” Scott Huffman (Google) Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source: Marco Lenoci Google Keynote @ SMX West 2019 “We don’t expect voice to take over search as the prevalent way of searching... people will search in the way that’s relevant to them. We want to make sure we are there in the way the user wants it when they want it.” Marco Lenoci (Google) @ SMX West 2019
  9. 9. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source:
  10. 10. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source:
  11. 11. “Based on usage habits, marketers and developers should think about how to create voice/assistant experiences that can become habit forming, go-to for users.” Marco Lenoci, Google Keynote @ SMX West 2019 Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency
  12. 12. 1. Voice is about action. 40x more action oriented 2. People expect conversations. 200x more conversational than search 3. Screens change everything. 1/2 use voice and touch input 4. Daily routines matter 5. Voice is universal Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency
  13. 13. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Data sources: Mangools, Google Search Console, Answer The Public
  14. 14. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Google Assistant Desktop
  15. 15. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Google Assistant Desktop
  16. 16. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Data sources: Mangools, Google Search Console, Answer The Public
  17. 17. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source: A J Ghergich Study 83% of URLs are secure (HTTPS) Average number of images with ALT text is 12 Average 22 headers and sub-headers Average number of external links is 33 The average word count is 2,260 Median number of social shares is 139 Average paragraph length is 38 words The average Google Mobile Friendly score is 95/100 Content is written at a 7th grade level (Gunning Fog Index) The average Google Mobile Usability score is 95/100
  18. 18. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source: Indicates sections of a Web page that are particularly 'speakable' in the sense of being highlighted as being especially appropriate for text-to-speech conversion. Other sections of a page may also be usefully spoken in particular circumstances; the 'speakable' property serves to indicate the parts most likely to be generally useful for speech.
  19. 19. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Sources: Good example of the schema in the wild Potential implementation method if you have development/platform issues
  20. 20. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Technical • Your site needs to be fast • JavaScript needs to be renderable and cacheable (server-side rendering preferred) Content • You content needs to be structured in a user-friendly way • Written to a 7th grade level (12/13 year old could easily read) • Be concise and not overly verbose
  21. 21. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source: (Gianluca Fiorelli on Twitter)
  22. 22. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source: Criteria Summary Information Satisfaction The content of the answer should meet the information needs of the user. Length when a displayed answer is too long, users can quickly scan it visually and locate the relevant information. For voice answers, that is not possible. It is much more important to ensure that we provide a helpful amount of information, hopefully not too much or too little. Formulation it is much easier to understand a badly formulated written answer than an ungrammatical spoken answer, so more care has to be placed in ensuring grammatical correctness. Elocution Spoken answers must have proper pronunciation and prosody
  23. 23. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Source:
  24. 24. Dan Taylor | @taylordanrw | @salt_agency Thank you. @taylordanrw | @salt_agency