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Cement Construction


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Prefabrication has always been a part of the construction industry.

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Cement Construction

  1. 1. Cement Construction
  2. 2. Prefabrica)on  has  always  been  a  part  of  the   construc)on  industry.   Modern  prefab  building  is  taking  commercial   elements,  and  them  in-­‐to  modes.     Prefab  home  comes  in  many  different  forms  in   manufactured  or  modular  home.
  3. 3. These  homes,  are  factory  built  and  come  to  the  work  site   ready  cut,  and  manufactured  to  size.   They  usually  rely  on  steel  framework  with  plaster   paneling,  and  are  more  affordable  than  tradi.onal   houses.
  4. 4. Concrete  prefabrica.on  is  the  process  wherein  cement   panels  are  manufactured  and  poured  in  factories,  cuAng   down  on  waste  and  environmental  factors  that  are   apparent  on  an  open  building  site,  and  aspects   far  outweigh  the  nega.ves.
  5. 5. Prefabrica.on  in  every  form,  incredibly  green   building  process.  In  a  home  built  to  exact  fit,   waste  can  be  decreased,  if  not  diminished.
  6. 6. New  pouring  technologies   include  using  hemp  in  the   precast  process.   By  layering  hemp  hordes  into   the  wet  cement,  when  it   finally  hardens,  the  precast   building  materials  are   organically  insulated  and   stronger  in  addi.on  to  being   both  mould  and  insect  proof.   This  is  a  process  been  widely   used  in  Germany  and  the  UK   since  the  90’s  .  
  7. 7. Success  of  prefab  rests  on  style,  materials  are  cheaper,  faster  and  highly  sustainable  in  nature.   Now  that  design  flair  and  trending,  have  joined  the  vast   array  of  pros  associated  with  the  prefabricated  building   process,  we  will  surely  see  the  this  industry   grow
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