Palm Shell Affordable Housing


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Building affordable and low cost housing structures with advance construction technology.

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Palm Shell Affordable Housing

  1. 1. Project Concept Note for Affordable Housing Aarthi Vijaykumar & Mithun Ekbote
  2. 2. Who are we? - Young Social Entrepreneurs with a vision to change the current living conditions in developing nations - Varied Cultural, Social & Professional backgrounds, hence a pool of knowledge - Experienced Construction Gurus as Consultants - High volume manufacturer of FMCD - Vast database of rural organizations - Support from various national & international brands - Experience in Funding & work with ‘start up’
  3. 3. Who is our target Client? • Any organization that seeks to address the need for affordable housing and attempts to synergize the process by using:- - Innovative ideas and advanced technology - Works on high volumes & low margins - No Bribes Policy
  4. 4. Our Background in Construction • We have been in the business of providing machinery to various clients for Construction • Internal research has allowed us to believe that Insulated Concrete Foam; use of Expanded Polystyrene ( Thermacole ) is the best solution possible • We are founder members of the Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Association of India • We are supported by operational plants in 49 countries
  5. 5. Technology • The advancement of technology has allowed the application of polystyrene in construction as an eco- friendly approach to substitute bricks • Single panel (as shown in the picture) of polystyrene is used in construction when number of floors is less than 3 • It is also effectively used for building inner walls of the dwelling
  6. 6. Double panel – recommended • Double panel polystyrene is used based on structural requirements • It is used for dwellings with more than 3 floors • The cement is poured between the two panels • The outer sides of the panel are plastered for finishing after wiring and internal piping have been imbedded • The thickness of the concrete between the 2 panels is decided on stress and load bearing
  7. 7. Floor Panels • Floor panels provide easy placement for heating pipes and drainage • The reinforcing steel on the panel is connected to the structural steel beams and concrete is then poured • Floor panels are available in variable thickness and can also be used for roofing
  8. 8. Raw Materials for Construction • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) • Steel • Concrete
  9. 9. Raw Material Characteristics Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  10. 10. Raw Material Characteristics Steel
  11. 11. Raw Material Characteristics Cement
  12. 12. Benefits • Fast turn around time • Earthquake resistant • Energy Efficient – 30% to 40% reductions (Insulation) • Versatile design with replicability • Storm resistant • Fire retardant • Superior Strength • Bullet Proof • Leed Certification
  13. 13. Certification
  14. 14. Test Results
  15. 15. Site Pictures
  16. 16. Residential Complex
  17. 17. School Building
  18. 18. Row Houses
  19. 19. Commercial Building
  20. 20. Residential Building
  21. 21. 6 Storey Residential Building
  22. 22. Let’s work together to provide better living conditions to the developing nations For more details: