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Alex Brown - ECML Keynote - January 2019


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DFO's chief marketing officer Alex Brown drops knowledge on direct site media buys during Ecommerce Mastery Live Las Vegas 2019.

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Alex Brown - ECML Keynote - January 2019

  1. 1. Direct Site Media Buys THE PATH TO ECOMMERCE DOMINATION ALEX BROWN Chief Marketing Officer
  2. 2. About Me San Diego is My Home I’m a Family Man
  3. 3. About Me Marketing Flows Through My Veins Director of Marketing Instant Checkmate/TruthFinder Sports Marketing Account Exec Chief Marketing Officer DFO Global Performance Commerce
  4. 4. What Is It? Advertising relationship between an advertiser and publisher with no middle man or traffic platform in between Direct Site Media Buys • Not beholden to a traffic platform or policy team • Price and bidding method can almost always be NEGOTIATED • Evergreen and consistent; these buys can last for years • Unique set of inventory • Longer process for live traffic • Optimization Limitations • Traffic/Reach Limitations
  5. 5. Playing at the High-Stakes Tables • 24 hour homepage takeovers (carousel, river, info pane) • 100% SOV • Must book in advance through rep – recommend staggering them to avoid saturation • CPM (you pay for all impressions, not just viewable impressions) • Limited ad rotation (1-5 ads) • Publisher serves/rotates the ads • Strict policy teams
  6. 6. AOL Buys AOL DL5 AOL Mail Login AOL DL3 Playing at the High-Stakes Tables
  7. 7. MSN River PaneMSN Infopane #8 MSN Buys Playing at the High-Stakes Tables
  8. 8. AOL Buys – The Nitty Gritty Playing at the High-Stakes Tables • $17-$20K for 24 hour Homepage DL ($8.00 - $8.50 CPM) • Approx 3MM Impressions • Demo: 60+ M/F • Lower Cost Option: DL3 Email Placement (~$10K), or Weekends • Solid CTR: > 2% • Ad Rotation: 5 Max • Best Days: MON - THUR
  9. 9. MSN Buys – The Nitty Gritty Playing at the High-Stakes Tables • $100K+ for 24 Hour Homepage Buy – Infopane #8 ($1.25 CPM) • Approx 91MM Impressions - not 100% viewable • Demo: 45+ M/F • Lower Cost Options 1. River Tile (better viewability/cheaper rate $0.50 CPM) 2. Dayparting [AM / Mid-Day/ PM] • Solid CTR: 0.15% • Ad Rotation: 1 😬 • Best Performing Days: Tues-Wed
  10. 10. Penny Slots: Smaller Sites Can Equal Huge Jackpots Find Niche, Aligned Sites Less Traffic, Better Conversions Enduring Partnerships Low Time Investment for Lucrative Gains
  11. 11. Finding Ideal Sites: Uncover Diamonds in the Rough • Start with Alexa top 10,000; use VA or intern to highlight the relevant ones • Best sites are closely related to your industry OR broad informational sites (news, weather, entertainment, etc.) where users are killing time. • Higher on Alexa is not always optimal • Top placements on Google Display or Native campaigns • Spy Tools: Where are your competitors are getting traffic from? Similar Web is best What Are the Best Sites for My Business?
  12. 12. Hack: Use a VA or intern to reach out to as many as you can with this message… FIND YOUR CONTACT Contact Us on site LinkedIn Outreach Facebook Fan Page WhoIs Domain Lookups Find the Gatekeeper
  13. 13. Hi ___________, I am interested in discussing a direct advertising relationship with your site. My company operates the website _________ selling a wide range of _______ gadgets direct to consumer, and your site is the perfect fit for our audience. We are currently allocating our digital budget for Q4 and would like to hop on a call ASAP to see if we can work something out. Please reach me at ________. Email Outreach Template More often than not, this will get you a reply If not – don’t give up! PICK UP THE PHONE!
  14. 14. Review the Website Identify Where You Add Value Once You’ve Scheduled a Call: Stalk Your Contact Come Prepared Next Step: Biz Dev
  15. 15. Listen How are they monetizing? Brag Tell them why your brand is a big deal Bro Down If they like you, they’ll work with you Make it Easy Explain that you’ll supply everything they need Close the Deal Get them to agree to CPA deal for test Soft Sell Sell them on a 2-week test Get on the Phone Bro down 1 2 3 4 5 6
  16. 16. Getting the Right Rate The Goal: CPA Agreement Secondary Option: CPC/CPM • You are adding supplemental revenue • Must know and trust your metrics • Leave some room for a CPA bump if they need a few more bucks after the test • Make sure to ask what they’re looking from a revenue perspective - 5 sales/day? 10? 100? • Limit your risk: Ask for a 24 hour out clause, and even spend distribution • Verify who’s numbers you’re billing off
  17. 17. Custom Ad Units Are 5x Better Than Standard Banners Best Creative for Direct Site Buys • Unique ad units: search boxes, container ads, heavy text, widgets • Advertorials • Product Reviews • Listicles Make It Native or Make It Stand Out! Major Selling Point: Using custom creatives won’t impact AdSense revenues or require swaps during testing!
  18. 18. Ad Serving Self Hosting (MSN, AOL, etc.) You send content; they deploy and manage it Ad Server: You provide Ad Tag, they place, you can rotate, pause & optimize creatives Custom Ad Unit: You design and code the asset; they host 1. 2. 3.
  19. 19. ➡️ Optimize Creatives ➡️ Optimize Landing Page ➡️ Split Test Different Angles ➡️ Negotiate the Rate ➡️ Ensure Profitability for Both Parties Test Is Live! Optimization Once live, optimize like you would any other traffic source
  20. 20. AVOID Content Arb Sites BTF Ads ASK ABOUT Viewability Desktop vs. Mobile Breakdown LIMIT RISK Ask For: 24 Hour Out Clause, Frequency Cap, & Even Spend Delivery LOCK IT DOWN Once test complete, sign longest IO term they will allow, with first right of refusal Don’t Make My Mistakes! Avoid Pitfalls
  21. 21. Thank You! ALEX BROWN Chief Marketing Officer