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Jordan Rolband - ECommerce Tech Webinar - June 2019


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Jordan Rolband presents at the Ecommerce Tech Webinar in June 2019.

Published in: Marketing
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Jordan Rolband - ECommerce Tech Webinar - June 2019

  1. 1. International Expansion Pros, Cons and Takeaways with Jordan Rolband President & Co-Founder
  2. 2. IS We Are A Performance Agency and Network An eCommerce Technology Provider A Product and Brand Builder
  3. 3. ONE Banking Challenges Brazilian Fluctuations
  4. 4. Banking Pros, Cons and Takeaways Pros + Local payment options have tremendous effects on approvals and sales Complicated and confusing One mistake can be costly Cons - Takeaways Utilize local and domestic processing Double and triple-up on solutions Use PayPal
  5. 5. TWO Fulfillment Challenges Argentinian Thieves
  6. 6. Fulfillment Pros, Cons and Takeaways Pros + Local companies understand market norms Not always reliable Lack of options Cons - Takeaways Vet vendors extensively Be mindful of geopolitical trends and shifts
  7. 7. THREE Marketing Challenges Japanese Skin-Care
  8. 8. Marketing Pros, Cons and Takeaways Pros + Time, money and resource dependent Cons - Takeaways Use local translators, customer service and traffic sources Understand the culture and what you’re selling Ensure creative resources meet regulations Products that resonate can scale quickly
  9. 9. Get in Touch Jordan Rolband @dfoglobalpc