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  1. 1. Connah TilleyFMP EvaluationEvaluationFor my FMP, my initial idea, I wanted to create a full 3D model of a new map, made from thestart, for Call of Duty, but after a short meeting with my project manager, I decided to basemy map on real life, and build it around the actual map of New York instead of creating afully new map created for the game storyline. I planned to build most of the 3D assets, anduse the more complicated models from a website online. I wanted to add textures, Soundsand lights to give the map a much more realistic feel. Once complete I would create a shortfly through of the map to show what I had achieved and to show what the map looks andfeels like while walking around it, as if you were actually on call of duty, playing this map.I started unsure about how to go about researching the project and deciding on my firm ideaof my map concept. I began researching the current maps call of duty, looking closely at thethings they do to make their maps realistic, and how they make their maps different from allof the other games out there. I created a survey on a site called ‘Survey Monkey’ andallowed my twitter followers, who are in the gaming audience, to fill them in and give me anidea of what they would like to see in a new Call of Duty map. I received a wide range ofrequests, but got a lot of replies about a New York map. Furthermore, people wanted to seedestroyed buildings and abandoned streets so I thought that a Map of an Abandoned NewYork would appeal to the audience. I created another survey, narrowing down on my idea,asking if and what they would like in a New York map.This gave me lots of ideas, and gave me my map idea. I would create an abandoned NewYork as I feel it would appeal to a lot of people, including myself as I am part of the audienceand wouldn’t limit the people that this map appealed towards. There isn’t a map like this onthe previous Call of Duty games, so it would be a new fresh idea. It would give players achance to see New York from a totally different perspective.I began collecting images from films that have been set or based on New York beingdestroyed, or an apocalyptic situation. I took inspiration from movies such as ‘I Am Legend’and ‘Cloverfield’. These are films that show New York at its very darkest. That is my aim, tocreate a map that shows New York in a totally different way. I found photos, and video clipsthat related to the idea. It gave me lots of ideas, which I fed through my twitter followers toseparate the good ideas, from the not so good.Once I had done that, I had one final meeting with my project manager to finalise all of myideas and get feedback. I had to think of budgets and wages, time, computer performanceand more before starting this project as a lot comes into the situation when building 3Dmodels of this size; issues arise and I have to have enough time and the right computerspecifications to deal with them. I was reassured about my idea, and began to produce it.I started simply with the road guidelines; I build the roads in three segments, the start,middle and ending. Once I had that done I was advised to start the main building of the startfirst, then the end, while filling in the middle as I go. I added the start buildings and createdthe gardens. I added Street lights and fire hydrants to give detail. I then moved towardsgetting the mass of houses completed first. I build the houses, editing them as I go to suit theposition they were in. Once I had the main buildings I added background buildings to givethe area a populated look, and could then start adding smaller details like cars and trees.
  2. 2. Connah TilleyFMP EvaluationWhile doing the heavy modelling I came across a problem where the software I was usingwould freeze and close down, so I had to keep re-opening it until it worked. It did this a lottowards the end as lots of processing power was needed to create the map fully. I had to cuta few corners when making the map for time reasons, so I think I could have worked fasterto avoid this. As it got closer to the deadline I had to cut more and more corners to finish themap before the deadline. I couldn’t include textures like I planned, and I couldn’t put as muchdetail in as I would have hoped because of time, and computer specs. I think if I had moretime I could have made the houses a lot more detailed and could have included textures togive the map a realistic feeling, to make it look more like a map, rather than a prototype.If i did it again, differently, I would do the research quicker so I could spend more timebuilding the map up, adding the detail I desired, as well as textures and rendering the finalpiece out, even events in the flythrough that changed the course of the flythrough, to add abit more realistic element. I would also send my map to different people to get an idea ofwhat people think of it, and get their thoughts on it. I believe hardware and softwareproblems stopped me from hitting my desired level of completion on my map, softwarefreezing and closing was a constant problem, but gradually got worse as I built the map uptowards the end. As well as that, the time we had in the computer rooms was also limited forspace and I couldn’t spend the full time I wanted to develop the map.I believe that I hit my target audience quite well on this project, as I have added all the ideasthat people gave me during the questionnaires into the map, from destroyed buildings, toroads full of empty and burnt cars. I added a lot of time into adding small details too, like firehydrants, and bins outside houses for the picky people that like small details in maps. Mymap was aimed at people aged 14+ of both ages, and I think my map has reached that goal.The map isn’t too childish for anyone, yet isn’t restricted to people above a certain age, and Ithink both genders can see, play, and enjoy this map equally.I feel quite pleased with what I have accomplished during this project but am disappointedthat I couldn’t get the final piece rendered in time like I had planned. I have completed a 3Dmodel of a map of an abandoned New York, added small details and that is what I aimed todo. I feel like I could have done more, like adding textures and sounds to the map, as wellas fully rendering it out for viewing, but time and computer specs stopped me from achievingthat goal. Although I had to cut some corners, I still feel like I have delivered what I set out tocomplete, and have done enough to keep the map fresh, new and entertaining. Overall Ithink this project has tested my capabilities on computers, as well as teaching me a lot. Ihave completed what I set out to do, and I am pleased at what I have done and that I havefinished the map to such an extent that I have been able to do so.