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FMP production log_24052013

  1. 1. Final Major ProjectProduction LogName Connah TilleyDate CommentsTuesday19thFebFriday 22ndFebTuesday26thFebWednesday27thFebThursday28thFebTuesday 5thMarchWednesday13thMarchFriday 15thMarchTuesday19thMarchTuesday 9thAprilThursday11thAprilBegan primary and secondary research into the audience and market for your scenario.Collected reviews on past map packs created to gain knowledge on what people want.Updated my schedule and production log.Carrying on with the market and audience research. Created a Survey and asked people what they would like to see on a new call of duty map. Once the results come back, build on the ideas anddecide on a firm idea.Updated my schedule and production log.Had an interview with the Project Manager today, Shared my ideas and gained feedback on my research and map idea.Generate ideas for next Tuesday.Updated my schedule and production log.I Gathered more pictures for more ideas on what I could include on my map, and have created a draft outline and route of my map idea.Put my images collected into one presentation and started mind mapping ideas.Updated my schedule and production log.I began finding the aimed target audience, and have checked the viability of my ideas.Updated my schedule and production log.I have built my strongest idea into a clear concept. I will not start to plan my build.Createda draft outline of what the map will be like, including things to do, things needed, and how I will approach the task.Updated my schedule and production log.I created a Contractual, Ethical, and budget agreement and completed them with my project manager.Updated my schedule and production log.I had my Pre-Production meeting with project manager where I explained what my idea was, why I think my idea is suitable for the target audience I have chosen, and how I will go about buildingthe map. The Meeting gave me plenty of feedback on my idea and helped me perfect my idea and cleared up what my goals are for the coming weeks.Updated my schedule and production log.I have created my production plan ready for me starting the task of building the map idea, and created a monthly budget on costs and payment that would be involved in my project.Updated myschedule and production log.Started a list of things needed to build my final map including 3D models, Sounds and textures and began finding the assets I will need to complete the map.Made my plan clear with my project manager, as well as what is going to happen, what I need, and what I need to do.Updated my schedule and production log.Finish the Full list of things that I need for production.Create Time Guide as to what happens when, including when certain sounds will be played.
  2. 2. Friday 12thAprilTuesday16thAprilTuesday 7thMayWednesday8thMayThursday 9thMayFriday 10thMayFriday 17thMayTuesday 21stMayWednesday22ndMayThursday23rdMayFriday 24thI have started the main production of mymap; I created the base outline of my map. (This includes roads, turns, route and ground).Updated my schedule and production log.Began developing the model at the first 1/3rdof the route. Adding trees, houses, cars, street lamps, and more detail.Updated my schedule and production log.Started adding detail into the 2/3rdof the map, including Cars, Trees, and Fences.I am trying to complete Option one: Completed Model so I have a fall back in place.Updated my schedule and production log.Started building the final 3rdof the map, adding houses, cars, trees and more small details. I’m trying to finish my map in the next week so I have enough time to add textures intoit, as well as a backup in case something bad happens.Updated my schedule and production log.I have been building up the background houses to give the effect of more houses while flying through the map on layout.Updated my schedule and production log.I am adding in more cars. Lamp posts, trees, fences, gates and bushes into the map to give the realistic city effect.Updated my schedule and production log.Began to develop the buildings editing them to make them fit in with the surroundings, developing the look and feel of the houses.Updated my schedule and production log.Finishing up on the 3D model, double checking the look and feel of the final map. Deciding on the lighting, sky and floor of the map. Updated my schedule and production log.I have Finished off the last few small details to the map before rendering it out and creating my Evaluation.I began rendering today while I created my evaluation, however, the render failed and didn’t give me my full final piece fly through, so I have had to do screen shots of the mapincluding all the main parts of the map to show my project manager what the map looks like, without the fly through. Updated my schedule and production log and finished myevaluation.Double checked on all of my work, Updated my production log and schedule, and uploaded all my work onto my blog and onto moodle.