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Unit 67 Project Charter


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Unit 67 Project Charter

  1. 1. Using The skills I have achieved using programs such as Adobe Flash, Premier, and Modeller. I have from the 23rd October2012 to the 14th December 2012 to create a new, fitting, short Motion Graphic for the college radio station. I will be in agroup for the first few tasks, then will have to us the pooled research and storyboard to create my own, unique motiongraphic, keeping it similar to the storyboard created. During the Project, I will have to manage my time, and develop myskills as Necessary to complete the given tasks. I will need to research popular radio stations and try and see what makesthem popular, and what makes their advertisements to popular. I also will have to research 3D animation to give myself anidea of what and how I can portray my animation. I will receive feedback on my completed project and may get myanimation featured on the college website and other media such as screen savers. Signature: Date: 17/11/2012