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App concept delivered

  1. 1. My app is called Phone Emulator, or PE for short. It lets you playclassic games like Pokémon and Mario, on your mobile phone, aslong as it is compatible. Phones that are currently compatible and aremainly used are all the generations of the iPhone, the Samsunggalaxy series and most phones on Android and all Tablets and iPodson IOS that are capable of downloading apps.
  2. 2. App Logo on homepage.The app itself is no morethan 200mb, so its nobigger than the averagegame on iPhone. Itallows the user to haveup to 1GB of allocatedspace for gamesdownloaded on the app.It downloads incrediblyquickly due to the smallsize, and the icon willlook somewhat like thiswhen downloaded.
  3. 3. GamesDownload MoreSettingsThis is what it looks likewhen clicked. It takes youstraight to the mainmenu, no messingaround, just straight into theapp. You down need to signup, or go through longtedious setups, its all donefor you. First you’ll need todownload games, the appitself is free, but the gamesare approximately 99peach, some evenfree, including regular dealsthat let you downloadgames for free, get gamesfree with purchases, or evensets of games, like thePokémon Series, for adiscounted price.The look and layout issimple to reduce strainon the phone, andminimises battery usageand memory.
  4. 4. This is what it looks likewhen you go to downloada game, it gives you a list ofgames that we have madeavailable, more gamesadded regularly. We willalso notify you when newgames get added if youchose so. All you do then isclick a game, and wait untilit is downloaded. Then itwill just go straight to themenu at the bottom readyto be played. Navigation iseasy, swipe up/down to doup/down, swipe left to goback, and tap to click.Games• Pokémon Emerald• Pokémon Yellow• Legend of Zelda• Pac manGamesDownload MoreSettingsPokémon Emerald
  5. 5. DownloadMore• PokémonSapphire• Mario KartThis is the downloadmore page, is showsyou this, and showsgames that arerelated to recentdownloads in someway, and arerecommended toyou, makingdownloading gameseasier and faster.
  6. 6. SettingsChange BackgroundColour.Change Control TypeSounds ON/OFFBrightnessContrast.Graphic Quality.Shadows ON/OFFYou can change thesettings of the appeasily by clickingSettings on the menu.The can change thebasic things, and somedrastic changestoo, including graphicquality in case yourphone is an older modeland doesn’t run at fullcapabilities.
  7. 7. Examples of games on the iPhone.This is what a game looks like while running, forthe demo we are showing we have to keep thePE logo on, but when the app is released, it willbe removed.
  8. 8. Here is another Example of agame on the iPhone. As youcan see the graphics areclean and the game runssmooth on most devices.
  9. 9. The controls are simple, we make all ofthe games touch screen to takeadvantage of the screens used on mostphones. Otherwise you can alternativelyuse the directional buttons on no-touchscreen devices.