Top Trends In Social Media


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Presented by Brandon Uttley/Command Partners to BOMA-Carolinas/WV chapter Oct. 18, 2011.

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Top Trends In Social Media

  1. Top Trends InSocial Media Marketing Presented To: BOMA Carolinas-West Virginia October 18, 2011 Brandon Uttley, APR Command Partners
  2. What’s Happening What It MeansWhere We’re Headed
  3. What’s happening here?
  4. Welcome to the revolution
  5. In 2010 Gen YOutnumbered Baby Boomers
  6. 97% of them have joined asocial network
  7. By 2013, 164.2 millionAmericans will use socialnetworks, or 67% ofinternet users
  8. Users spend 4 times asmuch time on social mediathan email
  9. 90% of 18-29-year oldssleep with their cell phones
  10. 1. China2. India3. Facebook If Facebook were a country4. United States it would be the world’s5. Indonesia6. Brazil 3rd largest7. Pakistan8. Bangladesh
  11. More than 1.5 million piecesof content are shared onFacebook Every Day
  12. 2.5 billion photos/monthly30 billion content items/year
  13. 260 billion page viewsper month6 million per minute37.4 trillion per year
  14. 55% of consumers morelikely to recommend afterbecoming a fan51% more likely to buy aproduct after becoming a fan
  15. Business At The Speedof Like.382,861 every minute
  16. Average Time Spent On Facebook 7 Hours Per Month 50% of active users—daily
  17. Now that’ssticky.
  18. YouTube is now the secondlargest search engine
  19. 1 in 5 tweets mentionsa product or companyby name
  20. 80% of companies useLinkedIn as their primary toolto find new employees
  21. 24 of the 25 largestnewspapers are experiencingrecord declines in circulation
  22. Why this matters
  23. Years To Reach 50 Million 38 13 Radio TV 4 Internet
  24. Marketing Changes Traditional Marketing Transitional Marketing Interruptive Media Immersive/Engaging Media Mass Media Micro MediaOne-Way Communications Two-Way Communications
  26. Blog SMS FacebookEmail Social Media LinkedIn Strategy PR Twitter Website
  27. Social Media Spheres Of Influence Customer Service Marketing Social &PR Media Sales Search Engine Optimization
  28. It’s About Influence
  29. And sales
  30. How Many On Facebook Locally?
  31. How Many On Facebook Locally?1.1 million peopleage 18 and olderwithin 50 miles of Charlotte
  32. Not Just For Kids Growing In Every DemographicWomen 55+ Fastest Growing Segment 45% of US Audience Is Now 26+ 25% Over 35 12% Teenagers
  33. Age Distribution Across Social Sites Source:
  34. What’s Working
  35. How the Fortune 500are using social media
  36. Fortune 500BrandingE-CommerceResearchCustomer RetentionLead GenerationSource: 60 Second Marketer
  37. B2B is different.
  38. B2B ChallengesMust establish deeper, moremeaningful relationshipsFocus on value vs. experienceB2B buying decisions madeby groupsBuying cycles are longer
  39. B2B OpportunitiesSocial SharingSocial Media As A Lead SourceSocial Media Lead Scoring
  40. Social Sharing
  41. Social Sharing Example Facebook YouTube News BlogRelease Twitter Slideshare
  42. Social As Lead Source
  44. Social As Lead Source
  45. Social As Lead Source
  46. Social Lead Scoring
  47. How B2B Marketersare using social media
  48. Spending On The RiseB2B marketers spent $11 million on socialmarketing in 2009Expected to increase to $54 million in 2014B2B marketers seeing benefits of investingin social marketingEspecially through the exclusive communitiesand online events with clients & stakeholders
  49. Staffing Also Up40% of B2B companies devote one or morefull-time marketers to social media marketingCompared to 54% of B2C companiesThis level is significant due to smaller B2Bmarketing departmentsUnderscores the maturing role of social mediaas a core component of B2B marketing
  50. Keys To SuccessImproving marketing efficiencies in everystage of the buying cycle:Prospects > leads > loyal customersClosing the loop with sound marketinganalytics for continued improvement
  51. Social Media Takes A Special Skill
  52. Empathy
  53. Good withcomputers. Not so good with social media.
  54. Much better.
  55. Any Questions?
  56. Thank You!@BrandonUttley