Social Media Marketing: creating engagement


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I made this presentation on Social Media when working as Strategic Planner for the Belgian communication agency ENGAGE BBDO in October 2010.

The presentation is an update of my former Social Media presentation and gives a view on the evolution of Social Media and how we canharness its power to deliver engagement. Please be advised that some content is in Dutch.

I thank you for your comments.

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Social Media Marketing: creating engagement

  1. 1. Social Networking V2 Embracing Social Media to enhance the strength of your marketing message
  2. 2. Agenda 1. An introduction to Social Media 2. Social Media in Belgium: key channels 3. Define your strategy: get to know your audience 4. Social Media recap: 10 engagement tips 5. Annex
  3. 3. Pieter-Jan Adriaensens Strategic Planner / Account Executive Working @ ENGAGE BBDO
  4. 4. Introduction to Social Media
  5. 5. Social What is Media
  6. 6. Our story starts a long, long time ago when markets were conversation places
  7. 7. As time passed by and for a lot of different reasons the human connection faded
  8. 8. Social Ok, so what is Media
  9. 9. Social Media is all about conversations Supported by a variety of online tools
  10. 10. “It’s about putting the „public” back in Public Relations and realizing that focusing on important markets and influencers will have a far greater impact than trying to reach the masses with any one message or tool.” Brian Solis, The Social Media Manifesto (2008)
  11. 11. The power to define and control a brand is shifting from corporations and institutions to individuals and communities
  12. 12. Don’t try to be in control Because you are not
  13. 13. Conversations are happening with or without you
  14. 14. and their social interactions Technology is not the important part but the people who use it
  15. 15. “People don’t build relationships with each other in a vacuum. A vibrant community is built around a social object that is meaningful for its members The social object can be a person, a place, a thing or an idea” Gaurav Mishra – CEO Social Media Research WebTech (2009)
  16. 16. People want companies to open up to them so they get to see the ‘human side’
  17. 17. Social Media is not a new marketing medium It’s an extra communication channel to be added to your existing marketing mix
  18. 18. Social Media is an evolution of how we communicate Photo by Mads1539 /
  19. 19. Newspapers TV Radio DM CDs Books DVDs Press
  20. 20. Social Media is mainstream Photo by the cat & the exercise bike /
  21. 21. Photo by the cat & the exercise bike / Largest age population on Twitter 35-49 year olds (42%) Fastest growing segment on Facebook Women 40+ years old Social Media is mainstream
  22. 22. The eyeballs are shifting! Data : Nielsen Online & IBM Survey - 2008
  23. 23. Where is all the online attention going to?
  24. 24. You have to be where your consumers are
  25. 25. Coca-Cola and Unilever are shifting their digital focus away from traditional campaign sites and towards community platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, as social media begins to dictate their marketing activity in 2010 “In some cases some of our campaigns won’t need a site. In most cases these will still exist as it’s the most obvious destination for a consumer, but it might only be a page linking to YouTube encouraging people to join the community there. We would like to place our activities and brands where people are, rather than dragging them to our platform” Prinz Pinakatt - The Coca-Cola Company’s interactive marketing manager for Europe
  26. 26. After 23 years and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on Super Bowl ads, one of the world’s biggest brands shifted gears in 2010 by opting out of the Super Bowl and pouring 1/3 of its annual marketing budget into a cause- driven social marketing campaign called The Refresh Project
  27. 27. In 2010, Ford kicked off The Fiesta Movement, a social media campaign in which they literally handed 100 young influencers the keys to a Ford Fiesta, asking them only to engage in monthly “missions” and to document and share these missions via social media. After generating 31,000 pieces of original content, tens of millions of media impressions, and a slew of high- profile media coverage, The Fiesta Movement achieved what was once unthinkable: making 60% of the public aware of a car that hadn’t yet even debuted in the US - without spending a dime on traditional media.
  28. 28. What’s the ROI of all of this?
  29. 29. "What's the ROI for putting on your pants every morning? But it's still important to your business" Scott Monty, Digital Communications Manager at Ford
  30. 30. 67% of all consumer buying decisions are in first instance influenced by WOM McKinsey/Lightstone, 2006 57% ask information about a brand to people they know (peers) Barometer Belgium, 2007 7% increase in WOM stands for an average increase of 1% in turnover London School of Economics Brand ambassadors do not only spend more to the brand, but also generate 45% additional turnover by their recommendations Satmetrix, Netpromotor methodology
  31. 31. Qualitative vs Quantitative Reach Website visits / views volume of reviews and comments Incoming links Engagement & Influence Sentiment of reviews and comments Commenter authority/influence Time spent Favourites / Friends / Fans Viral forwards Number of downloads Action & insight Sales inquiries New business Customer satisfaction and loyalty Marketing efficiency Social Media Is measurable
  32. 32. Social Media landscape Belgium
  33. 33. #1 Social Network • Over 500 million users worldwide (June 2010) • An average user has 130 friends on his profile & is linked to 60 pages/groups/events • Every month, more than 70% of Facebook users engage with Platform applications • The fastest growing demographic group is those of 35 years old and older • More than 10 million people become fan of public profiles each day Data: (2010)
  34. 34. Facebook in Belgium Country Latest pop. No. No. Of Facebook users % Facebook penetration Daily users Belgium 10,741,000 3,500,540 33% 300k users/day Data : Facebook’s Advertising targeting System – June 2010 Number of users on Facebook in Belgium: 3.500.540 Number of male users on Facebook in Belgium: 1.725.940 Number of female users on Facebook in Belgium: 1.706.780 Penetration in Belgium: 33.61 % Online penetration in Belgium: 48 %
  35. 35. Best practices Profile pic Information Feed / Status updatesCustom tabs
  36. 36. Best practices Welcome page Profile picture Benefits
  37. 37. Facebook advertising 1 2
  38. 38. Facebook Insights Track Growth and Engagement See your Fan Demographics
  39. 39. Netlog is one of the most popular youth online platforms and offers brands interesting advertising opportunities
  40. 40. • More than 55 million users • More than 80% is aged 14-25 yrs old • The average Netlog user has about 23 visits on his profile/day • 45% are women vs 55% men • The average Netlog user influences an average of 100 people/day Turn brands into friends
  41. 41. • More than 2.900.000 registered members • More than 550.000 unique daily visitors • More than 30.000.000 daily page requests Netlog in Belgium
  42. 42. About the brand Conversation starters Guestbook entries Blog posts Dynamic, shareable skin
  43. 43. Let’s create some traffic
  44. 44. Advertising Possibilities HP Box HP Button AvatarContests
  45. 45. Skin Share + Spotlight Featured brand Friend invites & Welcome message Make sure to target your messages and use the right media tools on Netlog in order to reach your target group effectively Advertising Possibilities
  46. 46. Social Networking sites do’s and dont’s DO • Establish a presence on the social networks your customers use • Encourage a discussion & participate frequently • Explore targeted advertising opportunities • Give frequent updates DON’T • Create a page and fail to maintain it • Censor comments • Spam your fans • Post false information
  47. 47. Twitter would be the largest bar in the world where people come and meet to chat over all kinds of topics Photo by kinotrope /
  48. 48. Microblogging Profile pic Updates Following 140 chars max Information
  49. 49. Fastest growing • More than 13 million users worldwide • Grown with 3.500% this year alone • 20% of all active Internet users is touched by Twitter • Most people follow less than 100 people and are followed by more than 100 people • 5% of users account for 75% of all activity, and 10% of users account for 86%  power of retweeting
  50. 50. Twitter in Belgium Currently tracking more than 80.000 active users in Belgium (estimation) Data : - May 2008
  51. 51. 80 % of Twitter Usage is on Mobile Devices Data by Social Media Revolution video
  52. 52. People update anywhere anytime Photo by williamedia /
  53. 53. Real-time search
  54. 54. The Twitter effect Twitter has broken the news cycle down to seconds
  55. 55. Twitter has broken the news cycle down to seconds The Twitter effect
  56. 56. After the election in Iran, cries of protest from supporters of opposition candidate Mir- Hossein Mousavi arose in all possible media, but the loudest cries were heard in a medium that didn't even exist the last time Iran had an election. Iran Protests: Twitter, the Medium of the Movement
  57. 57. Microblogging do’s and dont’s DO • Find and share useful content • Pose quenstions & reply to others • Know what’s going on & track down conversations about your brand • Engage in the dialogue if you can offer added value DON’T • Use it as an extra psuh channel • Spam your followers • Post useless information • Set it up if you can’t support it for a long period
  58. 58. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world Photo by dirtylaundryphotography /
  59. 59. Video sharing platforms Help you gain extra exposure & drive traffic to your company website • Gives your fans an exclusive view on your companies activities • Videos can be cheap to produce & by producing them you add a human touch to your company All videos rank high in google search & can be easily embedded / shared to other platforms
  60. 60. What will the future bring?
  61. 61. Mobile: detect ambassadors & reward them
  62. 62. Define your strategy with these first steps
  63. 63. Social Media must be a part of the whole marketing plan • Find out where our customers are • Define measurable goals • Be realistic in timings • Ensure commitment
  64. 64. Get to know your audience
  65. 65. Source: Global Web Index Wave 2 (January 2010) – numbers of The Netherlands 35% 53% 72% 18% 1% Focus on this group
  66. 66. What are they doing?
  67. 67. It’s not the quantity of fans/friends/subscribers which counts, but the level of their engagement towards and with your brand
  68. 68. Use benchmarks in your market & evaluate your own efforts by calculating the Engagement Rate of your content posts Source: Frozen Frogs - 2010
  69. 69. What have we learned?
  70. 70. 10 tips to engage in Social Media 1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with social media 2. Make a plan & define guidelines 3. Listen to what consumers are saying 4. Engage in the conversation 5. Be transparent, respectful & honest 6. Be personal and authentic 7. Contribute in a meaningful way 8. See criticism as an opportunity 9. Be proactive & challenge yourself 10.Accept you can’t do it all yourself & mistakes happen
  71. 71. Annex
  72. 72. Which platform is interesting for what means? Customer Communication Brand Exposure Great for engaging people who like your brand, want to share their opinions and participate in giveaways and contests Fan pages are great for brand exposure Use keyword search monitoring to track what people are saying about you Unique opportunities for website integration and to engage with customers in a viral way Tagged photosets of company events can help customers to put a face on the team behind your brand OK but not huge Video is a powerful channel to entertain and inform Powerful branding tool when you build your channel