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Top 10 Tips on How IT Can Protect Retail Environments


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Dig deeper into the trends and challenges facing retailers in this report:

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Top 10 Tips on How IT Can Protect Retail Environments

  1. 1. Tips on How IT Can Protect Retail Environments.10
  2. 2. Minimize the impact of attacks by adopting a threat-centric security approach across the entire attack continuum – before, during, and after an attack. .1 @CiscoSecurity @CiscoRetail
  3. 3. Secure customer data at every touch point – in-store, online, email, and mobile. .2
  4. 4. Before an attack, establish baseline metrics for your environment. .3 @CiscoSecurity @CiscoRetail
  5. 5. Establish refresh strategies for all software and operating systems, giving priority to quickly patching high-priority vulnerabilities. . 4
  6. 6. Get full visibility into the network to better understand your risks and how to best to secure and segment the network.  5 @CiscoSecurity @CiscoRetail
  7. 7. Tailor your network to its threats by automating critical security activities that exhibit suspicious behavior.6
  8. 8. Defend your network with technology that automatically looks for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) left behind by malware.7 @CiscoSecurity @CiscoRetail
  9. 9. Establish relationships with experts to provide the latest threat intelligence and best practices for readiness and response.8
  10. 10. Build trusted partnerships with vendors and service providers and require that they follow information security best practices.9 @CiscoSecurity @CiscoRetail
  11. 11.  Use security as a critical business driver for establishing trust as you adopt new technologies to deliver new customer experiences.10
  12. 12. Learn more about making security a driver for your retail business:: Download the Report Explore the Solutions @CiscoSecurity @CiscoRetail