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Mitigating Cloud Risks


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Published in: Technology
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Mitigating Cloud Risks

  1. 1. How Mid-Sized Businesses Can Mitigate Cloud Risks & Reduce Time Spent Managing Providers by 80% Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service Cloud Consumption
  2. 2. Cloud: Great Equalizer for Mid-Sized Businesses  Believe cloud brings enterprise technology capabilities within their reach  Rapidly moving to consumption pricing  Pursuing the agility and promise of public and hybrid cloud Mid-Sized Customers48% using approved public cloud 36% have pilot projects underway, investigating cloud 10-15X more cloud services purchased without IT involvement Deloitte, Cisco
  3. 3. Significant Challenges Managing Cloud Mid-Sized Businesses Cloud Visibility  Cloud spending shifting from IT to LOB  Limited resources to discover, monitor cloud services  Partial understanding of rising cloud costs Finding & Managing Providers  IT need to rapidly introduce services to meet the needs of business  Limited resources to find, assess, manage the right service providers Risk & Compliance  Data security, privacy, compliance risks  Potential risks, financial stability of cloud providers often unknown
  4. 4. Visibility Monitor Use & Predict Cloud Needs Risk Reduce Cloud Risk & Protect Your Business Benchmarking Discover & Evaluate Providers Introducing…Cloud Consumption as a Service Strategically Manage Cloud Use from One Portal  Discover all cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)  User identification  Cloud usage trending, reports  Monitor website usage  Advanced categorization, filtering  Data security notifications  Cloud provider risk profiles based on 150+ industry risk controls  Cloud provider certification records  Trigger-based usage anomaly alerts  Compare providers and find the right cloud service to meet your requirements  Benchmark usage against peers Cloud Consumption
  5. 5. Identify Usage Trends & Predict Future Needs Features: Monitor Cloud Usage & Predict Needs of Internal Groups Discover & Monitor Cloud Service Provider Use Top CSPs by Traffic/Users  Identify all known and unknown CSPs  CSP usage  Individual CSPs by traffic  CSP categories by traffic  CSP traffic volume, trending  CSP distribution: authorized, unauthorized  Identify cloud use by individual users  Understand under/over-utilized CSPs  Identify potential consolidation opportunities  Monitor accessed websites CSP Traffic Consolidation Opportunity
  6. 6. Features: Identify Cloud Risks & Protect Your Organization Data Security Tools & Alerts CSP Risk Profiles & Certifications  Explore CSPs by high-risk categories.  View CSP risk distribution and prioritize mitigation actions  Cloud service anomaly alerts and trigger- based alerts to monitor spikes in usage or discover usage anomalies  Risk profiles derived by comparing the vendor against nearly 150 industry- defined cloud risk controls  View lists of CSP certifications Data Security Snapshot
  7. 7. Features: Evaluate Providers In Less Time with Benchmarking & Analytics Provider Comparisons & Benchmarking  Find the right provider for your business and security requirements  Compare costs, risk profiles, anomalies and certifications  Benchmark cloud provider service use against peers Benchmarking
  8. 8. Save Time For Your IT Team Mid-Sized Businesses Visibility  Cloud Service Provider Discovery Risk  Respond to Data Security Anomalies Find & Manage Providers  Research & Compare New Cloud Providers  Assess Cloud Provider Risks Average Days Spent Per Year Average Days Per Year Using Cloud Consumption as a Service Findings based on time savings estimates for mid-market customers and derived from customer interviews. Time savings will differ based on customer complexity. Cost savings based upon $55/hour IT employee. Activities
  9. 9. Tangible Business Benefits Reduce Cloud Risks/Costs and Strategically Manage Cloud Challenge Risks, Compliance Benefits  Reduce security and financial exposure by identifying cloud risks and compliance issues Mitigate Business Risk Outcomes Visibility  Know what cloud services are being used  Predict future cloud needs  Benchmark cloud use against peers Costs  Reduce cloud costs by consolidating cloud services Optimize Costs Finding/ Managing Providers Meet the Needs of Business Faster  Find the right cloud services to meet business, risk, and compliance requirements  Rapidly meet the needs of internal groups Monitor Cloud Usage