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More Mobile = More Money


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Convert more shoppers with mobile to accelerate your in-store strategy.

Published in: Retail
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More Mobile = More Money

  1. 1. Convert Shoppers with Mobile 64% of sales in stores are influenced by digital. Smart Devices Digital Boards Digital Kiosks Source: Deloitte
  2. 2. Shoppers rely on mobile throughout their purchase journeys. Sources: SearchEngineLand Think with Google
  3. 3. 70%of consumers are leading their own shopping journeys with mobile. Source: Gelastic
  4. 4. Use Mobile Devices to Help Shop in Stores84% Sources: Mobile In-store Research Shopatron 58% Compare Prices 38% View Product Information 22% Read Reviews 7% Use QR Codes
  5. 5. of shoppers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing processes. 86% Source: Infosys
  6. 6. of shoppers want brands to make their shopping experiences more relevant with personalization. 73% Source: Digital Trends
  7. 7. More Mobile = More Money of consumers spend more when using digital while shopping. 33% Source: Deloitte
  8. 8. Accelerate your digital in-store strategy with Cisco. Outline onboarding process and capabilities. Enable guest Wi-Fi. Gain insights into the shopping behaviors of customers. Establish pilot and define drivers of success. Organizational adoption of value- added services. Identify the greatest opportunities and threats. How Do You Get There?
  9. 9. There’s never been a better time to…