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  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. I had to think about how I was going to attract my audience sothat my magazine was suitable and would be for the rightaudience. I wanted my magazine to suit the target audience so myreaders would not lose interest. To do this I tried to includelots of pictures and keep the magazine looking interesting.These are my annotated pages..
  3. 3. Clear and bold title.That’s short andeasy to remember Interesting designlike Q. feature to attract attention. Bands name in a different colour toExplanation of what story so that it’sthe S stands for. more eye catching.Bold band names toappeal to my targetaudience. Cover photo appeals to audience because of theMain story in bold style of clothing he’sand capitals so it wearing.stands out and youcan see it’s the bigstory for this month. List of appealing bands.Extra pictures otherthan my cover photoso that there is more Reasonable price forto see and it looks a monthly musicmore like a music magazine.magazine.
  4. 4. Issue number, date and website so it looks official.Title and text similarstyle to front cover. Photo of Sam and a brief explanation ofBold and bright what is inside.numbers so it’s clear. Live pictures to show off bands and make Headings over the readers see what is stories so it’s clear to inside. navigate around the page. Competitions to interest the reader inExtra information on reading more.the stories.
  5. 5. Eye catching fonts Review of tracks on album tofor title of article. make it more interesting.Pop out quotesto attractattention and beeye catching. Questions in different colour Readers views on Using bold pictures new album shows to band members names and so that they attract actual text so it’s clear to read. feedback from the attention and draw reader. the reader in.