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  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? By Natasha Stapleton
  2. 2. Large masthead that Front Cover stretches across the top of the page. The font is The sell lines are on the unique and the colours side of the page which is make it stand out. The normally the place to put font looks like it’s them in real musicdripping, leaving it looking magazines. They are original and rebellious. short and only take up a bit of the room but they still stand out with theThe main image is complete band stroke.taking up the majority of the front cover, all with eye contact giving The main sell line stretches direct address to the audience. across the front cover as well The lead singer is standing on but in the centre. It stands out something to make him seem with the black font and white taller, therefore more dominant. stroke and it has the effect ofThey all have serious expressions cuts through the font, giving it which is normal for a rock that extra bit of attitude. The magazine as it shows attitude. sell line underneath describes what the article is about which is similar to real The flasher doesn’t take up too magazines. much room on the cover The barcode, issue however it makes it look more number, date and price interesting and the colours are all at the bottom of the match the rest of the colour page, showing that they scheme. are important but not that important that they take up a lot of space on the The footer of the magazine page. includes bands that are all shown in the contents page, they are all of different genres of rock, attracting a wider range in audience.
  3. 3. FRONT COVER; SIMILARITIES Large masthead spread across the top of the page Image of a five piece band. One member looks slightly more dominant than the others (the vocalist) Barcodes both in bottom right hand corner along with date and price etc
  4. 4. FRONT COVER; DIFFERENCES The sell lines on my cover are at the top and are more noticeable, I did this because I wanted my magazine to look more interesting. The sell lines on the AP cover are in the header and at the bottom of the cover in small writing My main sell line is spread out across the page and therefore stands out a lot more. I did this because I wanted the band’s name to be seen and to be clear from afar. The AP cover’s main sell line isn’t in large font and is just in the bottom left hand corner of the page, perhaps to make the image the main attraction My footer is different to AP’s header as it just names bands inside that week this is so I could fit more bands onto the front cover and make it more attractive to a wider audience. AP’s contains information in more detail about what is inside the magazine
  5. 5. Contents PageThe image at the top of the page is very unique. I’vemade it look like an advert The masthead from my for an album but it is also front cover is used again related to my magazine as it is the magazine’s because this album is trademark. Instead of being reviewed. Both of ‘contents’ I’ve used ‘this the girl’s eye lines are week’ to make it a bit direct address and the more original. image is extremely eye- catching. I have used headings for my list of pages to show theI have kept the same regular sections of my sell lines from the magazine. I also haven’t putcover and added in a a lot of detail in my contentsfew more bands and page and just written bandartists. I have used a names, this is because as variety of different soon as someone see’s a genres of rock to band they like they’ll want to buy the magazine to read attract a wider the article. audience.
  6. 6. Contents Page;Similarities There is an image at the top of the page that looks like a banner. The masthead and the ‘This Week’ is further down the page, around half way There are images of the bands inside the magazine to appeal to the audience There are headings to cut up the different pages. If you like a particular section then you can find it easily
  7. 7. Contents Page; Differences The word ‘Contents’ is at the top of the Kerrang! Contents page, however I decided I didn’t want to put both ‘Contents’ and ‘This Week’ as I believed it was unnecessary. This is because I thought it took up too much room and I wanted more room to put as much information about my magazine on there as possible. There is an introduction from the editor on the Kerrang! Magazine which is something I also didn’t think was necessary because I could use the space for more sections of the magazine. The list of articles in Kerrang! Is more cramped and filled with images and some articles names have more detail. There is also subscription information. I felt like I wanted my contents page to have more space and I wanted it to be easy to read. I didn’t want it to be too packed with information as I still wanted it to be clear to read.
  8. 8. I wanted my heading for my double page spread to be Double Page Spread extremely eye- catching. Most headings in double page spreads take up a lot of the room onI wanted to use the idea the page and I wanted of a collage because to do this but still the article is about a leave room for my ‘journey to fame’ so I article. Having ‘We wanted to put across are the Loveless’ as that these images were the heading puts taken at different times across that this band are strong and of the year. united, therefore attracting rock music fans. I wanted a pull quote to break up the article and make A lot of rock it look less like an magazines have essay and more like images of bands an article. I wanted playing live so to make sure thetherefore I put some reader was still images of them on engaged in the stage. magazine so I chose a pull quote that would interest the audience. I have put a date, the magazine name and page number on the bottom of the page to make it look more professional as all magazines have this feature on every page so that the audience can identify the magazine.
  9. 9. Double Page Spread; Similarities Collage; Different images from different times Pull quote Drop capsCaptions
  10. 10. Double Page Spread; Differences The images on my magazine are all set out neatly, all fitting well however on the Kerrang! Magazine they overlap each other and there is a dominating image at the top. I wanted to make sure I had a lot of space at the top of one page for my heading so it would stand out on the page. The article isn’t broken up with pull quotes in the middle of the text as the pull quote is Layout is different. On one page is the article and the overlapping the images. I didn’t other are the pictures however on the Kerrang! want my pull quotes to overlapMagazine the article is spread over onto the first page my photos because I want toaswell as on the second. I wanted mine to be seperate ensure that you could see the so that they were clearer to see. photos.
  11. 11. HARD ROCK, ALTERNATIVE ROCK Originally, the term ‘rocker’ was used for bikers predominantly men who were normally seen wearing leather jackets with studs who listen to rock ‘n’ roll music. The stereotype has developed dramatically over the years into several subgenres.A Stereotypical ‘Hard Rocker’ A Stereotypical ‘Alternative Rocker/Gender: Predominantly male. Scene’Clothing: Leather Jackets, black clothing, leather Gender: Both male and female.trousers, denim jackets with patches and Clothing: Converse, piercings, tattoos, multipins, combat boots, studded jewellery, long coloured hair, skinny jeans, coloured jeans, eyehair, tattoos, piercings. liner, ear stretchers, doc martens,Activities: Creating music, consuming Activities: Anything music based, skating.alcohol, taking drugs.
  12. 12. IMAGES, COLOURS, GENDER The main image relates to the particular social group I have chosen because they are all wearing leather. One band member has a bandana and is wearing leather trousers and the others are wearing band t-shirts apart from one who is wearing a t-shirt with an alcoholic drink on it. All of the men on the cover have a serious expression, connoting attitude and rebellion. The colours are mostly dark, the black is there within the image but also in the text and the masthead to stand out. The colour purple I have used is a dark shade which matches the colour of the bandana. This colour scheme looks dramatic and almost gothic, attracting people interested in rock music and fashion. There are only men on the front cover however advertised in the sell line are the ‘Rocker Sisters’ confirming that there are females inside, therefore attracting both
  13. 13. IPC MEDIAIPC Media is a magazine and digital publisher from the UK that sells over 350 million copies of their magazine’s a year. They publish many different genres of magazines; womens, music, homes, soaps, sports and business.I would get IPC Media to distribute my music magazine. This is because the magazine that my magazine is similar to (Kerrang!) is distributed by another publisher (Bauer). The only other music magazine that IPC Media distributes is NME which is a different genre to my music magazine. Therefore, my music magazine would be distributed widely, increasing the chance of beating the rival magazines (Kerrang!, Q).My magazine would be distributed in shops, supermarkets, festivals, gigs and specific music shops like HMV.
  14. 14. TAZMIN PYEAge: 17Occupation: StudentFavourite Colour: RedInterests: Music, Film, Writing.Favourite Bands: Metallica, TheStrokes, Paramore, ArcticMonkeys, Slipknot, Guns N’Roses, Pink Floyd, Green Day,The Beatles, The Ramones.Wears a lot of dark colours,band t-shirts, skinny jeans,shorts. Likes to cut up her t-shirts and experiment with herhair colours.
  15. 15. CHRIS DOCKERAge: 17Occupation: StudentWorks part-time at abutchersFavourite Colour:Interests: Music, WritingFavourite Bands: Fall OutBoy, The Kooks, Jimmy EatWorld, Kings of LeonWears a lot of skinnyjeans, band t-shirts, checked shirts. Haslong hair.
  16. 16. I attracted my target audience by using dark colours like black and purple. Iused these colours as they would be appropriate for both genders and theclothing that the stereotypical ‘rocker’ would wear is dark, mostly black.Purple (dark purple not light) isn’t really seen as a specific gender’s type ofcolour and I chose to use this because of the colour of the band member’sbandana.The band are dressed in leather and dark clothing which is the hard rock styleand therefore would attract someone who likes that particular music. They arewearing band t-shirts showing that they are also passionate music fansrelating to the reader. Every member has a serious expression on their facelooking almost intimidating and one of the members have no shirt onunderneath their leather jacket, conveying the attitude and rebelliousbehaviour of rock stars, again attracting the target audience.Using the word ‘ROCK’ on the cover in big bold capital letters with a dropshadow would attract a reader because straight away they would know whatgenre of music this magazine includes and in the footer there are 3 bands whoare different styles of rock, creating a wider range of readers who like differenttypes of rock.A hobby of the stereotypical ‘rocker’ is to listen to new music so therefore theuse of the flasher claiming that this band was ‘voted best new band of 2012’would appeal to the reader and make them want to buy the magazine and readabout them.I also chose to advertise ‘Early Bird Tickets for Festivals’ with would attractthe reader because another hobby of the ‘rocker’ is to go to gigs and festivals. Ialso advertised another band and their debut album called ‘the Rocker Sisters’stating that this magazine isn’t just for males as it has female bands includedas well.
  17. 17. My contents page also has dark colours but it is a lot brighter than thefront cover. The masthead is exactly the same as on the front coverbecause I wanted it to become the logo of the magazine so when it iswritten anywhere it would be in that font, colour and style. I alsoadded another colour into the colour scheme here; gray. I wanted to usethis colour because it’s not another primary or secondary colour so thecolours wouldn’t clash so it’s a safe coloured background to placeimages on.The images I have used in my contents page show that the magazineisn’t just for males but it isn’t girly because the girls still have a straightface and attitude. The other girl (the solo artist) is smiling however sheis wearing a leather jacket, showing the style of rock again. The imageof the band featured on the cover is at a different angle and shows theband looking dominant and strong, which would attract a rock musicfan as they like bands that are fierce and have attitude.For the actual list of the contents I haven’t added any detail to the listand only written the names of the band included as I believe that anyrock music fan only cares about the music and the band and doesn’tneed to see gossip like ‘Look who he is dating’ and just seeing theband’s name that they like would make them want to buy the magazineand read the article. I have used the names of different bands fromdifferent subgenres within the genre of rock to attract a wider range ofreaders of all ages (for example a Metallica fan would usually be olderthan a Paramore or You Me at Six fan.
  18. 18. I attracted my audience by using images fromgigs. This would appeal to an audience of rockmusic fans because they are usually verypassionate about gigs and an image wouldmake them want to go to one if the band looksgood live. The other images have fairly normalbackgrounds (of greenery) showing that they arejust men really and that anyone from anywherecould be part of a band. The captions used arecatchy and short. Using the terms ‘rock’n’ roll’ and‘rockin’’ again show the reader what kind ofmagazine it is and who it attracts. ‘Best mates toband mates’ show that they are friends as well asband mates, attracting the audience as they wouldknow that there is little chance of the bandbreaking up. The colours in the live pictures aredark and connote a certain mood andattitude, showing the dark element to rock gigs.The colours of the article page are a different colourscheme to the front cover and the contents pagehowever still has gray, black and white, stillshowing it’s a rock magazine with attitude. Usingthe colour red makes the name stand out and beseen from afar and that is the intention of themagazine; to promote this band. The use of thecolour red in the pull quote stands out next to thewhite writing and would draw the readersattention and give them a brief outline to what thisarticle is about, making them want to read it.
  19. 19. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK Overall Rating of 6 Magazine 4 2 0 Excellent Very Good Good Best Things about my Magazine: Colour Scheme Double Page Spread Images Things needing improvements within my Magazine: Contents Page Less Clutter
  20. 20. I used Photoshop to manipulate my I used InDesign images before putting to create my them onto my contents page magazine. I also used and double this program to page spread. create my whole front cover. I used a digital camera to capture my images.I used Kerrang.comto research intomagazine covers.
  21. 21. Front CoverUsing Photoshop:I have changed the levels on this main image to make it look darker and more ‘rock’ like. Thismakes the bands faces and therefore their facial expressions stand out a lot more as the rest ofthe image is darkened. I also used Photoshop to add text onto my front cover. I added adafont.com font and edited it on Photoshop by taking away the white background, adding adrop shadow and changing the colour to purple to match the colour scheme. I also added aflasher by adding a shape onto the page and changing the colour.
  22. 22. Contents PageUsing InDesign:I edited the images inPhotoshop by deleting thebackground and featheraround the girl’s headshowever I used InDesign todesgin the layout of mycontents page. I also addeda shadow around all theimages to make them lookblended in more. I alsoused InDesign to addcolumns for my list ofpages, I used boxes toplace my photographs intoInDesign and used alsoused text.
  23. 23. Front Cover Use of drop shadow on font Use of levels to make it more like a specific genre Adding a footer to make it look more like a real magazine I learned how to manipulate font from dafont.com on Photoshop to create a certain style relating to the type of magazine. I also learnedhow to manipulate my images a lot better in my main task for examplechanging the levels of an image to create a mood relating to the genre.
  24. 24. Contents Page Using more professional font Adding a shadow around the edges of the images to make them look darker and more rock related Adding a black shape at the bottom to show the I have learned how to edit a picture by taking out the background on list sectionPhotoshop. I also learnt how to feather round somebody’s face in an image tomake it look more natural and less obviously edited. I’ve also used fonts from InDesign and colours to make it look more sophisticated and more professional.
  25. 25. Double Page Spread I have learnt how to add images from Photoshop onto InDesign. I have learned to edit font in Photoshop and added a stroke. I have learnt how to add columns in the article on InDesign and also how to add drops caps andchange the colour. I also learnt how to add shapes for my backgrounds of my captions.