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Oracle Forms Mouse triggers


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Oracle Forms Mouse Triggers

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Oracle Forms Mouse triggers

  1. 1. Oracle Forms-Mouse Triggers
  2. 2. Objectives • Define Mouse Events • Mouse Position System Variables • Describe Various Mouse Triggers • Describe Mouse Button Actions
  3. 3. Mouse Events • Point at which processing can be influenced • Identified by: – Mouse movement – Mouse button action
  4. 4. Mouse Cursor Style • To change the cursor style dynamically SET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY(CURSOR_STYLE,‘Value’); DEFAULT BUSY CROSSHAIR HELP INSERTION Arrow symbol Busy symbol Crosshair symbol Help symbol Insertion symbol
  5. 5. Mouse Movement Triggers • When-Mouse-Enter • When-Mouse-Leave • When-Mouse-Move
  6. 6. Mouse Position System Variables SYSTEM.MOUSE_ITEM The name of the item the mouse is currently in. SYSTEM.MOUSE_CANVAS The name of the canvas which the mouse is currently in. SYSTEM.MOUSE_X_POS The current mouse X-coordinate on the canvas SYSTEM.MOUSE_Y_POS The current mouse Y-coordinate on the canvas SYSTEM.MOUSE_RECORD The record number of the record the mouse is in.
  7. 7. Mouse Position System Variables SYSTEM.MOUSE_RECORD_OFFSET The offset from the first visible record that the mouse is in. SYSTEM.MOUSE_FORM The name of the form the mouse is currently in.
  8. 8. Mouse Button Action Triggers When-Mouse-Down When-Mouse-Up When-Mouse-Click When-Mouse-Doubleclick Click Double Click
  9. 9. Mouse Event Trigger Sequence 1. When-Mouse-Down 2. When-Mouse-Up 3. When-Mouse-Click 4. When-Mouse-Down 5. When-Mouse-Up 6. When-Mouse-Doubleclick
  10. 10. Mouse Button Action System Variables SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED SYSTEM.MOUSE_BUTTON_MODIFIERS 1 2 3 Shift Ctrl Alt
  11. 11. Summary • Changing the mouse cursor style • Respond to mouse movement – Mouse position system variables – Mouse movement triggers • Respond to mouse button actions – Mouse button system variables – Mouse button triggers