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Oracle Forms Triggers


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Oracle Forms Trigger

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Oracle Forms Triggers

  1. 1. Introduction to Triggers
  2. 2. Objectives • Define Triggers • Different Types of Triggers • Scope of Triggers • Trigger Execution Hierarchy
  3. 3. Form Builder Triggers • A trigger is a PL/SQL Block which fires implicitly whenever an Event occurs. Events: Item Interaction Errors/Messages Queries Validation Navigation Mouse Events others PL/SQL BLOCK
  4. 4. Trigger Components- Scope Scope Type CodeForm Level Block Level Item Level
  5. 5. Trigger Components - Type Scope Type Code Pre- Post- When On- Key-
  6. 6. Trigger Components - Code SQL Statements PL/SQL Statements Built-in Sub-programs User Defined Sub-programs Scope Type Code
  7. 7. Execution Hierarchy Item Level Block Level Form Level On-Error EH=After On-Error EH=After On-Error EH=Override Event
  8. 8. Summary • Trigger: Implicitly Fires • Type: Defines the event that fires it • Prefixes: – Pre- – Post – When – On – Key • Code: Anonymous PL/SQL Block • Scope: Form, block, or item level