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oracle APPS: Weekly Update


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oracle APPS: Weekly Update

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oracle APPS: Weekly Update

  1. 1. Greetings!!! eBiztechnicsistransforming intofull fledge portal soon eBiztechnicsfocusareasare 1) Trainingand make themreadyforindustryreadiness 2) Supportingthe individual/organizationfortheirimplementation/upgrade/support projects In thisprocesswe postedarticlesonOrderManagementLastweek mainlyon Orderimport   Oracle Order Update API Order Update API  Order Ship Confirm API Ship Confirm API  Oracle Cancellation API Order Cancellation API  Oracle Splitting API Order Splitting  Order Hold Release API Order Hold Release API  Order Import OrderImport API  Order Import Basics OrderImportBascis For any support mail at at+91 9632266314