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Course Tech 2013, Melinda Doty, Facebook in the Classroom - Love it or Hate it?


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Facebook. As much as some people would like to ignore it, it is thoroughly ingrained in today’s society. I use this
popular social networking tool to encourage interaction among my students. Whether it is a conversation about
a current event or the latest assignment, I find it a great way to get the class talking! What are your thoughts and
concerns with using this new medium in the classroom? Is it ethical?Are we are invading students’“personal space”?
I’ll demonstrate how I use Facebook Groups to promote more interaction in all my classes (face-to-face and online),
assist with setup of your own Facebook group and open the room to discussion on whether or not we should allow
this popular social networking tool into our classrooms.

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Course Tech 2013, Melinda Doty, Facebook in the Classroom - Love it or Hate it?

  1. 1. Facebook in the Classroom –Love it or hate it? Melinda Doty, East Carolina University
  2. 2. Facebook… Yes or No?• Social Networking - What is it? – The 21st century’s way to communicate – Public and private “communities” – Individuals or organizations divided into groups – Friends / Acquaintances / Strangers – Allows connections to be formed and to remain – Offers Diversity
  3. 3. Facebook… How it Began• Founded by Mark Zuckerberg• Designed for Harvard Students• Went public in 2006• Top general interest social network site• Provides the ability to share information and photos with friends/colleagues, etc.• Games and other applications included
  4. 4. Facebook… Things to Consider• Things to consider when using Facebook (or any social networking site) – SECURITY! – Profile should be PRIVATE not Public – Approve/Deny who can be your ‘friend’ – Consider what is posted to your profile
  5. 5. Facebook… Who’s using it?• MILLIONS of users and increasing daily• So WHO uses it? – Our students – Our parents – Our grandparents!• Do YOU use it?
  6. 6. Facebook… in the Classroom• Two Profiles – Personal – Professional• My students ONLY see my Professional profile• Material related to the course posted• Limited personal photos• I “friend” current students for the semester• Groups for each class
  7. 7. Facebook… in the Classroom• Main Timeline Posts – Posts related to all my students – “Good Luck”, “Have a great weekend” Separate groups for each class – “Secret” Group – Limited to students in class – Specific information for that specific class
  8. 8. Facebook… in the Classroom• Facebook Discussions – Privacy and Security – Proper use of social media – Discussions on how their posts have future ramifications – Encouragement of professional use of Facebook for networking• Allows students to connect with classmates & the instructor
  9. 9. Facebook… in the Classroom• Promotes interaction in online courses• Students do not need to add classmates as “friends” to connect• All students in class have access to Group page for the semester
  10. 10. Facebook… in the Classroom• Why can’t Blackboard or Moodle suffice? – Students use Facebook because: – It is comfortable – It is social – It is what they are used to• Blackboard / Moodle is used for school work• Facebook is used for personal activities
  11. 11. Facebook… is it ethical?• I say… – YES! 100%• Students say… – YES!
  12. 12. Facebook… is it ethical?• Excerpt from: 5 Reasons Why Educators Need To Embrace Internet Technologies• The students’ state Facebook was helpful because: – “We were socially motivated to complete the reading and contribute to the online discussion.” – “We didn’t spend class time going over that which we already understood. – “We were able to benefit from insights from peers who generally don’t participate in class discussion.” – “Through contributions from our classmates, we understood how each distinct text related to the others and to the class focus, and so on.”
  13. 13. Facebook… is it ethical?• Complete privacy (appropriate settings) – Classmates do not see each others full profiles unless privacy is not set• Real-time chat with classmates• Group Timeline – For Questions / Discussions, etc.
  14. 14. Facebook… Student Response• Do they enjoy it?• Do they feel it invades their privacy?• Student comments: – “I like it. It allows you to see people. Makes it feel more like a class when I communicate. Dont feel that with blackboard” – “I like the social atmosphere and how it helps remind you that your teacher is a real person along with your classmates. I also like the motivation of knowing the others out there striving and meeting the goals that you are reaching for also.”
  15. 15. Facebook… Student Response• Student comments cont: – “I can relate quicker with FB. I check FB before e-mail. I dont feel that its invasion of my privacy. I do enjoy being able to connect to with my classmates as well as my instructor on FB. I think its a great way to communicate. “ – “I like it because it is sync to my phone, so when you post I get updated immediately.” – “I enjoy using Facebook as a supplement. I think it lets us communicate and get to know each other. Also, it is a nice way to get in touch with your classmates if the ECU sites are down.”
  16. 16. Facebook… Final Thoughts?• Concerns?• Are we invading their “personal space”?• Would YOU use Facebook in the classroom? Why or Why Not?
  17. 17. Facebook… Demonstration• Demonstration & Tutorial• Step-by-Step Instructions on How to*: – Set-up a profile – Create a group – Add students – Post messages, videos, discussions, etc. *Time permitting
  18. 18. Facebook… Contact me! Melinda Doty Teaching Instructor East Carolina University