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Google Drive Plus TexQuest Equals a Match Made in Research Heaven


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Learn more about how Prosper (TX) High School is using their Gale In Context resources through the Google integration with tools such as Drive, Docs, and Apps, to help their students and teachers more easily access and share content within the classroom, library and from home.

Published in: Technology
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Google Drive Plus TexQuest Equals a Match Made in Research Heaven

  1. 1. Google Drive + TexQuest = A match made in research heaven Richelle O’Neil, Prosper ISD @richellereads Link to this presentation:
  2. 2. A friendly reminder to always use Google Chrome Image via
  3. 3. Gale's In Context now offers seamless integration can now link any Gale In Context database with your Drive with just one click... ...and, post Gale In Context articles directly to your Google Classroom! Once you sign in to your Google account...
  4. 4. Once Signed-In, That’s When the Magic Happens ...your name is now displayed at the top of the page... ...and, you can download articles directly to your Drive! Once you sign in to Gale with your Google account...
  5. 5. Download Any Article Right to Your Drive! First: Click “Download”Second: Select “Save to Google Drive” and click “Download”
  6. 6. How Easy Is That?! Success! Click “Ok” and open your Drive in a new tab
  7. 7. Look For a folder Named After the Database A folder has been created automatically! This folder will hold all saved articles from that particular database.
  8. 8. Once You Open the Article Inside the Folder... The article is saved as a Doc with it’s title. You can also move the article to another folder. Just click the gray folder and choose the one you want.
  9. 9. Use Docs “Comment” Feature for Notes Because the article is saved as a Doc, you can use the “Comment” feature to highlight and add notes. Just select the text you want to highlight, right- click, and select “Comment.”
  10. 10. Don’t Forget to Grab the Citation on the Last Page Already MLA-formatted. Ready to be copied to a Works Cited page!
  11. 11. Not using Gale's In Context? No Problem! If you are already signed in to your Google account... ...use the Print function to save a PDF to your Drive!
  12. 12. After You Click Print... First: Click “Change…” Second: Select “Save to Google Drive”
  13. 13. Save Article Directly to Your Drive in 4 Steps! Third: Make sure your “Destination” is set to “Save to Google Drive” Fourth: Click “Save”
  14. 14. A Nifty Trick That Works with All Gale Databases! Highlights and Notes: Select text you want to highlight. Choose your color and add notes. After you save the article to your Drive, any highlights you made or notes you took are saved at the end of the article!
  15. 15. Save Britannica and Adam Matthew Articles to Drive Click “Print,” change the destination to Google Drive, and click save!
  16. 16. Remember! The print/save to Drive feature only works with Google Chrome. Image via
  17. 17. Gale EasyBib Drive = Works Cited Perfection First: Select “Citation Tools” Second: Click “EasyBib” under “Export”
  18. 18. Gale EasyBib Drive = Works Cited Perfection Third: Open EasyBib in a new tab and navigate to your saved Bibliography Fourth: Click “Export” and select “Save to Google Docs
  19. 19. Gale EasyBib Drive = Works Cited Perfection Success! Click “Go to Google Docs” and view your expertly formatted Works Cited page!
  20. 20. These Resources ● TexQuest at Education Service Center, Region 20 ● Teacher Tech | Alice Keeler ● EdTech in Action | Michelle Phillips ● Shake Up Learning | Kasey Bell ● Prosper High School Eagle Library