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Fantasy films


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Fantasy films

  1. 1. {Fantasy Films
  2. 2. Fantasy FilmsFantasy films are films that usually involve magic, supernatural events, make-believe creaturesor exotic fantasy films. The genre is considered to be distinct from science fiction film andhorror film, although the genres do sometimes overlap. Fantasy films often have an element ofmagic, myth, wonder and escapism. A lot of the characters have magical powers or live in amagical place and usually require help from other magical/make believe creatures.I like the fact that the characters and worlds are completely made up because you get to seesomething you’ve never seen before. Fantasy films tend to be aimed at young children whichusually involve princesses and princes but you cant get fantasy films aimed at a slightly olderdemographic for example The Lord of the Rings. A sub genre is a sub category in the genrefantasy. They break down the films into more specific kinds of fantasy films as the genrefantasy is one of the most broadest genres. A variety of different fantasy films would appeal todifferent people. Comic fantasy is a sub genre of fantasy which is a fantasy film with humourinvolved. For example- Disaster Movie. Epic or high fantasy is where the film is set in a parreleluniverse. Dark fantasy is another sub genre of the fantasy film genre this usually involves quitea dark theme to film and is usually quite scary in parts they tend to involves coming underattack from inhumane creatures.
  3. 3. The Land Before Time: A New Adventure Is BornThe Land Before Time is an American animated 1988 filmdirected by Don Bluth and Produced by Steven Spielburg. Itfeatures dinosaurs living in pre-historic times.The films follows Little Foot a dinosaur as he embarks onnumberous different adventures across the slowly dyingplanet accompanied by his dinousaur and reptile friends.In the time where the dinousaurs world is coming to an enda serious drought has swept earth leaving them with hardlyno drink or food. Little Foots mother dies and he later onhears her voice telling her son and her friends where to go tostay safe. They embark on an adventure with ups and downsto the great mountain where they will be safe from the earthquake that is coming.Directed by Don BluthMain Stars- Judith BarsiYear of production- 1988Running Time- 69 minutesCertificate- U
  4. 4. The Never Ending StoryDirected by- Wolfgang PetersonYear of production – 1984Running Time – 201 minutesStarring – Noah HathawayStory LineTo keep people interested in a film it needs to have a good storyline,having an easy storyline to follow is a good way to make your filmpopular as it people won’t bored of watching and can describe it tofriends without ruining it for them, he film will be made popular byword of mouth.The Never ending storyline is about a quiet boy who is gettingbullied finds a magical book that imports him to another world. Heis taken to the fantasy world Fantasia where he must safe the worldfrom a force that is threatening to destroy it.
  5. 5. Special EffectsFilm makers choose to use special effects to make a film moreeffective and memorable in the film The Never Ending Story, theyuse many special effects to make ‘Fantasia’ seem more realistic.Most of the animals in it are made from Special Effects and lookvery realistic. A good example of special effect is when the boymeets the giant dog for the first time. If you were younger youwouldn’t even think it’s a dog and would believe that it is actuallya giant dog.
  6. 6. Charlie and the chocolate factory(2005)Charlie and the Chocolate Factorytells the story of a boy from a poorbackground who wins a goldenticket to visit the chocolate factoryof his dreams, where he meets MrWilly Wonka and 5 other winnersof the competition who are all oddin there own way. As they embarkthrough the chocolate factorysomething bad happens to the otherwinners due to there greediness bythe end of the tour Charlie is theonly one left and wins the prize ofthe chocolate factory.
  7. 7. Star TheoryThe main reason I watched Charlie and the chocolate factory isbecause of the people who were in it. Johnny Depp and FreddieHighmore. If it wasn’t for these two actors that I like I would never ofconsidered watching this film.Star Theory is a big factor in why most people go and watch a film thatis why most directors cast popular and well known actors to be inthere films because then more people will go and see it because theylike the people who are starring in it. Because you see and hear aboutwell known actors and actresses on the TV and magazines so muchyou start to develop and interest in them and become curious of whatthere latest film is like therefore you will go and watch it. It alsobroadens your audience because if an actor that you like stars in adifferent genre to what they usually stare in and you go and watchthem you are broadening the demographic of this film, which thenmeans that the film makes more money.
  8. 8. Frame work of interpretation – The Hobbit an unexpectedjourney
  9. 9. Frame work of interpretation – The Incredibles
  10. 10. Media LiteracyMedia literacy is a repertoire of competences that enables people toanalyse, evaluate and create messages in a wide variety of media modes,genres and forms. Media literacy basically involves recognition of bigmedia texts so that things such as films get acknowledged. This plays abig part on how successful a movie can be as it needs to be advertised andpromoted for it get to noticed and become popular because if no onehears about the film then no one is going to watch it. The main way Ifound out about films I want to see is through trailers on the TV and onthe internet. I think this is a great way to advertise and promote a filmbecause almost everyone watches TV and a lot of people go on theinternet these days so this way your broadening your audience and alsoshowing people clips of the film so they can see what its like.Other forms of advertising include magazines, social networking sites,billboards etc. Some media texts are made by people that work alone forthemselves or there friends and family however most of them are usuallyproduced and distributed by groups of people usually for commercialprofit.
  11. 11. Reception TheoryReception theory provides a meaning of understanding media texts byunderstanding how these texts are read by audiences. Theorists whoanalyse media through reception studies are concerned with theexperience of cinema and television viewing for spectators, and howmeaning is created through that experience. It is basically about how theaudience receives something. Some people argue that reception theory issimilar to star theory and that you will only go and watch a film because ofthe people that are in it. Reception theory suggests that people are onlyattracted and go to certain films because of there political views andbackground and what they are like as a person. You may just go and seefilm because of a certain actor that’s in it or because of the genre thereforeyou will respond to the film in a positive way.