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Corporate presentation 2012


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Carmedia is your full service provider of low cost mobile Out Of Home advertising space on private cars and transit vehicles.

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Corporate presentation 2012

  1. 1. We want to create advertising that isunavoidable, eye catching, targeted andmeasurable. We want it to be low-cost, highlyvisible and social.Our advertising is done by people for people.It’s advertising that knows where people work,where they live and where they drive …Carmedia is your full service provider oflow cost mobile Out Of Home advertisingspace on private cars and transit vehicles.
  2. 2. We made outdoor advertisingWe are passionate about the idea thatpeople influence people. Speaking toeach other is what makes real changesin attitude and behaviour happen. This iswhy we believe in personal influence asa key to successful communication.We select the drivers according to thebrand they need to advertise toensure maximum and targetedcampaigns.
  3. 3. 9
  4. 4. HIGHLY HIGH COST APPRECIATED MEMORIZATION INNOVATIVE FLEXIBLE EFFECTIVE RATE 86% of people The result of a Not avoidable Select the vehicles A single intra-city car believe that it is a campaign for a Social and drivers that can generate up to good idea to use a telecommunication Eye catching better represent your 100.000 impressions car as an advertising company showed that Targeted and flexible brand or campaign per month medium* 38% of the targeted Measurable population recognized It’s always available Moving vehicles 29% say outdoor having seen the – no waiting list generates 2.5 times advertising influences campaign and 28% more attention than a a visit to retail store had heard about it*** static billboard** within a week Private cars: an outstanding advertising space• * Study carried out Ipsos France.•** American Trucking Assoc., Outdoor Ad. Magazine TACA’ market research Aug 2002, 
Perception research, 3M, Outdoor Ad Assoc of America•*** Study carried out by The Brion Institute on 7 survey topics, on a sample of a 200 persons, representative for the population of Paris, according to the quota method (sex, age), after a one month campaign with100 cars. Reference population: 6,200,000 persons.
  5. 5. XXL High visibility: Full coverage of the car for the maximum visual impact. We suggest it for campaigns of at least 3-6 months.XL Excellent compromise between setup cost and visibility. We suggest this option for campaigns lasting for at least 2-6 months. Perfect compromise between setup cost and visibility.L We suggest this wrapping option for campaigns of at least 2-4 months. Excellent solution for launching fast promotions.M We suggest this option for campaigns of at least 1-3 months and a minimum of 50 vehicles Our TOP selling solution: perfect to get your message across on a largeS number of vehicles with the best CPT. You will be really visible at low cost!! We suggest this wrapping for campaigns of at least 3-6 weeks and a minimum of 200 vehicles. NOT AVAILABLE IN ROMANIA
  6. 6. We create new ways to interact with your customersusing vehicles, “ambassadors” and technology. We drive your outdoor advertising where it’s more effective and visible.We help you to create a clear measurable ROI.
  7. 7. We select the best drivers to match your brand or promotion and become your ambassadors!
  8. 8. Carmedia uses its proprietary solution (RAT) tohandle the complex logistic process in a costeffective way, ensuring maximum quality.
  9. 9. Accurate route trackingvia GPS on all vehicles
  10. 10. You will get you own login to check in real time the position of every vehicle, last route, number of views, kilometers etc Check out your advertising in real time wherever you are.
  11. 11. Total no. of km: 17.7 Total no. of km 15.2 in the gated area: Total no. of km 2.5 outside the gated area: Total no. of views : 3 186 Time spent : 43’We design the targeted area for your campaign andselect vehicles which are mostly driving in that area.
  12. 12. Do you want your promotion to reach theLaunch of new consumer electronics maximum of visibility and make it unforgettable?
  13. 13. Carmedia can organize the participationof your cars to special events!Can you imagine 100 cars wrapped withyour brand all together? Call for quotation today and make your brand
  14. 14. - Impact study to measure the campaign effectiveness - 29% say outdoor advertising influences a visit to retail store within a week
  15. 15. What can €10.000/month do for your advertising campaign? Bucharest Media Format M: 66 Format XL: 44 6.1M 1.6M 4.5M 4.5M 7.7M How many Do you want How many Make your advertising people will your How many people will unforgettable – use colorful & actually stay advertising people look up find you creative advertising on private tuned on the to be seen only and see your among the vehicles to keep ALL EYES ON channel while on the same advertising? other YOU! they see road every advertisers? advertising? day? € 2.2 € 6.1 € 2.8 € 2.2 € 1.34* design, production and installation costs are not included and apply to all media