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vGRP Measurement that validates value | “Are you counting cookies or reaching people?” | #succesmetrics # vGRP @commscore

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"Let the evolution begin" @comScore

  1. 1. Digital advertising needsa reality check.comScore has the solution.DIGITAL IS A POWERFUL AND GROWING BRAND ADVERTISING MEDIUM,but a lack of validated measurement that’s comparable to other media, such as TV,has limited its full potential. comScore has unique visibility into the complexitiesaround why that’s the case, and what can be done about it.This booklet uncovers key findings about what’s really going on and unveils a newmeasurement solution from comScore that can help move digital forward.
  2. 2. Take a closer look.IN DECEMBER 2011, COMSCORE CONDUCTED A CHARTER STUDYbased on new measurement technology to better understand the quality ofcampaign delivery and to investigate discrepancies between expectationsand reality when it comes to ad delivery. The results are insightful.The comprehensive study included:12 national brands2,975 placements380,898 site domains1,772,117,123 impressions100% delivered in iframes0 publisher site pixels requiredThe following contains a sneak peek into the results.The full report will be published in March 2012.
  3. 3. Allstate Select companies participating in the Charter Study
  4. 4. The findings are eye-opening.THERE IS MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. The future of digital advertisingdepends on the ability to validate the delivery of quality ad impressions to anintended audience in a way that can be compared across different media with ahigh degree of confidence and transparency. Visibility is important, but it’s not theonly part of the equation.This booklet focuses on 5 key aspects of ad delivery validation and thecomplexities they each present in a digital context. These must be addressed bothindividually and holistically in order for digital advertising to deliver optimal value tothe industry and its many players. visibility target audience geography brand safety fraud
  5. 5. When an ad is not visible,consumers miss the point.What’s the value of an adthat can’t be seen?OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND. Internet pages aren’t static. Neither are theads on these pages. There are a host of reasons, unique to the digital channel,why ads are sometimes delivered but not seen. An ad can’t work if no one seesit. It’s that simple.It’s not just an ‘above the fold versus below the fold’ issue. Sometimes peoplescroll down quickly to get to the content they want, and miss home page ads.In those cases, the action might be below the fold. Compelling ads can workin both places – but only if they’re visible. VISIBILITY
  6. 6. 1of 4 ads deliveredCHARTERFINDINGS: ABOVE THE FOLD were never seen 32% of ALL ads were delivered but NOT EVER SEEN
  7. 7. Think you’re hitting 100%of your target audience?Think again.Are you counting cookies or reaching people?LET’S BE REALISTIC. Cookies are not people. When you plan and measurecampaigns using cookies, it’s nearly impossible to know if you reached your targetaudience. Because multiple people share the same computer within a householdand multiple cookies can be served to the same person, the numbers don’t add up.If your goal is to understand how well a campaign hit its target audience, makesure people are at the center of the equation. TARGET AUDIENCE
  8. 8. 60+% 5+ 35%of home unique cookies of peoplecomputers are served delete theirhave more per person cookiesthan one user per campaign each month on average in the U.S.
  9. 9. CHARTER FINDINGS: 73% of placements used audience targeting beyond age, gender and HHIDemographic cookieaccuracy ranged from14% to 96%
  10. 10. People are more than justa demographic.When you target ads to an audience, shouldn’tyour validation measurement follow suit?AUDIENCES HAVE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THEIR OWN. We know thatdifferent people with the same demographic makeup can have wildly differentpurchase habits, which is why audience buying and selling has become a standardfor many in the industry. When evaluating and validating ad delivery, measurementmust play by the same rules. It must validate delivery to these specific audiencesrather than simply validating based on age, gender and household income.Because of shared computer usage and data-source quality issues, evendemographic cookie targeting doesn’t always hit the target.
  11. 11. Your target geographyhas borders, but the Internetis everywhere.How do you ensure your ads aredelivered where your product is available?GEOGRAPHIC SPILLAGE IS A WASTED TRIP. Because the Internet isborderless, and anyone can access content from anywhere, it’s sometimes toughto guarantee that an ad will be delivered within the desired geographic area.Knowing that campaigns run in the intended geography is a key componentof ad delivery validation and campaign measurement. After all, what’s the pointof delivering an ad and building a brand in a region where your product isnot available? GEOGRAPHY
  12. 12. CHARTER FINDING:Up to 15% of impressionswere wasted because theywere SERVEDOUTSIDE THEDESIREDGEOGRAPHY
  13. 13. Good brands show up inbad places. What’s shockingis how they get there.How many stops do your ads make onthe way to final delivery?MAKE SURE YOUR ADS ARRIVE SAFELY. Because of the complex daisychain of ad delivery, even the most careful players don’t have total control overwhere an ad might land. When your ad runs in the wrong place, whether that’son a site with objectionable content or next to content that doesn’t resonate withyour brand, that can be a land mine.Don’t wait until after the campaign to find out there was a problem. By thenit’s too late. Besides, who really wants to deal with make-goods? Take action inreal time during the campaign to make sure your ads are not appearing in unsafeenvironments. When all your ads run in all the right places, everybody wins. BRAND SAFETY
  15. 15. 1 pixelcan make a very bad impression.A ONE-PIXEL WINDOW CAN HIDE THE WHOLE WORLD. While the majority ofindividuals in the digital advertising ecosystem operate with the best of intentions,like any industry, there are fraudulent characters that can spoil the show. By placinga tiny pixel on a user’s screen, hundreds of ads can load and be counted asdelivered impressions when they were never seen by anyone, and therefore neverhad a chance to make a brand impact.Fraud detection helps ensure you only count messages that connect with youraudience and not pixels served up by bad actors. FRAUD
  16. 16. Digital advertising needsa reality check.comScore has the solution.
  17. 17. visibleright audiencein geographybrand safenot fraudulent
  18. 18. Introducing vGRPMeasurement that validates valueTHE LATEST INNOVATION FROM COMSCORE. vGRP is a new measurementsolution from comScore that validates ad delivery via a single, third-party source,enabling a complete view of campaign delivery and an accurate assessment ofadvertising effectiveness. Unlike existing single-point solutions, vGRP provides anunduplicated accounting of impressions delivered across a variety of criticaldimensions. These include ads delivered in-view, to the right audience, in the rightgeography, brand safe and not fraudulently.It’s holistic. It’s simple. It’s comparable. And it’s here today.
  19. 19. vGRP is a holistic, simpleand comparable solution forvalidating the value of digital.HOLISTIC. Measuring campaign delivery via multiple, disparate sources skewsdelivery validation results and distorts campaign effectiveness measurement.vGRP eliminates these differences by validating ad delivery in a single source.SIMPLE. Today’s complex digital advertising ecosystem has driven up the cost of addelivery measurement and driven down the ROI of advertising. vGRP opens the doorfor much-needed standardization and simplicity by providing a single planning andmeasurement validation solution that utilizes a single ad tag throughout.COMPARABLE. Because digital and TV are inherently different due to the way adsare viewed, using the same GRP metric to evaluate ad delivery for both is misleading.vGRP solves this issue by including only validated digital ad impressions, making ita unique solution that’s truly cross-media comparable.EVERYBODY WINS.
  20. 20. HOLISTICsingle sourceSIMPLEsingle tagCOMPARABLEcross media
  21. 21. The future is now in focus.comScore is advancing how the worldsees digital advertising.See what vGRP can do for you. Contact us today.online www.comscore.com/vGRPemail vGRP@comscore.comtwitter #vGRP @AdEffx
  22. 22. visible right audience in geography brand safe not fraudulentvGRP@comscore.com www.comscore.com/vGRP © 2012 comScore, Inc.