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Auto-Ad Media Kit


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Auto-Ad Media Kit

  1. 1. www.Auto-Ad.net844-4Auto-Ad 843-882-5527 anywhere in the US. Reach audiences traveling the roadways with YOUR MESSAGE ON ALL SIDES OF OUR VEHICLES Welcome to Where great advertising meets social responsibility
  2. 2. Gain Impression Rich Exposure With Access To Real-time Analytics. Where great advertising meets social responsibility Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527 WHAT WE DO Auto-Ad is a hyperlocal outdoor advertising platform that promotes brands while also directly assisting U.S. Veterans. Using custom designed vinyl graphics on our fleet of brand new SUVs, Auto-Ad puts clients’ advertising message in front of their target audience using a proprietary algo- rithm optimized to generate the most meaningful impressions for each dollar spent. If your company engages with Auto-Ad, not only will your message be displayed in front of thousands of people every day in your target market, but there are tremendous cause marketing benefits associated with using the platform. U.S. Military Veterans receive Auto-Ad’s vinyl wrapped vehicles free of charge to be used as their daily driver for an entire year, subsidizing thousands of dollars in living expenses for worthy individuals and demonstrating your company’s participation in social consciousness and community outreach. With Auto-Ad, your moving advertisement is also GPS tracked with DOT Traffic Overlay, meaning that you will have access to a dashboard displaying impressions that your vehicle generates in real-time, giving you the tools to accurately measure the success of your campaigns. Auto-Ad Value Our service is available Nationwide for one affordable FLAT RATE! Corporate Responsibility, Social Consciousness And Cause Marketing Benefits Cost Savings! Public Relations Establish Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) in your target market via Auto-Ad traveling billboards, while simultaneously contributing to a worthy cause. Auto-Ad charges one low flat rate across the entire United States Auto-Ad is not only great advertising, it allows companies and brands to engage in social responsibility and community outreach, increasing brand affinity. We are Cause Marketing! Your marketing budget will be multi-faceted and dynamic. Every Auto-Ad is another great PR story! Every Veteran is different, so capture their story and create branded organic content that demonstrates your company's positive involvement in their lives. Quantify and demonstrate to your customer base the direct impact you have on Veterans' lives. We charge 2k per vehicle nationwide! In Washington DC you can flood the market with 30 Auto-Ad vehicles for the cost of one billboard! Generate 3k-7k impressions per hour in geo-located target markets. Monitor the effects of your campaign on your personalized analytic dashboard. Each Veteran driver, as well as their family, neighbors, and friends, become brand ambassadors for your company. They post, tweet, and tell people they know about your company's positive impact on their life. Gain A Grassroots Following And Build Your Brand Through A Team Of Ambassadors
  3. 3. OUR STORY Our Founder BOARD OF DIRECTORS Auto-Ad was founded in November 2014, when Captain Ryan Hammer, a medically retired Air Force SF Officer, needed a way to advertise a new local business that he establish to help a fellow veteran. Placing a vinyl wrap on the back of his own vehicle, and the vehicle of the veteran, seemed like an excellent way to raise awareness about the business within the local community, and gain exposure. Seeing that effectiveness of the vehicle vinyl wrap advertisement, Hammer, searched for a way to advertise on more vehicles in adjacent neighborhoods. When he found that no such service existed, Ryan started Auto-Ad to fill this untapped market. Understanding that many of our veterans are severely limited with where they work and live due to lack of reliable transportation, Ryan committed to making Auto-Ad a part of the solution by matching veterans in need of vehicles with companies looking to advertise in their area. Auto-Ad’s business model creates a win-win solution for both veterans and the advertisers. Auto-Ad did a soft launch in May 2015, testing a small-scale model focused on the local South Carolina market. Just a few months into the launch, Auto-Ad had to upgrade it’s infrastructure to satisfy the growing demand. In August 2015 Auto-Ad evolved its local model to a national model by partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management to handle it’s vehicle procurement, and with General Motors Corporate, to install the vinyl wraps on the vehicle right on the production line, and then ship the wrapped vehicles direct to the veterans. Today, the service is accessible anywhere in the US, and Auto-Ad is excited to continue scaling, and put as many veterans behind the wheel as possible. Ryan Hammer is a medically retired US Air Force Security Forces Officer. Originally from Long Island, Ryan completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, and through the Air Force ROTC program, commissioned into the Air Force. Ryan holds a Masters of Arts in Security Management, a Master of Arts in Homeland Security, a Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management, and a Master of Business Administration from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. While serving in the Middle East, Ryan severely injured his shoulder, and after numerous experimental surgeries was medically retired. Since then his mission has been to provide opportunities, and support, for his fellow veterans as they exit the service and navigate life in the civilian sector. Ryan Hammer Capt, US Air Force (Ret) Chairman Damon Walsh LTC, US Army (Ret) Board Member David Sutherland Col., US Army (Ret) Board Member Where great advertising meets social responsibility Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527
  4. 4. YOUR AUDIENCE BRAND BONUS FOR YOU of US consumers say they would switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price, and quality. 90% million licensed drivers in the US 212 million registered vehicles driving in the US 258 million miles of road in the US over 4 of workers commute by automobile 86% of over 50 million k-12 students are driven to school 51% Help US military veterans. THE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA REPORTS: Vehicle graphics can reach an astounding 95% of Americans The average American travels 300+ Miles & Spends 15 Hours and per week in-car to be recalled by consumers compared to those that rely solely on traditional outdoor advertising to actually read the information on vehicle graphics Brands that appear on vehicle graphics are 15 Times More Likely believe fleet graphics create a positive brand image 98% of Respondents 96% Believe One vehicle wrap can generate between 30k - 70k Impressions Daily 92% of Respondents Claim Where great advertising meets social responsibility Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527
  5. 5. THIRTY (30) *According to Capitol Outdoor a billboard in DC Starts at $60,000 per month plus $7,500 Initial setup fee = Help 30 Veterans And Simultaneously Is A Good Business Decision? You Can Flood The Market With Auto-Ad Vehicles For The Cost Of Only STATIC BILLBOARD in Washington DC ONE (1)
  6. 6. Auto-Ad delivered on wow-factor! As a startup, every penny counts, and I promise you our ads were well worth the investment. I loved seeing the OneinaMil SUV roll around town, and received a ton of positive feedback from both clients and prospects. - LeeAnne Scalley, CEO of OneinaMil “ Where great advertising meets social responsibility Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527 HOW IT WORKS You tell us who and where your marketing message should reach. Our designers turn your ad idea into a vinyl marketing message and wrap it on our vehicle, creating a traveling billboard. We use our innovative process to match you with the veteran in your target area, based on where he or she lives, works and frequents. We issue the wrapped vehicle to the veteran and GPS-track it 24/7. Your traveling billboard gets impressions all over your market. You receive a marketing analytic report every month showing where your traveling billboard has been and how many impressions it received.
  7. 7. USING AUTO-AD AUTO-AD PARTNERS Your Company Avoids LIABILITY CAR PAYMENTS PAYING DRIVERS VEHICLE TAX VINYL WRAP VEHICLE INSURANCE FUEL Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527 RHammer@Auto-Ad.netWhere great advertising meets social responsibility
  8. 8. Auto-Ad changed my life! Before joining the fleet, I was stuck taking the bus to work every day. It was a three-hour commute, which severely limited my daily income. Auto-Ad gave me a normal work day, and the means to find a better job closer to home. Now I am in a good place, and able to provide for my family. - Sarge, USMC “ We call this Grass Roots Organic Brand Building Where great advertising meets social responsibility Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527 OUR VETERAN DRIVERS BECOME YOUR LOYAL BRAND AMBASSADORS As our military servicemen and women are not ones to take handouts, the relationship is beneficial as the veterans feel they are earning their vehicle by working with us to promote your business. They are so relieved to have reliable transportation and elated that it’s a fully loaded new Chevy Equinox, that they tell everyone they know how the Company on the vehicle has taken care of them. Not only do they spread the word and share their excitement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but their family and friends tell everyone that the Company (Your Company!) has just provided their veteran family member with a fully loaded Equinox. We match your company with the perfect Brand Ambassador in each target market based on the potential driver’s behavior analysis. We factor in their residence, commute to work, commute to their children’s school, favorite grocery store, etc. All of the veterans in our program have served in the U.S. Military and were discharged Honorably or Generally. Each veteran also goes through a criminal background and driver history check. Our veterans are referred to us through partnership with various veteran focused organizations such as Wounded Warrior Project, Fisher House, and IAVA.
  9. 9. YOUR ADVERTISING CAN SERVE A GREATER PURPOSE! Every ad is another great PR story, and every car’s story is different because every veteran is different. With Auto-Ad, your advertising becomes a force for social good while giving you a competitive edge. At Auto-Ad, we provide our customers with an opportunity to launch a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative that does not require you to form committees or pay for hours of unproductive discussions. Our CSR initiative is built into our product and does not involve any legwork on your part – we manage everything. All you need to do is communicate your CSR efforts to your customers and create your PR story! Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) explained When you partner with Auto-Ad, you put your Corporate Citizenship initiative on auto-pilot – no separate budgets needed. Corporate Social Responsibility (a.k.a, Corporate Conscience or Corporate Citizenship) is a set of initiatives, practices and policies a given company uses to do good in the world. Whether they benefit the local community or the entire nation, these initiatives are a way for organizations to set themselves apart from competition by taking a stand for something that they find important. When customers decide who they want to do business with, they are more likely to choose a company whose CSR efforts align with their own social concerns. CSR initiatives are evolving quickly, with many companies opting to set aside separate budgets to implement CSR. Where great advertising meets social responsibility Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527
  10. 10. Where great advertising meets social responsibility Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527 THEDETAILS-SAMPLEANALYTICSREPORT THE BREAKDOWN PARKING LOCATIONS TOTAL DISTANCE DRIVEN 1,626 MILES AVG DAILY MILES 52 MILES TOTAL TIME DRIVEN 57 HRS 10 MIN AVG DAILY MILES 111 MIN AVG PARKED TIME 717 MIN (AWAY FROM A HOME) JOHN’S ISLAND (47%) OTHER (5%) JB CHARLESTON (5%) MT. PLEASANT (5%) NORTH CHARLESTON (5%) WEST ASHLEY (18%) DOWNTOWN (2%) JAMES ISLAND (13%) Target Geographic Market : Charleston, South Carolina Analytic report for vehicle : SC124 HOW MANY PEOPLE DID YOU REACH? DRIVING IMPRESSIONS 171,500 PARKED IMPRESSIONS 1,111,5500 LIGHT TRAFFIC MODERATE TRAFFIC HEAVY TRAFFIC SEVERE TRAFFIC We Can Customize Your Analytic Reports! Let us know what data you'd like to see and our marketing staff will build it into your monthly report.
  11. 11. Rates are for 4 sides (Front Hood, Rear Trunk, Passenger Side and Driver Side) of each vehicle deployed in the agreed upon client markets. Monthly analytics reporting design fees and vinyl wrap are included with all contracts. First and last month payment is due upon signing of contract. 12 Month Contract One Vehicle Wrap included Two Vehicle Wraps included $2,500 per month, per vehicle up to 5 Re-Wrap Fee $2,500 $2,200 per month, per vehicle up to 6 or more TOP OF VEHICLE AD 12 Month Contract 24 Month Contract $2,250 per month, per vehicle up to 5 $2,000 per month, per vehicle up to 6 or more Vehicles may be re-wrapped as often as every month with a 30-day lead time. Re-wrap fees ae set and not discountable regardless of contract length and number of vehicles. Add a 5th side in densely populated cities like Manhattan to reach people looking out of its estimated 10.7 million windows. Additional $750 per month, per vehicle up to 5 Additional $660 per month, per vehicle 6 or more 24 Month Contract Additional $675 per month, per vehicle up to 5 Additional $600 per month, per vehicle 6 or more Where great advertising meets social responsibility Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527 Rates and Fees
  12. 12. Where great advertising meets social responsibility Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527 THE DETAILS - DESIGN & TURNAROUND We are excited to partner with you wherever you are in the United States - we have a nationwide reach to go to your target market. To get started, send our design experts your information, such as your mission statement or website, and high-res images files. If you have a creative direction in mind or a particular campaign you’d like to support, we are happy to work with you. Otherwise, you may trust our experts to dream up a creative concept that will deliver wow-factor for your clients. Auto-Ad will design a proof of your vinyl wrapping for your review and approval. Once you sign-off, we wrap one of our SUVs with the advertisement, and issue the vehicle to a veteran within the target market of your client. Our average turnaround time from concept to wrapping is 15 days. Design template Client mock-up Rear Side Client vinyl wrap proof
  13. 13. Ryan Hammer 843-882-5527 Your Auto-Ad Representative Where great advertising meets social responsibility