Fashion Touchpoint Strategy - The Fashion Cycle Meets Customer Journey


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For fashion brands, building a touchpoint landscape is an increasingly daunting task. Fashion is democratizing rapidly and a new breed of social media like Pinterest is bringing great opportunities. This presentation offers a method of building real story telling customer journeys for different customer types. It also shows a number of promising trends. It includes overviews of online and offline touchpoints, owned, bought, and earnt media; it shows ways of connecting touchpoints with QR codes and more.

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Fashion Touchpoint Strategy - The Fashion Cycle Meets Customer Journey

  1. 1. Pieter s Jongeriu @pieterj - Pieter Jongerius-FASHION TOUCHPOINT STRATEGY Fashion Cycle meets Customer Journey
  2. 2. The fashion industry needed some time to adjust to the age of digital media. Of course, this has everything to do with theEMERCE EFASHION of our products, but mainly with the fact that fashion, by nature, is 90% brand communication. An enigma that physical nature 2 only few may access. Not the best starting point for involving your customers, it seems…
  3. 3. Fashion has to open up. It has to show what it’s doing.It has to interact with fashionistos and fashionistas from around the world.
  4. 4. On or Off?EMERCE EFASHION does the icon Karl Lagerfeld have to take off his sunglasses and come eye to eye with his audience? 4 In other words:
  5. 5. KARL VS KARL BY NET-A-PORTER On the other hand: Fashion deserves ceremony. Karl Lagerfeld know this like few others and is building a creative mix. Check: EFASHION 5
  6. 6. LOCATION IS EVERYTHING One thing is for sure: for any fashion brand, it requires delicate decisions in which environments to endeavor.EMERCE EFASHION 6
  7. 7. STRATEGY Part 2 of 4
  8. 8. TOUCHPOINT STRATEGY Brand Touchpoints Target group What can we do to maximize the exchange of value?EMERCE CONVERSION 8
  9. 9. TYPES OF TOUCHPOINTS Online & offline Owned & bought & earned Media & channels Push & pull Temporary & permanentEMERCE CONVERSION 9
  10. 10. ONLINE TOUCHPOINTS owned media bought media ·  b2c website ·  banners ·  b2b website ·  Search Engine Advertising ·  webshop (w, m, f) ·  advertorials ·  mobile web ·  interactive television ·  mobile app ·  tablet app earned media ·  e-mail ·  social media ·  viral campaigns ·  p.o.s. interactive ·  blogs, news & more ·  narrowcasting ·  desktop widgets ·  embedded software …etcetera! ·  campaign site ·  affiliates sales, content, … ·  social mediaEMERCE CONVERSION 11
  11. 11. OFFLINE TOUCHPOINTS channels bought: mass media en spatial ·  brand stores ·  RTV– spot/nonspot/… ·  multibrand retail ·  print ads ·  popup store ·  advertorials ·  shop-in-shop ·  inserts ·  public space (mupi, billboard) owned: print ·  sponsoring ·  folders ·  fairs ·  DM ·  brochure owned media overig ·  flyer ·  customer card ·  magazine ·  own events ·  packaging owned: business to business ·  fleet signing ·  yearly report ·  call center ·  own publications ·  SMS ·  employees …etcetera!EMERCE CONVERSION 12
  12. 12. CONNECTING TOUCHPOINTS QR Codes Image recognition Web-address Social handles Winning-codes OFFLINE ONLINE Hyperlinks Coupons Social posts (Fb, Tw, ...) Addres / maps Likes, Mentions, Pins, ... Mouth to mouth Promotion codes Mail-a-friend SMS / messaging OFFLINE ONLINE Coupons Address/map Geolocation / nearby Augmented realityEMERCE CONVERSION 13
  13. 13. APPROACH Corporate strategy Touchpoint strategy Design & implementation OperationEMERCE EFASHION 15
  14. 14. Corporate strategy Touchpoint strategyDesign & implementation Operation
  15. 15. Corporate strategy Touchpoint strategy CUSTOMER JOURNEY CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLEDesign & implementation Operation
  17. 17. CUSTOMER JOURNEY 2.0 transaction relation main initiative with brand main initiative with customeracquisition à persuasion à conversion interaction à participation à promotionEMERCE CONVERSION 19
  18. 18. Let’s start!Defining a specific customer journey in five easy steps. 20
  19. 19. 1: DEFINE THE GENERIC CUSTOMER JOURNEY Case: fashion retailer
  20. 20. 2: IDENTIFY / RESEARCH USER EMOTIONS PER STEP Surprise Greed ? Curious Enthousiastic Insecurity Disappointed Optimism Curious Insecurity Disappointed Practicalities Impatient Doubt Enthousiastic Greed Disappointed
  21. 21. 3: DEFINE THE EXPERIENCE Surprising Affordable EasyBFF FunAccessible Plenty of choiceOpen RealisticTaking care OverviewThourough In control Care free Confirmation Security Quality
  24. 24. <>But… which touchpoints to choose? It all depends on your audience. Where they are, to what they will react. However, I can point out a number of fashion media trends, later on in the presentation.
  25. 25. Corporate strategy Touchpoint strategy CUSTOMER JOURNEY CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLEDesign & implementation
  26. 26. Corporate strategy Touchpoint strategy CUSTOMER JOURNEY CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLEDesign & implementation
  27. 27. NEW CUSTOMER JOURNEY KLANTNot every customer is the same. Some customers are new. They are just getting acquainted with you, and take a superficial route through your touchpoint landscape. For instance they might click a banner, make a first buy, and might return later.
  28. 28. FAN JOURNEY KLANTOther customers are real fans, and move about your social media elaborately and may even post some looks, before they return to you as a shopper. (IRL, you might create 3 or 4 of these customer profiles, and profiles for routing campaign traffic.)
  29. 29. TRENDS IN THE FASHION CYCLE Part 3 of 4
  30. 30. THE FASHION CYCLE design, productie showsEMERCE EFASHION 32
  31. 31. EMERCE EFASHION 33 For the consumer, most shows are half a year early, because the collections are not for sale yet. At the same time they are being watched by more and more consumers, thanks to platforms like
  32. 32. SHOWSEMERCE EFASHION 34 So when the show is over, how can you keep your fans involved?
  33. 33. EMERCE EFASHION 35 One way is to invite bloggers, and give them front row :)
  34. 34. THE FASHION CYCLE design, productie shows bloggersEMERCE EFASHION 36
  35. 35. BLOGGERS TAKE FRONT ROW Fashion was built upon aspirational images. Controlled communication. This is what’s changing right now: the audience is contributing to the total image. The benefit of this to us: reach and authenticity.EMERCE EFASHION 37
  36. 36. IMPACT VAN BLOGS So while some are still stubbornly trying to control what you see, for instance based on where you live, the blogosphere is flooded with images of that recent collection. Especially in fashion, this hits hard.EMERCE EFASHION 38
  37. 37. More and more brands start their own blogs, in their search for control, SEO value and reach. Many feed prominent blogs with sponsored content. Some even go so far as to start a blog under a different brand, like, by GAP.
  38. 38. THE FASHION CYCLE design, productie shows bloggers print media pre-orderingEMERCE EFASHION 40
  39. 39. EMERCE EFASHION 41 Another way to bridge the gap between the show and the collection hitting the stores, is pre-ordering.
  40. 40. Strange to see how mainly online retailers seem to offer this, and much less the brands. Lyst for instance allows people to pre-order and also offers different types of alerts, including an alert based on your pins on Pinterest. They go further however, and inform the brands on their most frequently pre-ordered styles.
  41. 41. THE FASHION CYCLE design, productie shows bloggers print media pre-ordering advertisingEMERCE EFASHION 43
  42. 42. There is another form of democratization going on in fashion. Although in my eFashion’11 ‘Branding vs Conversion’ talk I complained that all fashion adds look the same…
  43. 43. LANVIN PARIS …there is an increasing number of campaigns with unexpected self-mockery. Like Lanvin Paris, with their viral basedEMERCE EFASHION 45 on the game “Just Dance”. A very special way to take yourself seriously!
  44. 44. TED BAKER: RUTTING SEASON Another example: Ted Bakers’s Rutting Season campaign for AW11. People were drawn to the stores to have their picture taken and win. Local bloggers were asked to take the pictures, which were put on Instagram and Facebook. The pictures with the most likes won considerable shopping credit. Results: 10% offline sales increase during the campaign and tens of thousands of likes and followers.EMERCE EFASHION 46
  45. 45. THE FASHION CYCLE design, productie shows bloggers print media social media pre-ordering shopping advertisingEMERCE EFASHION 47
  46. 46. SOCIAL MEDIA ON THE MOVE Whils blogs often succeed to offer quality, social media democratize radically. It is great to see this field move again after years of stability. The newcomers at the bottom of this screen each serve millions each month. Especially Instagram and Fancy seem to be growing rapidly. Not to forget: Pinterest…EMERCE EFASHION 48
  47. 47. PINTEREST * = 200kMnaiquin u y e visitors in Netherlands. 200% grow*th in 5 months We are still learning so much. We do see that visitors coming from Pinterest convert much better than visitors from Facebook, for instance. And there’s a very good reason for that:EMERCE EFASHION 49
  48. 48. SOCIAL SHOPPING sion Conver Sharing Shopping The established networks (like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram) are in the ‘sharing’ range of social media. The range in which you cannot be overly commercial. There is a shift happening from sharing to shopping. The newcomer networks (like Pinterest, Polyvore, Fashiolista, and Fancy) are predominantly about sharing 50EMERCE EFASHION products, not moments. No wonder that the conversion from these platforms is so much higher.
  49. 49. SOCIAL SHOPPING Sharing Shopping Eventually it is all about making a sale. This is why Lyst and others are entering this arena with another mindset:EMERCE EFASHION not Pinterest’s serendipity, but real searching, browsing and finding, 51 helped by a personal profile and those of your friends.
  50. 50. On Lyst, you’ll follow brands, magazines, designers and friends. This results in a personal stream. And what’s so special: it looks like a shop and it works like a shop!
  51. 51. Wereldwijd heeft Lyst naar sommige schattingen nu ongeveer 1M bezoekers per maand. Aan deze grafiek, die ze in maart 2012 deelden, lijk je te kunnen zien dat de groei voorlopig nog niet voorbij is.
  53. 53. customer profiling
  54. 54. PROFILING We have come to get used to profiling, in the platforms that we use. LastFM offer recommendations based on what you and your friends listen to. Shoedazzle uses a style-intake to give personal advice. Facebook uses your content and behavior to offer ads. But most of this profiling happens within those platforms.EMERCE EFASHION 56
  55. 55. “...connecting every person on the web with their affinity for anything, from books to gadgets to music, restaurants, fashion, or vacation spots.”The Taste Graph van Hunch is daarin radicaal anders, en is er echt op gericht om over zoveel mogelijk diensten heen je smaak vast te leggen, om vanuit statistiek je te kunnen adviseren op zelfs voor jou nieuwe terreinen. Een goudmijn voor adverteerders en retailers.
  57. 57. …however, Hunch and The Taste Graph were acquired by Ebay, end of 2011. Not long thereafter, the API was closed. It is very unclear who is still using Taste Graph logic and data at this point, beyond Hunch itself.
  58. 58. READY FOR EXTENSION But Hunch isn’t the only one investing in cross platform customer profiling. TastemakerX is a new mobile game in which trendsetters can point out music that they think will be successful. If they prove to be right, they win. (very interesting for followers also, obviously). Their masterplan: extension to all relevant ‘taste verticals’.EMERCE EFASHION 60s
  59. 59. SCIENCE ROCKSTARS: PERSUASION API gi f tin g price cutsscarcity autho - rity Finally Science Rockstars have found out that persuasion techniques (4 examples above) have a different effect onEMERCE EFASHION 61 different persons. This personal sensitivity, however, is pretty constant throughout different product categories such as clothes, electronics, et cetera. If you capture someone’s persuasion profile, that’s worth something!
  60. 60. TAILORING OUR PROPOSITION So, we will all be tailoring our proposition, not just garments. It will go beyond the selection of products and will include style of communication that will be based on the profile of our customers, that’s being recorded by third parties that will market this information with everyone who is willing to pay. Dark side material? Maybe…EMERCE EFASHION 62
  61. 61. SO...Part 4 of 4 63
  62. 62. How do you connect these developments to thesurfing and shopping behavior of your customers?
  63. 63. CUSTOMER JOURNEY shows bloggers print media social social pre-shoppingBy using this customer journey model you can see for yourself which of these and other trends fits your brand and customers. Also you can see where they would fit your cross-touchpoint story telling.
  64. 64. Very few brandsare on top of thisgame.Seize the opportunity!EMERCE CONVERSION 66
  65. 65. EFFECT So we are talking about democratization of the fashion market. More and more people create content, and the flow of content is by now truly overwhelming! Does this mean the end of the era of the star designer? Au contraire! Only the most outspoken of designers will survive. Love them or hate them!EMERCE EFASHION 67
  66. 66. Glasses: on.EMERCE EFASHION 68 So: you’re allowed a pedestal. And Karl? He may keep is sunglasses on for another while.
  67. 67. Pieter Jongerius @pieterjEMERCE EFASHION 69 All images copyright of their respective owners