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Job Hunting Obstacles 2014

  1. 20 14 Job Hunting Obstacles & Super-Powers my ne yE Th ow Kn
  2. NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS 20 14 Know thy enemy. “Finding a new job” makes itself on the list of New Year's Resolutions of managers and top executives around the world. If you are one of them, make sure you are aware of the obstacles that are ahead of you. Every one is explained on the next slides – in the most likely sequence of occurring. Know thy enemy – it will increase the likelihood of actually keeping this resolution!
  3. obstacle #1 FOGGINESS No clear sight of the future. “before” You don't really know what you want. You don't know what to do. You feel a bit lost. required super-power SUPER-SIGHT Crystal clear vision of 2014. once you master the super-power You can see clearly now that the rain (fog) is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way....
  4. #2 COMFORT ZONE Laziness. Sluggish. SPACE-WARPING Boundary-pushing power. Where the magic happens Your comfort zone You are afraid of venturing outside your comfort zone and terrified of leaving your shell. You stick to a false sense of security. You embrace rejection as part of the process. You get comfortable operating outside your usual box.
  5. #3 TARGET-LESS Unidentified. Unclear. You haven't chosen your potential employers yet. You aren't aware of what recruiters you should contact. PURPOSE Determination. Resolution. You have set clear goals: companies you'd like to work for. A position you'd like to move to. People you need to contact.
  6. #4 AVERAGENESS One out of many, many. You sink in the ocean of competitors. You have standard, traditional, characterless application documents. YOU-NIQUENESS True colors. Real strengths. You skillfully stand out. You express your personality and the quintessence of your professional being in your CV.
  7. #5 PROCRASTINATION Tomorrow. Later. Excuses. You keep saying, “I'll do it tomorrow”. You find excuses to not apply. Your dog ate your motivation letter & CV. TIME-TRAVELING Master of Time & Discipline. You stay on top of your job hunting schedule despite all distractions (dying hamster, rainy day, weekend).
  8. #6 3 MONKEYS Deaf. Blind. Mute. Failed interviews: You don't hear the questions. You don't see what's going on. You say the wrong things. CHAMELEON Flexible. Adapting. You understand that the message has to be adapted to the target, yet that it's important to stay true to yourself.
  9. Bo nu s EGO The most expensive thing you own. Misplaced sense of self that comes in two sizes. XS: Ultra-self-conscious. XL: Hyper-inflated super-ego. REAL YOU Re-discover yourself. You assess yourself objectively. You do not stand in your own way. You are not your own biggest enemy.
  10. MASTER THE SUPER-POWERS Free Consultation. Every manager can master those obstacle-overcoming super-powers. The more senior you are, the more tricky it is to maneuver the career hurdling skillfully, elegantly and effectively. To book a free consultation for experienced managers (min. 10 yrs of experience), please contact us directly: Russian / Danish: Valeria.Lebedieva Polish: Aneta.Lesiak English / German: Sandra.Bichl Spanish: (at) Magdalena.Bednarska “Happy Job Hunting & Hurdling 2014!”