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Mood Board And Sketches

  1. 2. Moodboard One This Moodboard gives the idea of the kind of colour schemes and dynamics I will use for my own Magazine Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread. I want to use colours that really stand out and look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and I like the idea of incorporating ‘Cute Things’ and Alternative styles into my magazine as well as things that may be considered childish and young such a Lollipops, Bubblegum and plastic jewellery.
  2. 3. Moodboard Two This Moodboard shows the kind of Magazine House Style that I want for my own Magazine, Contents Page and Double page spread. As can be seen, I want an alternative style with eye-catching fonts and graphics. I would also like my magazine to portray a style which is unusual and of a specialist genre.
  3. 4. Moodboard Three This Moodboard gives examples of the kinds of Photos and Photo shoots I want in my Magazine Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread. As can be seen, I favour the very simple but colourful style that these photos incorporate. I think the use of simple but bright colours creates a ‘funky’ and alternative style which is what I am going for. For my own photo shoot, I intend to have a professional looking, studio shoot to keep with the stylish fashion of my magazine, also plan to use colour schemes such as these ones and for it to be generally ‘couture’ fashion.
  4. 5. Masthead Ideas Fonts from
  5. 6. Magazine Sketches Masthead Slogo Main Article Main Image Cover Lines Advertisement This is my first sketch. The main article and image shall be an a fictional band called ‘The Insatiable Cupcakes’ (Name changed after sketch hence why they’re called ‘Sunshine Domain’). I am trying to keep the house style alternative and youthful with the use of colour and font. I want the cover to be very simple, much like ‘Love’ Magazine. I am also using the names of very unusual ‘non-mainstream’ bands to keep with the alternative house style.
  6. 7. Main Article Cover Lines Main image Advertisement Masthead Slogo Magazine Sketches The second sketch design is a little more dynamic and with a different use of colour. This time, I have the main image models posing behind a poster. I did this because many magazine covers would not have this kind of posing on their covers and this shows that my magazine is very different. Once again, I have gone with the same cover lines and main images to keep with the alternative, simple house style.
  7. 8. Magazine Sketches Skyline Masthead Slogo Cover Lines Advertisements Main Image The third sketch is very different to the others with the layout of the main image and articles. I tried placing the main image very low down on the cover as it’s visually different and interesting and would catch the eye. I also added a skyline to add some more pulls and articles, keeping once more with the same fonts and articles to maintain the house style.