Evaluation question 1


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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. Use- Front cover On my magazine front cover I have used the strip at the top and bottom of the oge the same as Kerrang magazine. I have taken the Idea and changed it so it looks more like it belongs on my magazine. Also I have used the same positioning as the Mast head but I have changed the font, size and also the background is more opague so my dominant image is still noticable through the Masthead. I have positioned my main heading “Don’t forget me” in the middle of the page like the Kerrang magazine, but I have changed the style and the positioning of the words. Lastly I have also used pictures on the left side of my magazine at the bottom, but I have used one picture t make my magazine style different.
  2. 2. Develop- Front cover The picture on the bottom of the page have began to look different because I have taken away the background and put it on a green fill. I have done this to follow the colour and the house style that I have created for my magazine. I have used the strip at the bottom of my page but it is looking different to the one on the Kerrang magazine because mine is set to the bottom whereas the one on the Kerrang magazine is floating, and mine is clearer to read. Also my bar code is smaller and not as noticable as the one on the Kerrang magazine.
  3. 3. Challenge- Front page My dominant image I feel was a challenge because I wanted it to precieve the stereotypical rocker, but I din’t want the camera angles the same and I didn’t want the facial expressions the same. So instead of having an eye level shot like the Kerrang magazine I used a high angled shot to mke it look as though the band are looking donw on readers to state there power within the magazine. Instead of usng a picture on the right hand side of my magazine I used a block circle, with information inside I decided to do this so I could make my magaine different but still keep up a rock magazine quality, like Kerrang. Also I took into acount the information box on the Kerrang magazine and decided to go witht the house style of using block boxes behind texts to make them stand, to create my stories. Also I made my stories spell out mean with the first words of each story to make it more eye catching and unique.
  4. 4. Use- Contents In the top left of the page, I have used the idea of an editors note, I have done this to make my magazine look professional, but I have changed it by not putting a picture with the note. I have copied the postioning of the contents masthead and I have done this because I felt it looked stupid in other places on the page. I have used the idea of using loads of pictures and linking them into the stories, so they aren’t all listed on the side.
  5. 5. Develop- Contents page I have used a quotation under the contents masthead but I have boxed it so it stands out and follows the theme of the magazine. Also I have changed the layout of the pictures and stories so that it looks like the Kerrang but it isn’t copying it, I did this because I liked the layout and it made it look more informal, which I what I need to appeal to my target audience.
  6. 6. Challenge- Contents page I have used two coloured strips on my magazine, I did this so that it would make my magazine different, and also make it look more packed and fun. I feel these strips make the magazines contents more eye catching and also it also gives the magazine a layout and structure. The listing is different from the Kerrang magazine as the Kerrang magazine is split up into categories whereas mine is just listed and numbered. Also I have brought the bottom strip from the front page to the contents page, I feel this makes the pages match and front cover and follow the style through the magazine.
  7. 7. Use- Two page Spread I have used the idea of having a dominant images on The left hand side of the page, and I have done this because I think it makes the magazine appeal to the target audience more and it makes the magazine look more busy. I have used the background colour (black) as well and I did this because I wanted everything on the page to stand out as much as possible. Also the colour also represents the stereotypical rocker mood! Loud and outrageous.
  8. 8. Develop – Two page Spread I have used the Idea of a masthead title and a sub story underneath, but I have changed mine by spreading it between the two pages and having it straight instead of slanted. I have done this so that it is the first thing seen as you turn the page and
  9. 9. Challenge – Two page Spread