THRIVE Breakfast


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Student informational powerpoint to explain what Cactus Shadows DECA chapter does and participates in.

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THRIVE Breakfast

  1. 1. “I recommend to everystudent that has a DECAprogram at their school tojoin and develop the sameexperiences andknowledge that I did. DECAwill forever be a part of myheart.” – Emily Mayo, CSHSDECA Alumni
  2. 2. Areyou
  3. 3. Ready?
  4. 4. To Click photo to hyperlink
  5. 5. What is DECA? DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.
  6. 6. Social Events One Big Family! Club Dinners  September 15th – Barro’s Pizza Club Outings  Bowling Hangouts
  7. 7. Community Service Projects Food Bank  Collect food  4-5 members a month help at the food bank Phoenix Children’s Hospital  Volunteer in play area with the kids
  8. 8. High School Supplements CTE classes Public Speaking skills Satisfies Interests in Business  International Baccalaureate National Technical Honors Society
  9. 9. College Applications  Business/Honors Schools “It gives you a yearning to be Scholarships a leader for the rest of your  Direct life no matter what  Indirect (merit) club/activity you are doing in college!” - Autumn Coleman, 2011- Preparation 2012 Arizona DECA State Representative
  10. 10. Career Advancement Firsthand Experience  Marketing  Business Management Connections Résumés and Job Applications  Responsibility  Motivation
  11. 11. Professionalism Teaches social skills Expectations in the business world THIS YEAR  Men’s Warehouse Professional Dress and Behavior speaker
  12. 12. Workshops Teambuilding Leadership Competition Professionalism *Create Your Own*
  13. 13. Trips! New York  Phoenix  Top of the Rock  Empire State  Wall Street  And more!
  14. 14. International Competition Click photo to hyperlink
  15. 15. Newspaper Advertisements With CSPress Selling ads to local businesses Eligible for a grand prize
  16. 16. Early Competitions DECA Stock Market Game DECA / DeVry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge DECA Virtual Business Challenge DECA H&R Block Dollars & Sense Challenge
  17. 17. Cactus Shadows DECAChapter Officers2 Treasurers1 Secretary2 Historian/Social Media Directors
  18. 18. From National DECA President, MorganThompson You should get involved in DECA because it will change your life. Not only do you gain skills that will make you stand out in for any job or position, it gives you amazing experiences you cant find anywhere else. Ive gotten to travel the world with some of the most fun people Ive ever met. None of that would have been possible without DECA. Taking a chance and joining will be the best decision you could possibly make in high school. And in few years from now, when you are the one standing up giving this presentation, you will see why.