5Jpro CTLes : intervention de Pentti Vattulainen


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5es Journées professionnelles du CTLes des 23 et 24 juin 2014 à la BULAC.

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5Jpro CTLes : intervention de Pentti Vattulainen

  1. 1. Keeping print collections alive: long tail management of print library materials in Finland Pariisi 23.6.2014 Pentti Vattulainen Director, NRL
  2. 2.  Finnish library network  NRL - background: why established, governance  Development in 25 years  Impact for libraries  Success or not: digital era Contents
  3. 3.  university (15)  polytechnic libraries (25)  public libraries  special libraries ______________  University, polytechnic and public libraries are open for all citizens.  Universities get main part of their funding from the government and they decide independently about the funding of libraries.  Polytechnic universities get funding from both the government and local authorities. Finnish library network
  4. 4.  provision of electronic resources. Main actor in this is the National Electronic Library (FinELib),  digital library development. The National Digital Library – a project of the Ministry of Education and Culture  print material availability and preservation. This is the duty of the National Repository Library. Centralised collection services for Finnish academic libraries
  5. 5.  The National Digital Library started in 2008 as a project of the Ministry of Education and Culture. It has intensified co-operation between libraries, archives and museums. The National Digital Library aims at better provision of digital resources and developing long-term preservation of these resources. National Digital Library
  6. 6.  Preservation of printed cultural heritage is guaranteed by legal deposit system.  The Act on Deposit and Preservation of Cultural Material (2007) covers Finnish cultural heritage in all formats.  The National Library has full legal deposit rights.  There are five other university libraries with limited rights. The use of this material is possible only within these institutions.  The National Repository Library in an institution that guarantees access to all materials in its collections to all Finnish libraries. National Imprint
  7. 7. NRL - background: why established, governance
  8. 8.  founded on March the 1st, 1989.  Collection space problems in university libraries  Zero growth collections National Repository Library
  9. 9.  The basic function of the NRL is to receive, store and offer material for the use of other libraries. The NRL serves university and special libraries as well as public libraries, and acts as a connecting link in the library network.  The National Repository Library (NRL) is a resource shared by all Finnish libraries and information service centres. The NRL is the most economic way of storing library material. Because of the NRL, the need for extra shelf space in libraries throughout the country is decreased and can be controlled. Aims and functions
  10. 10.  The NRL’s activities are directed by a Board whose members are appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture for three years at a time. The members represent different library sectors. The Board was established in order to develop interaction between the NRL and other libraries in Finland. This is important, since the library has no framework organization of its own. Governance
  11. 11. Development in 25 years
  12. 12.  Originally locally less-used material; recently also locally needed  Valuable research material  Valuable library material which is not held anywhere else Materials – collection policy
  13. 13.  Total: 134 shelf kilometres  University and research libraries: 90 %  Monographs: 55 shelf kilometres  Serials: 75 kilometres Materials transfered from libraries
  14. 14.  Hall 1: 2715 m2, 27450 metres  Hall 2: 1843 m2, 26826 metres  Hall 3: 1843 m2, 29451 metres  Hall 4: 870 m2, 28700 metres total: 7271 m2, 111427 metres ____________ Halls 1 – 3: 13 shelf metres/m2 Hall 4: 33 shelf metres / m2 Total: 15 shelf metres / m2 Shelving
  15. 15.  Monographs: 1,58 million items  Periodicals: 100 500 titles; 1,5 million volumes  Other: more than 500 000 dissertations Collections
  16. 16.  Biggest ILL services centre in Finland  In 2012 sixty per cent of the materials borrowed from university libraries were delivered by NRL.  All Finnish university libraries as well as all municipal libraries and almost all other public libraries are NRL’s customers.  loans and electronic copies of articles are free of charge. Services
  17. 17.  Book scanners with colour  PDF files via e-mail. PDF files preserve all the formatting, the graphics as well as the colours of the original document.  Electronic copies of articles will be delivered to the customer within 24 hours of the request.  Contents: STM  Use by library types  90 % to research libraries  43 % of all requests Article service
  18. 18.  Cataloguing  Union catalogue of Academic Libraries: Melinda (Aleph)  Local catalogue for holdings information and control of lending: Vaari (Voyager)  All databases free of charge Discovery
  19. 19. Impact for libraries
  20. 20.  NRL helps them to control collection space and make savings locally,  NRL preserves and keeps available important research material (long tail) and acts as a national interlending and document delivery centre,  NRL can be used as a tool for collection management in an individual library. NRL has three impacts for libraries.
  21. 21. Source: http://seeingcomplexity.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/a3.gif Long tail, Chris Anderson
  22. 22.  Avoidance of unnecessary duplication  Extending the range of material available  Cheap land / location  Cheap storage mathods Savings
  23. 23.  University libraries have transferred more than 81 000 shelf metres. Space savings in university libraries is minimum 19 000 square metres. Because libraries can also discard locally material that already is in the repository, the space savings are much bigger  Total amount of transfers from libraries is 134 shelf kilometres of books and periodicals (Research libraries have books in open collections usually 4,33 shelf meters/square metres) Impact: space
  24. 24.  For unversity libraries: 19 000 square metres  Average annual rental costs: 205 euro/square metre  Theoretical savings: 3,9 million euros / year Impact: savings in space
  25. 25. Library premises, m2 Closed stacks, m2 1990 2012 1990 2012 University libraries, total 134 796 149 314 39 557 41 136 Legal deposit libraries 52 231 87 774 28 649 35 402 other university libraries 82 565 61 540 10 908 5 734 premises in university libraries
  26. 26. Success or not: digital era
  27. 27.  elements to ensure mutual interoperability between libraries, better cooperation  joint library automation systems  the National Repository as the hub for the resource sharing of printed materials  digitization projects (being especially implemented by the National Library)  policy work in order to define the roles and responsibilities of each of the libraries. To the future
  28. 28.  Two Finnish universities that have recently merged from previous universities have invested in digital collections. Both of them - Aalto University in Helsinki area and University of Eastern Finland – are multi-campus universities that are building their collections mainly on digital basis. Both of them have almost completely outsourced their printed collections to the NRL.  Efficient outsourcing requires good database facilities so that the libraries can easily find whatever they need.  It also requires efficient logistics that provides libraries with easy access and fast delivery of requested material. This means digital delivery whenever possible and fast postal services combined with services free of charge. An example
  29. 29.  Due to economic pressures the University of Eastern Finland library had to get budget cuttings and reduce the costs of premises at least 5 per cent.  As more and more of the needed publications are published digitally the need to hold print collection locally was discussed. The library decided to radically resize the Kuopio Campus Library and its premises were reduced almost to the half of the size.  As a result there were new options to offer better premises for the students. And in spite of leaving only a small printed collection locally available, the number of loans remained almost the same as before. At the same time the use of the digital collection expanded constantly. An example
  30. 30.  Structural development of universities  The teaching and research environment in Finland i 2020: university and polytechnic libraries in a digital service network  the Repository should prepare for increasing transfers and develop its services to be fast and reliable Need to transfer materials to the NRL by academic libraries
  31. 31.  The NRL has been actively involved with international repository library co-operation and in keeping up the discussion of the role of print repositories in a digital era. A special institution is Kuopio conference series, which has already four times collected librarians from all over the world to discuss problems and views around preservation and availability of print collections.  The Finnish model of keeping print material available in digital time is a solution that has gradually developed from a storage facility whose main aim was to make savings for academic libraries in collection facilities. It is now an important part of resource provision and as such a guarantee for the sustainability of the digital copy International options
  32. 32.  http://www.varastokirjasto.fi/en/  www.nrl.fi  pentti.vattulainen@nrl.fi More information
  33. 33.  The National Repository Library of Finland, by Kari Paakkinen and Pentti Vattulainen. Alexandria, vol 22, 2/3, 2012  The teaching and research environment in Finland i 2020:university and polytechnic libraries in a digital service network, by Kristiina Hormia- Poutanen et al. Library Management, vol 32, 8/9, 2011  Managing the life cycles of the document and collections in Finnish Academic Libraries, by Ari Muhonen et al. Library Management, vol 31, 8/9, 2010  From the centralized national collection policy towards a decentalized collection management and resource sharing co-operation – Finnish experiences by Ari Muhonen et al. Library Management, vol 35. 1/2, 2014  Kuopio conferences: http://www.varastokirjasto.fi/calendar-of-events/ Even more information
  34. 34.  19-20.3.2015  Theme: Collection scenarios  The role of print in library service provision in the future  What can we do? What should we do? Kuopio 5
  35. 35. Football in Kuopio NRL participates also in athletic events