Homework Portugal


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Homework Portugal

  1. 1. Erasmus IPCruises Portugal case
  2. 2. Located on left corner of the IberianPeninsula, Portugal is delimited mostly bysea.This fact gave our country over the centuriesa strong nautical tradition.
  3. 3. Portugal has943km of shore• 1860km including the islands33 Ports withrelevant transit• 5 that can harbor cruises
  4. 4. But Portugal is not only a stopover toMaritime Cruises ...
  5. 5. River cruises Douro river
  6. 6. Douro riverDouro River is sailable / navigable for almost its entire lengthHas an incomparable beautyBaths the Douro Region, a specific region for Porto WineproductionWorld Heritage in the category of Cultural Landscape since2001.[UNESCO]
  7. 7. Douro Azul Importante factsOrganizes River Cruises along Douro riverIt’s the main company and it’s PortugueseClosed the year 2012 with 16.5 million euros turnover3.4 million of EBITDA (gross profits) • Data from porto24.pt and Lusa -18.01.201395% of turnover resulting from international markets
  8. 8. Important factsMore than 230 direct jobs (only in Cruises)Only competitor in the market segment:Croisiere EuropeTop 3 International markets - United States,Germany and Britain• Followed by : • Switzerland, Austria, Holland and Belgium.9 “boats”
  9. 9. Development of hosting conditions in portugal As we know, cruise tourism activities and tourists increased at a global level. PORTUGAL IS NOT AN EXCEPTION!
  10. 10. Development of hosting conditions in portugal Is it • What about our reception enought? conditions?
  11. 11. Development of hosting conditions in portugal According to the National Strategic Plan for Tourism the main concerns are: Develop a Improving the minimum set of quality of the infrastructures infrastrutures aimed at cruise tourists.
  12. 12. Development of hosting conditions in portugal Investiments to How to improve the reception grow? of both ships and passengers
  13. 13. Development of hosting conditions in portugal
  14. 14. Cruise Tourism
  15. 15. StrenghtsLocation; Great access (by air, sea or land); Favorable natural conditions (Sea & Climate); Extensive navigational facilities network (at the sea & rivers); Safety;Qualified human Resources;
  16. 16. StrenghtsComplementary services( medium and high quality); Packaging growth and diversification; Rescue and emergency medical services effective operation; Specialized companies operating at river cruises business;Shipbuilding yard in Portugal.
  17. 17. WeaknessesSee the nautical tourism supply as a complement toother segments, and not as a product itself; Do not exploit total potential of Portugal (primarily at rivers); Lack of appropriate regulations for the nautical tourism development; Lack of experience;Lack of updated technology;
  18. 18. WeaknessesHigh taxes charged to this business area companies; Current international economic and financial situation. Lack of adaptation to trends in demand; Weak structuring the value chain;Lack of planning of nautical tourism;
  19. 19. WeaknessesMarinas saturation; Lack of incentives for investment in sustainable development plans; Scarce development of nautical charter;High seasonality;
  20. 20. oportunitiesImprovement of accessibility; Structuring of the offer; Coordination of dissemination tourist;Interaction of action and logic based oncooperation and integration efforts;
  21. 21. oportunitiesArticulation of public private investment; Creating a global brand cross the territory of the Douro and professionally managed; Strategic development of wine tourism;"Capture" of tourists arrived in the territoryby the river tourism by local tourism actors.
  22. 22. ThreatsPossible loss of the classification of worldheritage; Uncertainties relating to the institutional organization of tourism; Aging population and breaking the traditions and culture of the Douro;Mechanization that can introduce distortionof the landscape;
  23. 23. ThreatsDistortion that may occur as a result ofmass tourism; Difficulty of connection of agriculture to tourism by some micro producers;landscape preservation.