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Homework Czech republic


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Homework Czech republic

  1. 1. SWOT analysison national cruise tourism development
  2. 2. Strenghts
  3. 3. Strenghts• Good labour force• High popularity of boat trips• Qualitative services for lower prices (and not only in this field).• Various options of services (not just trips on the rivers, channels, ponds, dams as well)• Shortlist of European destinations contains CR• The unique atmosphere (e.g. tours through cities)• Gastronomy• Beer everything on one boat?• Safety• Price affordability
  4. 4. Weaknesses
  5. 5. Weaknesses• No beaches, no sea, no ocean• Low price affordability• Weak infrastructure• Uncertainity of the weather• Low demand on cruise trips (only in hundreds), the highest interest of Czech consumers is the Medditerean or the Carribean• Insufficient information, low propagation of cruise tourism in CR• Low competition which leads to a imperfect market. And so the prices are not efficiently adjusted for the demand.• Low intensity and low efficiency of offer the Czech Republic as "tourism destination"• No focus on satisfaction the needs of young generation of tourists
  6. 6. Opportunities
  7. 7. Opportunities• High variety of boat trips in CR• Utilization of EU funds subsidies• Increasing demand of cruise tourism• Increasing demand of corporate clients• Cruise trip as a part of tour (round trip)• Rapid growth in the CR (the fastest growth of all vacations abroad)• Cruise tourism as a benefit for the employees• Improving knowledge and skills by public courses• Build position of CR in massmedia - on shortlist of European destinations• More promotion of the possibility to work abroad in cruise tourism
  8. 8. Threats
  9. 9. Threats• Legal changes which might limit the number of boats over some rivers• Labour force from other Eastern Europe countries in cruise tourism abroad• Competition of other European destinations• Possible shipwreck• River, lake pollution• Economic recession
  10. 10. The main… Strenghts Weaknesses Opportunities Threats• Good labour force • Low demand • Fastest growth • No sea• Popularity of boat • Insufficient • Corporate clients • River pollution trips information • High variety of • Competition• Qualitative • Low propagation boat trips services • EU funds• Low prices Try to find the connection between the SWOT fields. = PEOPLE
  11. 11. Survey• Target group: 19 – 30 years• Respondents: 100
  12. 12. Special opportunity for students!
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention! Any questions?Enjoy! ERASMUS INTENSIVE PROGRAMMESUSTAINABILITY OF CRUISE TOURISM. 15-26 APRIL 2013, Seia - PORTUGAL