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Harbour Logistics And Cruise Tourism


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Harbour Logistics And Cruise Tourism

  1. 1. Harbour logistics and CruiseTourismHelena Rantanen, 19.4.2013
  2. 2. www.turkuamk.fiWhat islogistics?Manageing and developingmaterials-, information andcapital flowstransportationwarehousingpurchasing etc.
  3. 3. www.turkuamk.fiContents1. Port organisations2. Cruise industry3. The cruise tourism system4. Analysis of attractors5. Criterias for choosing a base port6. Biggest base ports for cruises andlargest cruise ships7. Definition of cruise services provided8. Interest groups at the port9. Conclusions
  4. 4. www.turkuamk.fiTurku harbour
  5. 5.“Welcome to Turku - a small and attractive cruisedestinationCruise tourism continues to be the fastest growing business in the global touristindustry. Cruise lines are constantly seeking new destinations with something specialto offer and this is exactly what Turku has. Although fairly new on the Baltic cruise mapTurku is an old city - the oldest in Finland (783 years in 2012) and the first capital until1812. Situated on the south-western coast and surrounded by a beautiful archipelagowith some 20,000 islands and islets it is a hidden gem to be discovered.In 2011 Turku had seven cruise calls making three records. A record number of cruisepassengers - 5456 in total; a record long season when Boudicca called in early Octoberand a record large cruise vessel in Turku when Artania (231 metres) called in August andSeptember. The assets of Turku as a cruise destination are the unique archipelago,clean nature, safety, access almost to the city centre by cruise ships, combination of oldand new, and a wide variety of shore excursions and activities.Turku Cruise Port is a member of Cruise Europe and a founder member ofthe successful Cruise Baltic.”
  6. 6. www.turkuamk.fiCruise Europe” Cruise Europe is a unique anddiverse grouping of Ports innorthern Europe that was formedinto an association in 1991 andtoday represents a membership ofover 100 ports within fourgeographical regions, namelyThe BalticUnited Kingdom & IrelandNorway, Iceland & Faroe IslandsEurope West CoastThe vision: To be acknowledged as“The most attractive cruise area in the world”.(
  7. 7. www.turkuamk.fiCruise BalticMedCruise- a grouping of ports around the Baltic Sea- 25 destinations in Norway, Denmark,Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia,Finland and Sweden- ”10 countries on a string”( Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports.- mission is to promote the cruise industry inthe Mediterranean and its adjoining seas- 70 members representing more than 100ports around the Mediterranean region,including the Black Sea, the Red Sea andthe Near Atlantic (
  8. 8. www.turkuamk.fiPort information, examples (Cruise Europe)Helsinki
  9. 9. www.turkuamk.fiCruise Europe Guide – Port HandbookHelsinki:Nautical Data:Max. Draught (m): 10.8Max. Air draught (m): norestrictionsAnchorage Available: yesAnchorage Compulsory: noPilotage Compulsory: yesTugs Available: yesTidal Movement/Range: max.1,5m/min - 0,9mShip Stay Minimum (hrs): no limitShip Stay Maximum (hrs): no limitShip Stay Preferred (hrs): n/aLisbon:Nautical Data:Max. Length For Berth (m): norestrictionsMax. Draught (m): 12Max. Air draught (m): 70Anchorage Available: yesAnchorage Compulsory: noShip Tenders Allowed: yesPilotage Compulsory: yesTugs Available: yesTidal Movement/Range: 4 (m)Ship Stay Minimum (hrs): 0Ship Stay Maximum (hrs): 0Ship Stay Preferred (hrs): n/a
  10. 10. www.turkuamk.fiCruise Industry• A ”cruise” is a sea voyage taken for pleasure• Cruise industry is dominated by threecompanies• Carnival• Royal Caribbean• Norwegian Cruise Line”I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tideIs a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied” (John Masefield)
  11. 11. www.turkuamk.fiCruise Industry• 85 % of the world’s cruise-line passengerscome from North America, the UK, Germany,France, Italy and Spain• International in scope• in 2013 about 21 million people will cruise; 67% of those come from North America• ”The outlook for 2013 would suggest that themarket is just about to turn; 2011 and 2012were difficult years, but there issome evidence now that the market isslowly turning,” summarizes Peter Wild,Director at G.P. Wild (International), theBritish consultancy firm(
  12. 12. www.turkuamk.fiThe cruise tourism system (after Davidson and Maitland)GeneratingregionGeneratingregionThe cruise shipas adestinationThe cruise shipas adestinationInformationInformationThe tourDestinationregionsInformationThe place the tourists come from (variety of”push” factors)The key destination can beinterpreted as being the shipitself
  13. 13. www.turkuamk.fiWhat makes a good port of call? Ports of call, or destinations offer a mix of elements Cruise ships are businesses that rely on customer satisfaction Passenger feedback suggests that ports should be interesting,culturally simulating, safe and nonthreatening, friendly,accessible and user friendly Ports of call derive considerable income from cruise ships andpopular destinations sell themselves aggressively in order toattract cruise tourism Marketers use a variety of marketing communications (trademagazines, direct selling) and forums (trade shows andconferences) to sell the benefits of destination ports
  14. 14.“For nearly 30 years, Cruise Shipping Miami has been theleading international exhibition and conference serving thecruise industry by bringing together buyers and suppliersfor a week of networking, sourcing, and education. No othercruise event attracts such a broad range of industry players,with more than 1,800 cruise line owners and operators from66 companies in attendance in 2012.As an exhibitor at Cruise Shipping Miami 2013, March 11-14,you will have the opportunity to showcase your productsand services to the influential buyers and decision makersthat attend each year. As an attendee at Cruise ShippingMiami 2013, you will have access to our highly regardededucational conference program, gain admission to thetradeshow floor covering all sectors of the internationalcruise industry, and be invited to a wide variety ofnetworking and social events!”http://www.cruiseshippin
  15. 15. www.turkuamk.fiThe category ofports1) Main/base ports- ideal locations for shipmaintenance and providingbasic and essential supplies2) Secondary ports- have a greater turist appeal(culture, beach, leisure, fashion,shopping etc.)
  16. 16. www.turkuamk.fiCriterias forchoosing a baseport1) Commercial aspect- potential client profitability- quality offered by the port- existing competition in the area- available sales network- prices
  17. 17. www.turkuamk.fiCriterias forchoosing a baseport:2) Logistics- technical conditions/facilities (terminals,depth of water, dock length, dock width,supplying the ship without disturbing thepassengers)- port services (navigarion, ship on tow)- saturation level of docking berths- proximity to other secondary ports- tourist services and leisure facilities in the cityand its surroundings- accessibility to other modes of transport (intern.airport, rail links etc.)- possibilities of provisioning and supplying fuel- political and religious holidays, opening times ofmuseums and city attractions in each city visited
  18. 18. www.turkuamk.fiCriterias forchoosing a baseport: 3) Target customers’ wishes- preferences of on-board passengers- preferences of on-land passengers(turist attractions etc.)- market potential of local passengers(purchasing power, size of demand)- security matters (physical security andpolitical stability)
  19. 19. www.turkuamk.fiAnalysis of attractors (analysis of port advertisementsin Cruise International)Unique experiences• average 10,75 metres ( 35 ft.)water at low tide• sheltered berths• gateway port with easy accessto destinations• port an attraction itself• duty free• professional service• island port with diversity ofattractions• sightseeing tours/shore excursions• exciting nightlifeHeart of the city location• shopping• capacity for megacruise ships• comfortable, efficient and secure• warehousing space (storage,stores and baggage handling)• panoramic views• international airport nearby• perfect weather year round/warmweather destination• cultural and historical treasures• water sports and land sports
  20. 20. www.turkuamk.fiCruise awards 2012 of the Year (a port authority/portmanagement co) which has made significantimprovements to its handling facilities/cruise-tourism infrastructure over the past 12MonthsHeraklion PortDestination of the year: ScotlandSupplier of the year: DeCrutis CorporationA company who has provided an exceptionalservice, product or innovation to cruise lines.Mobile Assembly Suite (MAS) represents theleading technology solution available for e-mustering - software that is designed tosupport the emergency evacuation of shippassengers and crew
  21. 21. www.turkuamk.fiBiggest base ports for cruises• Port of Miami- known as the ”Cruise Capital of the World”- was hosting over 4 million cruise passenger in 2011(more than any other cruise port in the world)- also a big port for cargo (offers services to nearly twodozen of the world’s leading cargo lines- 13 cruise brands, berthing 27 ships- 7 cruise terminals- departure destination of choice forcruises to the Bahamas,the Caribbean, Mexico etc.(
  22. 22. www.turkuamk.fiPort of Miami“Seven cruise terminals, some of themost modern in the world, aredesigned to quickly move passengersfrom land to sea. Drive-in passengerscan opt for convenient on-port parkingwith special arrangements for travelerswith disabilities. For those arriving bytaxi, shuttle bus or limousine, drop offis directly in front of each terminal andentryways are designed for a quick andeasy check-in and boarding process.”
  23. 23. www.turkuamk.fiBiggest base ports for cruises• Port Everglades, Florida”Port Everglades is propelling toward the No. 1 position of world’sbusiest cruise port ( Has largest single ship cruise terminal in the world- On March 20, 2010 set a world record with 53,365 cruise guestssailing in and out of the Port in a single day- also a big port for cargo (12thamong U.S. seaports for internationalcontainerized cargo in 2010)The world’s largest andmost revolutionary cruiseship, Royal CaribbeanInternational’s Oasis of theSeas, arrives at her newhome in Port Everglades.
  24. 24. www.turkuamk.fiLargest cruise ships 2012 (according to tonnage)1) MS Allure of the Seas (2010)- is owned by the Royal CaribbeanInternational- 220 900 tons- operates on the Caribbean routebetween Fort Lauderdale in Florida andthe Caribbean seas- passenger carrying capacity of 5400- 2,700 rooms and 16 decks- stands 72 m tall with a 360 m length- was built at STX Europe shipyard, Turku,Finland
  25. 25. www.turkuamk.fiLargest cruise ships 20122) MS Oasis of the Seas (2009)- price about 900 MEUR- 220 900 tons- stands 65 m tall with 360 m length and 47 m width- passenger carrying capacity of 5400- 2700 rooms- all the water that is needed at the ship is producedin the waterworks on board- they produce 4,1 million liters/day (originallyseawater); 50 tons of it is freezed for icecubes- 1/3 of the revenues come from tickets, 1/3 fromarcade (450 gaming consoles) and 1/3 from otherincomeWhat happens behind the scenes:
  26. 26.
  27. 27. www.turkuamk.fiOasis of the Seas (height 72 m), passesunderneath the Big Belt bridge(height 65 m).
  28. 28. www.turkuamk.fiLargest cruiseships 20123) Norwegian Epic (2010)~ 160 000 tons
  29. 29. www.turkuamk.fiTwo ways to describe activities at the port:1) Definition of main services provided A port call by a cruise ship requires the provision of logistical, touristand commercial services1) Port services:a) technical assistance provided for the cruise ship the approach of the ship to the port involves the participation ofthree different categories of professionals, providing services ina) navigation, b) ship on tow and 3) docking- after the ship is secured (docked or anchored), it falls under theremit of the shipping agentb) welcoming cruise passengers portrays the image of the port and the city, is provided jointlyby the port authority, the dock services provider and the localcouncil (welcoming parties, fireworks, receptions etc.)
  30. 30. www.turkuamk.fiDefinition of main services provided2) On-land logistics:- transporting cruise passengers- international connections- accomodation offers3) Tourist activities:- sightseeing and excursion programmes- restaurants in ports of call- on-land shopping4) Other services and suppliers:- service providers
  31. 31. www.turkuamk.fiPort services - provided by the Porth Authority- tariffs vary depending on ship tonnage andnumber of cruise passengers- practical service- the ship on tow service (used less)- boat sevice for anchored cruise ships-“The ship fee for a passenger ship in cruisertraffic that visits the harbour without collectingor leaving passengers is reduced by 50 percent if the ship is brought to a berth, and by75 per cent if it anchors in the outer harbour.The minimum fee is 135.00 €”
  32. 32. www.turkuamk.fiShipping agent”A person or company whose business is toprepare shipping documents, arrangeshipping space and insurance, and dealwith customs requirements” (World EnglishDictionary)- logistics in cruise-line industry:- example:Kuehne+Nagel :
  33. 33. www.turkuamk.fi2) Interest Groups at the Port1) Port organisations- port facilities- port owners (communes, private ownersetc.)- port operations (stevedoring movements)
  34. 34. www.turkuamk.fiInterest Groups at the Port2) Service providers- ship clearance(documents needed, contacts toport personell and stevedoring etc.)- shipping agent (represent the senders orrecipients of the goods)- provisioning- forms part of the ship’s general supplies along withthesupply of parts, oil and grease for main and back-upengines, food provisions for the on-board restaurantsand catering, supplies for stores, drinking water,offload waste- fuel supply- maintenance and repairs- tow, pilotage- sailor service and missions to seamen
  35. 35. www.turkuamk.fiInterest Groups at the Port3) Port customers- shipping companies (Royal Caribbean etc.)- shippers- land transport companies (on-land logistics)4) Port authorities- shipping (port services)- customs- police- environment
  36. 36. www.turkuamk.fiConclusions- ports are eager to participate to cruise-line industry and they are members indifferent organizations related to cruise-line industry- ports are actively marketing in variousways and in various forums- the feedback of the customers (cruisepassengers) is important whencompanies select the ports of call- there are ”visible” logistics services;services for passengers, like sightseeingtours etc, but also ”non-visible” services,like offload waste, food supplies etc.
  37. 37. www.turkuamk.fiThank you! – Kiitos!