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Feif News


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Feif News

  1. 1. Spectacular opening of World Championships 2013 Action and Emotion - those are the names of both shows presented at the opening of the World Championships 2013 with 8 and 12 Lusitanos, respectively. The organizers of WC 2013 (August 4-11) have managed to sign worldwide superstar Lorenzo as their headlining performer. True to its name, it will feature throughout its 2.5-3-hour-long program the best of the best with lots of equestrian action. After the relay ride will have passed through the historic Brandenburger Tor and before competitions begin at Berlin Karlshorst, this will be the place to be on August 4 with all entertainment kicking into high gear at 15:00h. Next to Lorenzo and his unique performances, come and enjoy Belgiums Thunderguys with all their stunts and colorful fun in the heart of the WC 2013 arena. There will be jumping, dressage, races, Friesians, Roman chariots and so muchmore. Youll be surprised by this world full of discovery! Furthermore, the hundreds of WC 2013 relayriders will end their journey in front of our great crowd in the stadium, and the audience on this Sundayafternoon will also be welcoming into the arena all participants of the World Championships from as manyas 17 countries in a grand celebration. Tickets for HorsePower are now available through the ticketingsystem on the WM 2013 website: .FEIF Conference 2013The FEIF Conference 2013 will take place in Strasbourg (F), from February 8-10, 2013. The main themesare Ethics, Rules and Leisure Riding. The conference includes the yearly Delegates Assembly - thehighest authority in FEIF - plus the department meetings for chairmen, breeding, sport, education, youthwork and leisure riding. It is the intention that as many representatives as possible from each membercountry can take part in specific and general discussions but also meet colleagues from otherdepartments and through that contact get inspiration and benchmark from how things are done in othermember countries. The conference is organised in cooperation between the French Icelandic HorseAssociation FFCI and FEIF and is open for all active members of FEIF member associations, members ofFEIF committees and people otherwise connected to the work of FEIF.World Championships 2013 in Berlin on their wayOn Monday, December 17, 2012 the FEIF Event Committee did meet withthe Organising Committee of the World Championships 2013, August 4-11in Berlin. The meeting took place in a very good spirit. The OrganisingCommittee gave an update on the state of preparation. Together we couldsolve major issues in the time schedule, as more Young Riders areexpected to participate. For the first time there will be seperate finals forYoung Riders. Like always, a lot of work still has to be done, but nothingstands excellent World Championhips in the way. Members of the eventcommittee are FEIF President Jens Iversen, Vice President GunnarSturlusson, Director of Sport Marko Mazeland and Roger Scherrer,organiser of the World Championships 2009 in Switzerland. FEIF Directorof Breeding Marlise Grimm was present to discuss a further integration ofthe breeding show in the total program. The program will include the presentation of some succesfulbreeding farms as well. FEIF Director of Leisure Riding Lone Høgholt was present as well, as there will bea relay ride from different countries towards the Brandenburger Tor. The participants of this ride will bepresented on the oval track as well during the opening ceremony on Sunday, August 4. Hundreds ofhorses will populate the oval track. Later on the audience will be surprised with a facinating show byLorenzo.IceTest Next GenerationAfter the FEIF Software Conference 2011 a committee started to work to define the requirements for thenext generation of sport competition software: IceTest NG. The first steps have been set, starting up theprocess of creating the new software, based upon requirements and functionality defined so far. In
  2. 2. connection to the FEIF Conference 2013 in Strasbourg there will be a meeting to report about theprogress and also to bring people together willing to join the project, to prepare for a release in 2014.Doping rulesThe current situation about a positive doping/medication test at the Mid European Championships inWehrheim, Germany urges FEIF to review current rules. This case revealed a lack of authority andprocedures in our current doping rules. This makes it impossible for FEIF to act directly in a case like this,and maybe also the countries involved depending on the national legislation in each country. It also madeus realise that our rules need further refinement, as they - as far as FEIF itself is involved - only apply tothe World Championships. Our general rule book FIRO refers to the FEI rules when it comes to doping.The FEI is the sole controlling authority for all international events in general horse sport, includingOlympic games. However, FEI addresses sport events in a different way as we are used to. And FEI onlycovers sport events, but not breeding shows. Sport events and breeding shows in the Icelandic horseworld are for most part international events. On the European continent it is rather common that ridersfrom one country compete or show horses in another country, without any special procedures or licenses.Our rules state that membership in one country is valid in all countries. Our WorldRanking and the resultsfrom breeding shows are a good example of our international character. In the FEI rules there is adistinction between regional and national events on one hand and international events (with riders fordifferent countries) on the other hand. This leads to a situation where FEI member countries can applytheir national doping procedures to regional or national events. FEI is only involved when it comes tointernational events. For the Board of FEIF this is the reason to come quickly with proposals to changeour rules, to ensure that future cases can be handled swiftly. Our aim is to develop a system wheredoping/medication cases at any Icelandic horse event are treated the same way all over the world. Allnational chairmen have been approached this week to be informed about the ambition of the Board ofFEIF. They are asked to inform FEIF about the situation in their country on short notice.Good and Harmonious Riding2012 Was the year of Good and Harmonious Riding. To stress this, FEIF did ask judges to nominateriders for their fine riding style, independent of the marks given. More then 100 riders were nominated.FEIF wants to congratulate Nils Christian Larsen, Stian Pedersen, Eyjólfur Þorsteinsson and MartinRønnestad for being nominated at 4 different events in 2012. The Board of FEIF has decided to continuethe emphasis on Good and Harmonious Riding after 2012. From 2013 on, FEIF International SportJudges at WorldRanking events will be asked again to nominate riders for their fine riding style. Thenames of the riders will be published on a yearly list, to give all riders again a chance to be nominatedmany times. Import of used riding equipment in Iceland strictly prohibited The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) would like to convey the following information to all visitors that plan on riding horseback in Iceland: Importing used riding equipment and used riding gloves to Iceland is strictly prohibited. There are no exceptions to this rule. However, used riding clothes other than gloves can be brought to Iceland if they have received proper disinfection. Sport Judges Test 2013 The test to become a licensed FEIF International Sport Judge will take place October 3-4, 2013 in Dahlenburg (DE), at Kronshof. At the same time FEIF will provide the service to member associations to have their judges tested to become a judge at a national level. IslandpferdegestütKronshof (fam. Schenzel) is located in the northern part of Germany, easyto reach from Hamburg airport. Registration of candidates is only possiblethrough our member associations.World Championships logo 2015 presentedThe logo is designed by Stine Sandahl and is inspired by a horse symbol,
  3. 3. pictured on a piece of jewelry from ancient times. Visually it drags a line from the historical roots of Nordicmythology, Vikings and the Sagas up until today. The logo is a symbol of the Nordic collaboration for theWorld Championship 2015 to be held in Denmark and supports the theme of the event "New Nordic".Finally, it is also a symbol of our amazing Icelandic horse as the distinct and powerful animal it is. Thetoelting "Dragon horse", which has become the nickname of the logo, magical and powerful with a highbrand value. Thanks to Matilde Bøgh for beautiful photos and Jacob Brodersen who composed the musicof the film.FEIF Events until 25 May 201318-Jan - 20- FEIF Board of Directors Copenhagen DenmarkJan08-Feb FEIF Delegates Assembly 2013 Strasbourg France08-Feb - 10- FEIF Conference 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Breeding Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Chairperson Meeting Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Education Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Sport Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Youth Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb10-Feb IceTest Next Generation Strasbourg France Haarlem (nr23-Mar European Championships - Horses on Ice 2013 Netherlands Amsterdam)05-Apr - 06- FEIF Sport Judges Seminar (International Sport Berlin GermanyApr Judges)06-Apr World Championships Sport Judges Meeting Berlin Germany08-Apr - 12- FEIF International Breeding Judge seminar + test Holar University IcelandApr 2013 College19-Apr - 21- Young Breeding Horse Trainer Seminar 2013 Skeidvellir IcelandApr