September 26 FEIF News


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September 26 FEIF News

  1. 1. Chief Judge at World Championships 2013 in BerlinThe Board of FEIF has appointed Eva Petersen as Chief Judge at theWorld Championships 2013 in Berlin (D). Einar Ragnarsson will be theDeputy Chief Judge. Both judges have a long experience in judging atdifferent levels, including World Championships. The 15 other judges willbe appointed in November.FEIF Breeding Seminar - Foal / young horse assessmentsFrom November 9 - 11, 2012 FEIF offers a special seminar for FEIFInternational Breeding Judges and national breeding judges who are usingthe linear judging system and the core rules for foals/young horses. Venue:Kronshof, Dahlenburg (about 80km from Hamburg), Germany. Furtherdetails to be found in the invitation.Registration Relay Ride 2013The Relay Ride 2013 will be the largest and greatest relay ride for Icelandichorses on Continential Europe ever! Riders will gather from all over Europeand meet up in Berlin. The event will undoubtedly be a landmark statementin promoting the Icelandic horse and its unique qualities across Europe.FEIF acknowledges that the Relay Ride is only possible due to tremendousefforts from organizers, volunteers, riders and horses. Read more about iton A registration form is available for download. Seeyou there!One more World Record: SpeedPass 100m, 6.95"The Austrian rider Carina Mayrhofer with Frami von St Oswald[AT1997160415] has established a new World Record in SpeedPass 100m, with a time of 6.95". The record was established at the Mid EuropeanChampionships in Wehrheim (D), August 26, 2012. The record replaces therecord from 2007 by Sigurður Sigurðarson with Drífa frá Hafsteinsstöðum[IS1995257349] (7.18").FEIF Breeders Meeting 2012For the first time the FEIF Open Breeders Meeting will be held on October27, 2012 in Malmö. A great variety of important issues concerning thebreeding work and policy within FEIF shall be discussed among breedingofficials and representatives of our member countries, members of theFEIF Breeding Committee and the Breeding Judges Committee, trainers,riders and - of course - fellow breeders from all over the world.
  2. 2. History of FEIFFormer FEIF President Tone Kolnes has provided FEIF with a lot ofhistorical documents, from the founding of FEIF in 1969 on. The firstdocuments have been scanned and made available on the FEIF website:minutes of all Delegates Assemblies. All other relevant documents will bescanned and stored in the internal FEIF archive.European Championshps on Ice 2013On Saturday 23-03-2013 the fifth edition of Horses On Ice will take place inHaarlem (NL). The event is selected as the European Championships onIce. Horses On Ice is an event for those who love ice, speed, Icelandichorses, warmth, a good atmosphere and a great show. The tickets forHorses On Ice 2013 will go on sale late 2012.FEIF Events until 23 February 201326-Oct - 28-Oct FEIF Committee Meetings 2012 Malmö Sweden27-Oct 1st Open Breeders Meeting 2012 Malmö Sweden08-Feb - 10-Feb FEIF Conference 2013 Strasbourg FranceFEIF WorldRanking Events until 30 November 201228-Sep - 30- Germany Zachow Paßchampionat Zachow 2011Sep05-Oct - 07- Denmark Hedehusene ISICUP FinaleOct06-Oct - 07- Switzerland Biel-Benken Islandpferde-TurnierOct12-Oct - 14- Steirische Austria SemriachOct LandesmeisterschaftenFEIF International Breeding Shows until 30 November 201226-Sep - 27-Sep Germany FIZO Zachow28-Sep - 30-Sep Germany FIZO Heesberg28-Sep - 30-Sep Norway Høstutstilling Drammen
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