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  1. 1. Breeders Forum 2013 The Breeders Forum at the World Championships for Icelandic horses in Berlin, August 4-11, 2013 offers a unique overview of worldwide Icelandic horse breeding. Posters of highly evaluated breeding horses, presentation of results,pictures and films, meeting point and place for interesting lectures.FIPO 2013: correction availableA corrected version of FIPO 2013 is available for download. Unfortunately therequirement to show all sections in the finals of Tölt T1 on both reins has dropped out ofthe previous release (page 32). This has been corrected. The relevant page is availablefor download as well.International Sport Judges Seminar in BerlinAbout 50 International Sport Judges from Iceland, Norway,Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, the Netherlands,Germany, Switzerland and Austria attended the InternationalSport Judges Seminar in Berlin (April 5-6, 2013). The mainitem was practical judging (and discussing judgements)based upon selected video material. The evening programcontained lectures about invisible rough riding and dopingprocedures. Furthermore the judges discussed the next stepin the new guidelines, based upon a system with firewalls connected to the keyelements in judging: riding skills/connection. beat/balance, suppleness/relaxation,physiology/locomotion and execution of the test elements. Judges with an internationallicense are obliged to attend such a seminar at least once every three years. Connectedto this meeting the first meeting of World Championships judges took place, to preparefor the World Championships 2013 in Berlin, August 4-11.WorldFengur Report 2012WorldFengurs Annual Report 2012 has been published on the WF website and is nowavailable to everyone interested. The report contains information on the main projectsthat were completed and several statistics on foals and assessed horses, export figures,development of subscription figures and WF registrar activities and more.FEIF Events until 14 September 201319-Apr - 21-Apr Breeding Horse Trainer Seminar 2013 Skeidvellir Iceland22-Jul - 28-Jul FEIF YouthCamp 2013 Molde Norway06-Sep - 08-Sep FEIF Education Seminar 2013 Stockholm SwedenFEIF WorldRanking Events until 21 June 201320-Apr - Sweden Göteborg Vestur regional 201321-Apr
  2. 2. 20-Apr - Sweden Norrköping Dyggur regional vår21-Apr27-Apr Belgium Bornem Bornem Open 201327-Apr - Sweden Vallentuna Stormur regional28-Apr27-Apr - Denmark Herning St.Bededagsstævne29-Apr01-May - Iceland Reykjavík Reykjavíkurmeistaramót05-May03-May - Germany Drolshagen OSI Birkenhof 201305-May03-May - Germany Wurz Rennpaßwettbewerbe Wurz 201305-May04-May - Denmark Holstebro TeamNo / Nóri Forårsstævne05-May09-May Denmark Jerslev Heklas Kval.Stævne09-May - Germany Fridberg OSI-Housecup Lechleite 201212-May09-May - Sweden Romme Romme nationell12-May10-May - Kärntner Landesmeisterschaften, Austria Leibsdorf12-May 1st qualification10-May - Denmark Hundested Elitestævne C12-May10-May - Denmark Svendborg Himmelfartsstævne12-May10-May - Germany Lingen OSI Lingen 201312-May10-May - Iceland Varmárbakkar Íþróttamót Harðar12-May10-May - Norway Tresfjord Midtnorsk Mesterskap12-May17-May - Netherlands Exloo IJRN International19-May
  3. 3. 17-May - Sweden Säve VSM nationell19-May17-May - Denmark Holstebro St. Sognstrup Pinsestævne20-May17-May - Kronshof Special 2013 / WM Germany Ellringen20-May Sichtungsturnier 201318-May Sweden Eskilstuna SM-kval, kvaltävling18-May - Sörlastaðir Iceland Íþróttamót Sörla19-May Hafnarfjörður18-May - Denmark Nordjysk Tvisturs Pinsestævne20-May18-May - Norway Seljord Pinsestevnet20-May24-May - Germany Kreuth OSI Kreuth 201326-May24-May - Switzerland Hombrechtikon 1. WM Qualifikation CH26-May25-May - Finland Nurmijärvi Drómin WR-kilpailut26-May30-May - Germany Aegidienberg OSI Aegidienberg 201302-Jun30-May - Germany Kaufungen OSI Ellenbach 201302-Jun31-May - Austria Andorf OÖ Landesmeisterschaften02-Jun31-May - Norway Drammen Hrimnirstevnet02-Jun31-May - Sweden Strömsholm Sleipnir nationell02-Jun07-Jun - Denmark Hedeland ISICUP Finale09-Jun07-Jun - Denmark Odense Fynsmesterskaberne09-Jun07-Jun - Germany Saarwellingen LVM RPS Saarwellingen 201309-Jun
  4. 4. 07-Jun - Germany St. Peter Ording Nordseeturnier 201309-Jun07-Jun - Norway Biri Travbane WR-stevne Biri09-Jun07-Jun - Fossanmoen Norway Villingurstevnet09-Jun islandshestsenter08-Jun - Finland Orimattila Jálkurin mestaruuskilpailut09-Jun Faroe14-Jun Tórshavn 1.WR Havnadalur Islands14-Jun - Germany Neuler WM Sichtungsturnier 201316-Jun14-Jun - Sweden Linköping Stenholmen regional sommar16-Jun14-Jun - Sweden Wången Norrlandsmästerskapen nationell16-Jun Faroe15-Jun Tórshavn 2. WR FM 2 Islands15-Jun Sweden Everöd Änghagas SM-kval Faroe16-Jun Tórshavn 3.WR Havnadalur Islands16-Jun Finland Pieksämäki Náttfarin kansalliset WR-kisat IPOLPoweRTage & WEM Belm16-Jun Germany Belm 201319-Jun - Iceland Hornafjörður Fjórðungsmót Austurlands23-Jun20-Jun - Austria St. Radegund OÖ 2nd WM qualification23-Jun20-Jun - Norway Frivoll, Grimstad St.Hans-stevnet23-Jun21-Jun Great Britain Marston Bonus event21-Jun - Germany Großhansdorf Mittsommernachtsturnier 201323-JunFEIF International Breeding Shows until 21 June 2013
  5. 5. 17-Apr - 18-Apr Austria Panoramahof22-Apr - 23-Apr Germany FIZO Kronshof23-Apr - 24-Apr Germany FIZO Berlar26-Apr - 28-Apr Norway Hoved utstilling Seljord27-Apr - 28-Apr Germany FIZO Stutensee27-Apr - 28-Apr Germany FIZO Vorsenzhof29-Apr - 30-Apr Germany FIZO Töltmyllan29-Apr - 03-May Iceland Skagafjörður02-May - 05-May Denmark Herning03-May - 05-May Germany FIZO Wurz03-May - 05-May Sweden Vaggeryds Travbana06-May - 08-May Germany FIZO Hirtenhof06-May - 10-May Iceland Selfoss09-May - 12-May Germany FIZO Osterbyholz14-May - 15-May United States of America Winterhorsepark15-May - 17-May Iceland Akureyri21-May - 24-May Iceland Hafnarfjörður21-May - 24-May Iceland Hvammstangi23-May - 26-May Sweden Sundbyholms Travbana24-May - 25-May Denmark Hedeland27-May - 28-May Iceland Hornafjörður27-May - 31-May Iceland Selfoss27-May - 31-May Iceland Skagafjörður30-May - 31-May Iceland Stekkhólmi31-May - 02-Jun Germany FIZO Heesberg03-Jun - 14-Jun Iceland Hella03-Jun - 07-Jun Iceland Melgerðismelar07-Jun - 09-Jun Norway Internationalutstilling Tresfjord
  6. 6. 07-Jun - 09-Jun Sweden Wången10-Jun - 11-Jun Germany FIZO Havixbeck10-Jun - 14-Jun Iceland Miðfossar15-Jun - 16-Jun Canada Vernen, B.C.19-Jun - 20-Jun Austria St. Radegund, WC Qualification21-Jun - 23-Jun Iceland FM HornafirðiYou receive this newsletter because you are a member of a FEIF Committee, licensedjudge or trainer, participant in a FEIF activity or member of the board of a memberassociation of FEIF. You can unsubscribe from receiving this newsletter at any time bycontacting the FEIF Office at .This message was sent to you by an automated procedure using the FEIF mailing list.Go to to add other people to this free mailing list.The most up to date version (with daily updates) of the FEIF WorldRanking is alwaysavailable on Internet: of member associations, board, committees, licensed judges and trainersand other officials can be found at as well. Or use our mobile .News, recent documents and events are also available as news feeds (RSS), ready tobe added to your own website. Read more about it at 1.0.0081