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Please find below the latest news from feif3

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations.FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse. More information can be foundon our website: . For mobile users: . Import of used riding equipment strictly prohibited The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) would like to convey the following information to all visitors that plan on riding horseback in Iceland: Importing used riding equipment and used riding gloves to Iceland is strictly prohibited. There are no exceptions to this rule. However, used riding clothes other than gloves can be brought to Iceland if they have received proper disinfection. Sport Judges Test 2013 The test to become a licensed FEIF International Sport Judge will take place October 3-4, 2013 in Dahlenburg (DE), at Kronshof. At the same time FEIF will provide the service to member associations to have their judges tested to become a judge at a national level. IslandpferdegestütKronshof (fam. Schenzel) is located in the northern part of Germany, easy to reach from Hamburg airport.Registration of candidates is only possible through our member associations.World Championships logo 2015 presentedThe logo is designed by Stine Sandahl and is inspired by a horse symbol,pictured on a piece of jewelry from ancient times. Visually it drags a linefrom the historical roots of Nordic mythology, Vikings and the Sagas upuntil today. The logo is a symbol of the Nordic collaboration for the WorldChampionship 2015 to be held in Denmark and supports the theme of theevent "New Nordic". Finally, it is also a symbol of our amazing Icelandichorse as the distinct and powerful animal it is. The toelting "Dragon horse",which has become the nickname of the logo, magical and powerful with ahigh brand value. Thanks to Matilde Bøgh for beautiful photos and JacobBrodersen who composed the music of the film.WorldRanking 2013The first WorldRanking events 2013 have been added to the FEIF WorldRanking calender. Within thenext weeks, further events for 2013 are expected, details on new events as well as details on formerevents and the respective results (2008 - 2012) are available on the FEIF website.Extended information on horses in WorldRankingThe information provided in the FEIF WorldRanking about sport horses is again extended, using a link toWorldFengur. For each horse the sport results are presented (marks and times), including of course thename of the rider(s). In addition to this, the pedigree is available, plus the highest breeding assessmentfor all horses presented (when available). Also interesting is the list of offspring with sport results,available for many stallions and mares. The search page allows to look for horses by name or FEIFId, butit is also possible to use advanced search for offspring of specific stallions and mares, or for specificbreeders. Breeding Judges World Championships 2013 The team of breeding judges for the World Championships 2013 has been set: Guðlaugur V. Antonsson (chief judge), Rebecka Frey and Barbara Frische. Silke Feuchthofen and Sigbjörn Björnsson will be responsible for measurements and equipment checks and will be reserve judges if needed.
  2. 2. Doping caseFEIF has been informed in October about the positive outcome of a doping/medication test of an Austriansport rider at the Mid European Championships in Germany, which means that a prohibited substancehas been discovered. FEIF has of course a strong attitude against doping and any improper use ofmedication, both in respect of welfare of the horse and fairness of competition. FEIF strives to ensure thatappropriate measures are taken. Our Austrian member association ÖIV has handed the case - followingAustrian rules - to the Austrian Anti-Doping Agency NADA. At the same time our German memberassociation IPZV is reviewing the case, as the Mid European Championships were organised under IPZVapproval. Unfortutely these procedures take more time then expected. Based upon FIPO 3.2 anymeasures taken will be valid for all FEIF member countries. FEIF will keep the member associations andthe Icelandic Horse world informed about this case. At the same time the Board of FEIF is preparingproposals for the member associations to improve procedures to handle positive doping/medication casesinternationally in a better way.Ring stewards, ring masters and doping supervisors for Berlin 2013The organisers of the World Championships 2013 are searching for judges to beappointed as ring stewards, ring masters and supervisors of doping checks duringnext years World Championships in Berlin. More details can be found on thewebsite of the World Championships 2013. Breeding judge seminar "Assessment of foals and young horses" The seminar took place from Nov 9-11, 2012 on Kronshof, Lüneburg in Germany and in a very convienient atmosphere 13 participants, coming from five countries, judged and discussed their points of view, using the linear assessment system. A lot of interesting young horses were available for practical work. The training shall support a good comparability among comments and assessments. Besides, a mathmatical calculation system to rank horses was introduced. Thanks to the Schenzel family as hosts and Barbara Frische as main lecturer of this educational judge event. FEIF Breeding Judges seminar and testA FEIF international breeding judge seminar will be held at Holar University College in Iceland, April 8.-12. 2013. This is a seminar for experienced national judges that are approved by the Icelandic horseassociation of their country. The participants have to pass a test at the end of the seminar to get the FEIFinternational qualification as a breeding judge. All applications must be sent to the FEIF Office( before the 4th of January 2013 by the board or the breeding leader of the nationalIcelandic horse association.Ethics - presentation at the committee meetingsJens-Erik Majlund, Secretary General of the Danish Equestrian Federation, gave a presentation aboutethics during the committee meetings 2012. He provided information how the topic is handled in FEI andthe FEI-member countries.TaskForceThe Education Committee continues to work very closely with the FEIF Task Force, which seeks to reviseand restructure our various rule books. In the course of that work it became clear that there are significantdiscrepancies between the descriptions of the gaits in FIZO and FIPO. This is now being addressed, andwe can expect a draft of a completely new approach to a single unified description of all gaits of theIcelandic horse at the FEIF Conference in Strasbourg at the beginning of February 2013.Education Committee meeting 2012At the request of 2 member countries the Education Committee is now working on a new matrix so wecan set a minimum standard of what it takes to become a young-horse trainer (Jungpferdebereiter). This
  3. 3. document should be ready for discussion at the FEIF conference in February 2013. The EducationCommittee is also happy to give advance notice of this years Education Seminar, which is scheduled forthe beginning of September 2013 in or around Stockholm. For spring 2014 we envisage a joint SportJudges and Education Seminar.Sport Committee Meeting 2012The Sport Committee Meeting evaluated together with the Sport Judges Committee the system tonominate Good and Harmonious Riding. It was decided to continue the system after 2012. Also the newlyintroduced system with plus and minus cards has been evaluated. The aim is to show riders that markshave been increased for good riding, or deduction has taken place because of bad (rough) riding. TheSport Committee also decided to prepare a change in the rules for the FEIF WorldRanking to increase thedemands for WorldRanking events, in order to make results more comparable. Together with the SportJudges Committee seminars will be planned for FEIF International Sport Judges (April 5-6, 2013 inBerlin), the test for international and national sport judges in September 2013 and a joint seminar with theEducation department in April 2014.Breeding Committee Meeting 2012The breeding judges committee and the breeding committee together with Kristin Halldórsdóttir (head ofthe FEIF registration group) and Jón Baldur Lorange, WorldFengur, continued to work on moreprofessionalism and uniformity in the procedures of FEIF breeding assessments. Among other items, thedistribution of judge panels, the standards of tracks and health and equipment controls will be describedmore precisely. Furthermore, the committees agreed that job descriptions of show leaders/ringmastersneed to be defined and standardized. The committees agreed on the activities for 2013: young breedingrider seminar in April, a judges? seminar including a test in spring (Hólar), a seminar for ring masters anda breeders? tent at the World Championships 2013 in Berlin.Leisure Riding Committee Meeting 2012The Leisure Riding Committee has now been formally established by the inclusion of Tanja Casimir (NL)and Samúel Örn Erlingsson (IS). Next step will be to establish the international network between themember countries. Among other items the committee discussed the definition of a leisure rider andleisure riding, and the characterisation of a good leisure horse. In the near future the work related tomapping the legal framework for access to the country side in the member countries, as well as amapping of stakeholders, will be initiated. At the FEIF Conference in February, which will be the nextmeeting, the committee also plans to present the final wording of their vision and goals.Youth committee meeting 2012The Youth Committee had a good and productive meeting where the main focus was the evaluation ofthe well organized FEIF Youth Cup 2012 in Germany, and possible improvements for the next FEIFYouth Cup. Among them one can mention that team building will be emphasized even more on the nextFEIF Youth Cup, which will be hosted by Iceland! Norway is preparing for the FEIF Youth Camp 2013 andthe exact details will be presented on the youth leader meeting in Strasbourg. Also next year a FEIFYouth Trekking tour will take place in Sweden, this time in August.First FEIF Breeders MeetingThis first meeting was based on the idea to assemble breeders, trainers,judges and officials round a table. Many items concerning the currentsituation as well as the future goals were discussed. Several ideas, like forexample to set up a working group dealing with possibilities to open upnew markets for the Icelandic horse, have found their way into breedingdepartment. The feedback from this event was very positive. Sport Judges at World Championships 2013 The list of sport judges for the World Championships 2013 has been set. The special committee, appointed to select the last 6 judges,
  4. 4. has completed the list. Chief judge is Eva Petersen, Deputy Chief Judge Einar Ragnarsson. The otherjudges are Alexander Sgustav, Åsa William, Carina Heller, Christian Reischauer, Florian Schneider,Frauke Walter, Hörður Hákonarson, Laura Pihkala-Posti, Lena Lennartsson, Nicolai Thye, PiaAndréasson, Pia Hansen, Rune Svendsen, Uschi Heller-Voigt and Þorgeir Guðlaugsson.Appointment of the FEIF Vice PresidentGunnar Sturluson, Iceland, was appointed as Vice President of the FEIFBoard. Gunnar is member of the Board of FEIF since February 2011. TheFEIF Board meeting took took place during the weekend Oct. 26 - 28,2012 in Malmö. At the same weekend the FEIF committee meetings 2012in took place.FEIF Events until 28 April 201318-Jan - FEIF Board of Directors Copenhagen Denmark20-Jan FEIF Delegates Assembly08-Feb Strasbourg France 201308-Feb- 10- FEIF Conference 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb Annual Breeding Meeting- 10- Strasbourg France 2013Feb08-Feb Annual Education Meeting- 10- Strasbourg France 2013Feb08-Feb Annual Leisure Riding- 10- Strasbourg France Meeting 2013Feb08-Feb- 10- Annual Sport Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb- 10- Annual Youth Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb European Championships - Haarlem (nr23-Mar Netherlands Horses on Ice 2013 Amsterdam)05-Apr - FEIF Sport Judges Seminar Berlin Germany06-Apr (International Sport Judges) World Championships Sport07-Apr Berlin Germany Judges Meeting08-Apr - FEIF International Breeding Holar University Iceland12-Apr Judge seminar + test 2013 College19-Apr - Young Breeding Horse Skeidvellir Iceland21-Apr Trainer Seminar 2013
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