Please find below the latest news from fei march


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Please find below the latest news from fei march

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of IcelandicHorse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandichorse. More information can be found on our website: . For mobile . 5 new European Champions on Ice The fifth edition of Horses on Ice on the 400 m skating rink in Haarlem (NL) was again a great succes. The participants competed on ice in a well organised competition. Despite the ice cold temperature the enthousiam of the public was heart-warming. The new European Champions on Ice 2013: Tölt T1: Nils Christian Larsen (N) - Radíus frá Sólheimum [IS2003156505] Tölt T2: Irma Schortinghuis (NL) - Arthúr frá Hrísum [IS1995165065] Five Gait: Þorður Þorgeirsson (IS) - Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku [IS2001135613] Four Gait: Nils Christian Larsen (N) -Moli frá Skriðu [IS2001165302] SpeedPass: Sigurður Marínusson (NL) - Eilimi vomLindenhof [DE1994100876] The Feather prize went to Anne-Lene Holm (DK) Thedemands in the tests were adapted to the ice.Education Seminar 2013The Education Seminar 2013 will take place in Stockholm, September 6-8, 2013. Anumber of proficient and well known instructors, among them Mette Manseth, StianPedersen and Magnus Skulason will demonstrate how they work, which teachingtechniques they use and will explain their goals in their work. And there will be enoughtime for discussions and questions and other interesting topic like the "pace gene".CHANGE of REGISTRATION DEADLINEStud presentations at the World Championships 2013 During the World Championships2013, a presentation of studs is planned for Friday, August 9th, 2013. The deadline forregistration has been extended till APRIL 25, 2013. Details on registration and theselection process can be found in the invitation.WorldRanking events 201398 WorldRanking events were registered by the FEIF member associations for the year2013 so far and all are listed on the FEIF website. FEIF started the WorldRanking in1995 and it is a continuous system: every day a new ranking list is computed. Theriders position in the ranking lists may vary per day. Riders can check what eventscount for the FEIF WorldRanking and what marks they got at any WorldRanking event.Relay RideThe phase of late entries for the last part of the relay ride - the ride throughBrandenburg Gate - has now started. If you are interested, please register with theforms provided on the IPZV website and you will receive a confirmation as soon asthere are any cancellations.FEIF Events until 24 August 2013
  2. 2. 05-Apr - 06- FEIF Sport Judges Seminar (International Sport Berlin GermanyApr Judges)06-Apr World Championships Sport Judges Meeting Berlin Germany19-Apr - 21- Young Breeding Horse Trainer Seminar 2013 Skeidvellir IcelandApr22-Jul - 28- FEIF YouthCamp 2013 Molde NorwayJulFEIF WorldRanking Events until 31 May 201312-Apr - 13- Sweden Linköping Stenholmen regional vårApr13-Apr Sweden Everöd Änghaga regional20-Apr - 21- Sweden Göteborg Vestur regional 2013Apr20-Apr - 21- Sweden Norrköping Dyggur regional vårApr27-Apr - 28- Sweden Vallentuna Stormur regionalApr27-Apr - 29- Denmark Herning St.BededagsstævneApr01-May - 05- Iceland Reykjavík ReykjavíkurmeistaramótMay03-May - 05- Germany Drolshagen OSI Birkenhof 2013May03-May - 05- Germany Wurz Rennpaßwettbewerbe Wurz 2013May04-May - 05- Denmark Holstebro TeamNo / Nóri ForårsstævneMay04-May - 05- Sweden Toftinge gård Toftinge regionalMay09-May Denmark Jerslev Heklas Kval.Stævne09-May - 12- Germany Fridberg OSI-Housecup Lechleite 2012May09-May - 12- Sweden Romme Romme nationellMay
  3. 3. 10-May - 12- Kärntner Landesmeisterschaften, 1st Austria LeibsdorfMay qualification10-May - 12- Denmark Hundested Elitestævne CMay10-May - 12- Denmark Svendborg HimmelfartsstævneMay10-May - 12- Germany Lingen OSI Lingen 2013May10-May - 12- Iceland Varmárbakkar Íþróttamót HarðarMay10-May - 12- Norway Tresfjord Midtnorsk MesterskapMay17-May - 19- Netherlands Exloo IJRN InternationalMay17-May - 19- Sweden Säve VSM nationellMay17-May - 20- Denmark Holstebro St. Sognstrup PinsestævneMay17-May - 20- Kronshof Special 2013 / WM Germany EllringenMay Sichtungsturnier 201318-May Sweden Eskilstuna SM-kval, kvaltävling18-May - 20- Denmark Nordjysk Tvisturs PinsestævneMay18-May - 20- Norway Seljord PinsestevnetMay24-May - 26- Germany Kreuth OSI Kreuth 2013May24-May - 26- Switzerland Hombrechtikon 1. WM Qualifikation CHMay25-May - 26- Finland Nurmijärvi Drómin WR-kilpailutMay30-May - 02- Germany Aegidienberg OSI Aegidienberg 2013Jun30-May - 02- Germany Kaufungen OSI Ellenbach 2013Jun
  4. 4. 31-May - 02- Austria Andorf OÖ LandesmeisterschaftenJun31-May - 02- Norway Drammen HrimnirstevnetJun31-May - 02- Sweden Strömsholm Sleipnir nationellJunFEIF International Breeding Shows until 31 May 201317-Apr - 18-Apr Austria Panoramahof22-Apr - 23-Apr Germany FIZO Kronshof23-Apr - 24-Apr Germany FIZO Berlar27-Apr - 28-Apr Germany FIZO Stutensee27-Apr - 28-Apr Germany FIZO Vorsenzhof29-Apr - 30-Apr Germany FIZO Töltmyllan29-Apr - 03-May Iceland Skagafjörður02-May - 05-May Denmark Herning03-May - 05-May Germany FIZO Wurz06-May - 08-May Germany FIZO Hirtenhof06-May - 10-May Iceland Selfoss09-May - 12-May Germany FIZO Osterbyholz13-May - 17-May Iceland Akureyri14-May - 15-May United States of America Winterhorsepark21-May - 24-May Iceland Hafnarfjörður21-May - 24-May Iceland Hvammstangi24-May - 25-May Denmark Hedeland27-May - 28-May Iceland Hornafjörður27-May - 31-May Iceland Selfoss27-May - 31-May Iceland Skagafjörður30-May - 31-May Iceland Stekkhólmi31-May - 02-Jun Germany FIZO Heesberg